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Moving defines military life. Have you just received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS)? Then you are ready to prepare for the move. In most cases, members of the military have to move their vehicles as well. Here we will answer the most common questions about military car shipping.

Do you offer military discount?

Yes, Corsia offers military car shipping discount! We transport cars for military members constantly, and we always work with their budget and provide discounts. Request an auto transport quote online now or call our team to discuss your options and budget.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The cost to ship a car depends on several factors. When it comes to military car shipping it really depends on the car, destination, time frame of delivery, and time of the year. The type of carrier does not play such a big role since most military personnel are ok with standard open carrier.

  1. 1

    Bigger vehicle cost more to transport

  2. 2

    Shipping to or from military bases requires greater organizatioon

  3. 3

    Most military personnel choose expdited or guaranteed service

The cost of shipping a standard midsize sedan could be anywhere from $200 to as much as $2000. Expect even more if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

When you hire an enclosed carrier, expect the rates to be $300 to $500 more expensive than booking a standard open truck.

Door-to-door is the standard and preferred solution when transporting a luxury automobile, and does not cost extra.

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    What auto transport services does CORSIA offer?

    Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

    1. 1

      by carrier type: open & enclosed

    2. 2

      by time-frame: standard & expedited

    Open auto transport is the standard solution. It is faster and cheaper. Open carriers are readily available and this makes them efficient and preferred by private customers and businesses alike.

    Enclosed auto transport is a preferred solution for sports and high-end automobiles. It offers complete protection from weather and road elements. However, it could take a bit longer to book and schedule. It is more expensive as well.

    Both open and enclosed trailers work for any luxury automobile, but before deciding what is best for your car, let us delve into the advantages of either.

    When it comes to the time frame of delivery, you need to keep in mind that standard means no dates are guaranteed. Whether you book open or enclosed, dates are always estimated because in logistics many variables affect schedules and deliveries. Expedited service is an option, however. It is a solution that could guarantee pick-up or delivery dates, but it costs a premium.

    Open auto transport is the standard vehicle shipping service. An open carrier is less expensive due to the fact that it is readily available across the US. Depending on the type of trailer, it can fit up to ten cars, which makes it efficient and fast.

    multi car carrier open auto transport
    Enclosed carrier transport

    Enclosed auto transport is the preferred shipping option for high-end automobiles. An enclosed auto carrier provides complete protection from all weather or road elements. This, however, makes it more expensive. This option can also be a bit slower because there are fewer enclosed carriers in the country.

    Whether you choose open or enclosed that will depend on the type of vehicle being transported. For international auto transport please call our team.

    Is car shipping insurance included?

    Every car carrier is required by law to provide cargo insurance. As mentioned, enclosed carriers usually provide up to a million dollar in cargo insurance. which is most than acceptable for most high-end automobiles. Yet, you need to make sure you are completely comfortable with the amount of car insurance your carrier is providing.

    Corsia Logistics can accommodate all demands for safe and secure military car shipping. We work with vetted and insured carriers across the country.

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