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How much does Idaho auto transport cost?

Several variables control the final Idaho cost to ship a car. Vehicle make and model, together with the distance set the base price. Then the choice of car carrier type is added to the equation. Shipping a non-running car drives the price up due to additional equipment. Lastly, current supply and demand is added to the formula.

Car make and model

Smaller cars are cheaper to ship, while bigger, heavier vehicles are more expensive.

Transport Type

Open auto transport is the standard shipping method. It is used for all vehicle types and it is less expensive. Enclosed carrier cost more.


The longer the distance the less it costs per mile. Shorter distances does not mean less expensive. Distance is a base factor.


Auto transport to and from rural areas is a more complex and economically challenging. It costs more than shipping to metro area.

Vehicle Condition

To ship a non-running vehicle we need a truck that can winch it onto the trailer. This requires more work, more time and additional equipment.

Supply / Demand

When demand is high the truck space is limited and this means prices increase. That is why a quote is good for one week only.

Idaho car shipping company fair prices

Distance and make and model set the base price to ship a car.

A fair market rate is positioned in the middle of the price spectrum – between the highest and the lowest prices.

Supply and demand fluctuation is another major factor that contributes to price hikes or drops.

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Idaho car shipping company services

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Expedited auto transport is a premium service and costs more. If you need your vehicle picked-up or delivered on or by an exact date then this is your option.

Enclosed auto transport is a preferred method of shipping high-end automobiles.

Top load means loading a vehicle on the top deck of the transport trailer. This ensures against possible leaks from other vehicles and flying road.

A correctly quoted rate is a fair market price that will ship a car now.

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Idaho auto transport company

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In the heart of the rugged American West lies a land where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary—a place where whispers of the wind carry secrets of the ancient earth and the mountains stand as guardians of hidden wonders. Welcome to Idaho, where magic dances amidst the fields of wildflowers and echoes through the canyons carved by time’s patient hand.

In Idaho, the rivers are not mere waterways but storytellers, weaving tales of adventure and mystery as they carve through canyons and valleys, their currents whispering secrets to those who listen. The sunsets paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson, casting a spell that enraptures all who gaze upon them, while the starry nights blanket the land in a celestial cloak, each twinkling light a promise of dreams yet to unfold.

But the true enchantment of Idaho lies in its wilderness, where the spirits of the land roam free and untamed. Here, amidst the towering pines and jagged peaks, one can feel the pulse of the earth beneath their feet, a heartbeat that resonates with the rhythm of life itself. It is a place where wildlife roams in abundance, where the call of the wild echoes through the valleys, and where moments of serenity are found in the stillness of the forests.

Yet, Idaho’s magic is not confined to its natural wonders alone. It is found in the warmth of its people, who possess a resilience forged by generations of living in harmony with the land. It is found in the vibrant tapestry of cultures that call this land home, each adding their own unique thread to the rich fabric of Idaho’s identity. And it is found in the moments of connection shared between kindred spirits, where laughter rings out like bells and friendships are forged that withstand the tests of time.

In Idaho, magic is not a fleeting illusion but a tangible presence that infuses every corner of the land. It is a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where the mundane transforms into the miraculous, and where the spirit of adventure awaits around every bend. Welcome to Idaho—a land where magic is not just a fairy tale but a living, breathing reality waiting to be discovered.

How does Idaho car shipping work?

Corsia has two decades of combined experience and we provide Idaho car shipping services daily. You simply request a price quote online or by phone and then we call you to discuss your needs. We will explain how it works – from preparing your car for shipping, to insurance coverage,  pick-up and delivery steps to take, and loading personal items in your vehicle while shipping it. 

Our experienced logistics team works hard to ensure your vehicle transportation experience is flawless and peaceful. We provide dedicated agent to help you all the way from pick-up to delivery of your car. Our goal is to make the shipping process easy and relaxed for our customers. To reach this goal we have optimized our Idaho car shipping process and manage it all on your behalf. The end result is a fast, secure and affordable car transport service.

How long does Idaho auto shipping take?

Idaho is a big state in the Southwestern parts of the US. Shorter distances under 200 miles are relatively quick and takes about two days. Distances between 300 and 500 miles can take 2-3 days. Idaho auto transport of 1000 miles to 1500 can take 3 to 5 days. And 2000 miles can be 7 to 10 days. 

Several factors affect how long it takes for car carriers in Idaho to ship a car. Weather conditions, distance, driver’s hours, road construction, traffic, detours, and seasonality can all affect auto transport Idaho . We always offer the option of a guaranteed pick-up or expedited shipping for customers on deadlines.

FromToDeliver timePrice*
IdahoNew York 7-10 days$1389 – $1789
IdahoFlorida 5-7 days$1289 – $1589
IdahoTexas 3-5 days$1189 – $1389
IdahoIllinois 5-7 days$1289 – $1489

*All Idaho car shipping prices are always subject to change. Prices quotes are valid for one week only. Request a current price to ship a car online or call our team to receive a valid quote.

Car Shipping Idaho with Corsia

We offer car shipping to and from Idaho with pick-ups and deliveries nationally and internationally. Corsia started serving customers more than ten years ago in Los Angeles, California and since then has expanded nationally as well as internationally.

Boise, ID

Boise Idaho Vehicle Transport Services

Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls Idaho Auto Transport Services

Pocatello, ID

Pocatello Idaho Car Transport Services 

Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls Idaho Vehicle Shipping Services 

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Sun Valley Idaho Auto Shipping Services 

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Lewiston Idaho Car Shipping Services 

Moscow, ID

Moscow Idaho Vehicle Hauling Services

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Coeur d’Alene Idaho Auto Hauling Services

Why should I move to Idaho?

Ah, let me paint a portrait of possibilities for you! Imagine waking up to a melody of songbirds at dawn and crisp mountain air filling your lungs with each breath. In Idaho, every sunrise brings with it a serene promise of adventure, a tapestry for you to traverse and a canvas upon which you can paint what your soul desires. Here are just a few reasons why Idaho might decide to pack your bags and ship your car to Idaho and just move!

 Idaho boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country! From majestic mountains to pristine lakes and winding rivers Idaho has a lot t offer. You will need your vehicle there so check your Idaho car shipping options and discuss with our team. To fully enjoy the beauty of the diverse landscape you have to be equipped with a proper vehicle! Whether you’re an avid hiker, a passionate angler, or simply someone who finds solace in the great outdoors, Idaho offers boundless opportunities for wild adventures or peaceful living!

Idaho offers a high quality of life that is hard to beat and it is the main location currently for thousands of Californians to relocate. With its low crime rates, still affordable cost of living, and strong sense of community many transplants see the benefits. Whether you will be raising a family, starting a career, or enjoying retirement, Idaho provides a welcoming and nurturing environment where you can thrive.

Idaho also boasts diverse and thriving economy. Many people find ample opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. From tech companies in Boise to agricultural enterprises in the rural areas, Idaho provides a fertile ground for growth and innovation. 

Despite the fact that the state is a wilderness paradise, Idaho is also home to a vibrant cultural scene. When you need to satisfy your thirst for culture there will be art galleries and theaters, music festivals and culinary delights in every one of the major cities.

One of the most attractive aspects of Idaho is its strong sense of community. Whether you move to a bustling city or a remote mountain town, you will find that Idahoans are friendly, welcoming, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

Nature’s beauty is a part of daily life, community is more than just a word – it is the core that you become part of. A gem of the Northwest, Idaho can make you come alive daily.

Feel good towns in Idaho – ship your car now, move now!

Idaho is full of charming towns that offer unique experiences and a special sense of community difficult to beat.


Nestled on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, Sandpoint boasts stunning natural beauty with a backdrop of the Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains. It offers vibrant arts scene, eclectic shops, and a welcoming community. Visitors and residents alike often feel a sense of serenity and connection to nature here.

Sun Valley

Known for its world-class skiing and outdoor recreational opportunities, Sun Valley is a destination that exudes luxury and sophistication. Beyond skiing, you’ll find upscale dining, boutique shopping, and a lively cultural scene. It is a place where you can pamper yourself and indulge amidst breathtaking mountain scenery.


Idaho’s capital city may not seem like a small town at first glance, but it offers a unique blend of urban amenities and small-town charm. With its thriving downtown, vibrant culinary scene, and abundant outdoor activities, Boise has something for everyone. Visitors often find themselves drawn to the city’s friendly atmosphere and welcoming locals.


Located near Sun Valley, Ketchum is a picturesque mountain town with a laid-back vibe. It is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, biking, fishing, and more against the stunning backdrop of the Sawtooth Mountains. Ketchum also has a rich arts scene and a tight-knit community feel that can make visitors feel right at home.


Situated on the shores of Payette Lake in central Idaho, McCall is a quintessential mountain town known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities. Whether you’re boating on the lake, skiing at nearby Brundage Mountain, or exploring the surrounding wilderness, McCall offers a sense of adventure and wonder that can make you feel truly special.

Each of these towns has its own unique charm and character, but they all share a sense of warmth, community, and the embrace of nature that make visitors feel special and welcomed.

A tale in Idaho worth sharing

In the heart of the American Northwest, Idaho unfolds with a natural magnificence that beckons the soul of any avid traveler seeking scenic drives. We could tell a tale of such a magical journey, weaving through the rich landscapes and rugged terrains in the state of Idaho.

Our tale begins in the charming small town of Coeur d’Alene, nestled in the northern reaches of Idaho. Early one crisp autumn morning, under a sky brushed with strokes of pink and orange, a lone traveler is setting out in a trusty old Jeep. The Coeur d’Alene Scenic Byway, with Lake Coeur d’Alene shimmering alongside, offered reflections of the fiery fall foliage. Our traveler will pause often, captivated by the lake’s reflections, mirroring the explosion of colors above.

Traveling south, the road will lead him into the heart of the Idaho panhandle’s forests, where the hues of autumn are burning bright. The twisting path of the White Pine Scenic Byway shows stands of towering pine and aspen trees with a rhythm of light and shadow at every turn.

Emerging from the whispering wilderness, the route descends towards the Salmon River, where the real essence of Idaho’s rugged beauty comes into sharper focus. Here, along the Salmon River Scenic Byway, he will find a different world. This “River of No Return” carved its way through steep canyons and expansive, arid landscapes that starkly contrasted the lush north. The river’s roar is a constant companion, with fishing boats occasionally popping in the water; tiny specks against the vast, relentless river flow.

Further east, the journey takes a tranquil turn at the Sawtooth Scenic Byway. The majestic Sawtooth Range, with its jagged peaks reminiscent of a giant’s spine, pop dramatically against the horizon. Here, in Stanley, our traveler will stop and admire, drawn by the rugged peaks reflected in the still waters of Redfish Lake. The mornings are serene, often greeted with mist rising from the lake as the sun peeked over the mountain tops, illuminating the valley in a golden glow. It is a place one stops for longer.

As the road looped back towards the south, winding through Sun Valley, an idyllic resort town known for its ski slopes and sunny disposition, the season’s change is palpable. The air turns brisker, and the aroma of pine mingled with that of the upcoming winter, hinting at snow soon to blanket the landscape.

The final stretch of the drive traverses through the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. This surreal landscape, with its volcanic craters, lava flows, and scattered islands of cinder cones, feels like stepping onto another planet. The setting sun cast eerie shadows over the blackened earth, and the sky turns a deep violet, signaling the end of the day.

Reflecting by a campfire under a starlit sky, our dreamer couldn’t help but feel a profound connection with Idaho’s vast wilderness, its serene beauty, and the quiet drama of its landscapes. Each mile had told him a story, each landscape painted a picture, and each moment on the road had deepened a love for the scenic wonders of Idaho. This tale, woven through miles and memories, was one of beauty and solitude, emblematic of the very essence of a scenic drive through Idaho.

Our traveler now knows that when the time comes to move to this majestic state, he will need his vehicle. A vehicle for all types of roads is preferred here and he will get one. Moving to Idaho and shipping a car to Idaho will be on his to do list soon!

Idaho car shipping to and from any U.S. state

Looking to ship a car across the country or simply to the neighboring state ? Idaho auto transport company ships vehicles to all 50 states. Select a state to learn more about Corsia local auto transport services.

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We provide Idaho car shipping services daily

We are here to help you understand how Idaho auto transport work, whether you need to ship a car across the state or across the country. Call our team now.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport works for any make and model vehicle. This is the most popular method of transporting vehicles to and from Arizona.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport is recommended when shipping a high-value automobile. Protecting any vehicle from the elements in Arizona is crucial.

Corsia offers top-notch Idaho vehicle transport services

Door-to-door car shipping

Door to door is the standard car shipping method. Shipping to or from Arizona, we will load a vehicle and deliver to your door. You provide a pick-up and delivery address and  the truck driver will delivery your vehicle to your door, or as close to your door as safely and legally possible.

Classic car shipping 

When shipping a classic car to or from Arizona, you can choose from open or enclosed carrier. Top load option is available to all customers, as well as expedited service. Very often owners of classic automobiles prefer a single car enclosed carrier.

Motorcycle shipping

The standard method of shipping a motorcycle is loaded on an enclosed car carrier. Corsia provides our Arizona motorcycle customers with discounts. Motorcycle shipping is done on an estimated timeline similar to auto transport.

Military Car Shipping

Corsia offers military car shipping discount! We transport cars for military members constantly from any state including Arizona, and we always work with their budget and provide discounts. Request a quote online or call to discuss your options and budget.

Idaho car shipping questions

A partial payment is usually required upon placing the order to reserve the spot on the car carrier. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Still for customer convenience you will have these two choices:

  • Discounted Cash Price: This is when you pay a partial payment by credit or debit card once we assign a carrier. And the rest is paid to the carrier at delivery with cash, cashier’s check or money order.
  • Regular Price: This is when you pay in full by credit or debit card, when we assign a carrier to your order. Nothing is charged at booking, only a credit card is put on file for reservation. At delivery there is no balance to pay.

The price to ship a car we quote is valid for one week. After that period the price may change as logistics is a supply and demand driven industry. It is best to know your shipping date and be ready to check prices and book one to two weeks in advance.

Per our cancellation policy every cancellation must be submitted in writing. You can cancel anytime. For a full refund of any partial payment that may have already been paid to reserve a spot on a car carrier, your cancellation should be requested before we have assigned a truck. 

We always advise our customers to book one to two weeks in advance. Some prefer to book even a month in advance. This allows for good organization and finding the best car carrier to accommodate your time-frame. When you need a last minute shipping then we have expedited services as well. But the cost to ship a car expedited is usually higher.

Yes, you can. We only need the state and the city in order to be able to quote a car shipping price. The cost would be current based on market situation. 

This is the date your car is ready to be loaded. It is not the exact pick up date the carrier will show up at your door. If there is a carrier available on this date we may be able to send it that day. If this is not the case then we should be able to have a truck within our usual pick-up window of about one to five days starting from this date.

When you call or request a quote online, our logistics experts will discuss your options, budget and preferences and quote current market price with no hidden fees.