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Shipping a car

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Shipping a car across the country is easy. The cost to ship a car across country is probably the most important factor for many people, but it should not be the only one that matters. The rest is just as important.

shipping a car across the country?

Shipping a car across the country is easily manageable with the right company. Researching auto transport companies is the first step. Reading customer reviews and verifying USDOT licensing is the second.

Next is collecting car shipping quotes. Several quotes will give you a broad idea of the price spectrum and current market prices.

Always aim for a price in the middle of the spectrum. A very low price will not ship a car now – it is usually a low ball price that is not realistic. A very high price is usually a speculation by a corporation that aims to bill you as much as possible.

The price that lies in the middle is a realistic current market price that will ship a car across the country now.

Once you book your car shipping across the country, you have to choose your first available pick-up date. Our service is door-to-door, which means we need a delivery address. For both pick-up and delivery you need to be present or to have a designated agent.

When your order is assigned to a car carrier, we can give you an estimated time of delivery. Due to weather, road and driving conditions we can not guarantee a delivery date. Dates in logistics are always estimated.

At delivery, the driver will perform an inspection and it is recommended that the customer also inspects the vehicle. Then sign your Bill of Lading/Inspection report and accept delivery.

Corsia Team will explain the current cost to ship a car across the country, and will make sure you understand how auto transport works.

Factors to consider when shipping a car across the country

The cost to ship a car across the country depends on several factors.  

The Cost

The cost to ship a car across the country is usually the most important element. However, the cost is not a simple deduction based on distance and vehicle type. The better you understand all elements of a car shipping cost, the easier it will be to choose the right service, company and price.

The Distance

The distance always has an effect on the price to ship a car. In general, longer distances cost more. However, shorter distances sometimes cost as much as a long distance trips. It really depends on the type of vehicle you want to ship, but also on the type of service and exact location.

The Location

Shipping from and to major cities usually equals faster service. Rural areas are more difficult to schedule because less carriers are willing to go. This means the price will be higher if you want a timely service. When shipping across country this could mean more than two weeks for delivery, after pick-up.

Transport Type

When shipping across country we always recommend enclosed trailer. It is usually more expensive, but will protect your car fully. Open trailer is the standard in the industry and certainly just as safe. It all depends on the type of vehicle you are shipping. The type of carrier you choose will affect your cost and delivery time.


Seasonality is driven by supply and demand peaks and drops. When supply is higher, prices drop, when demand is higher prices go up. In auto logistics, when demand is high the truck spots fill quickly, which means more customers compete and prices increase. That is why a price quote is good for one week only.

The company

The auto transport company you choose will make all the difference. An honest and reliable company like Corsia Logistics will explain all of these details, and help you understand how shipping a car across country works. The company must be your guide every step of the way to give you updates and peace of mind.

Additional cost to ship a car factors

Car shipping Corsia

Door-to-door auto transport is the standard shipping method we offer to all customers and all locations across the country. This means pick-up and deliver at specified address. 

Top load means loading a vehicle on the top deck of the vehicle transport trailer. This ensures against possible leaks from other vehicles, from flying road debris, and it is generally safer.

How does cross country car shipping work?

Research and choose among the best car shipping companies. Corsia is one of the best – we offer peace of mind. Check our customer reviews now and call our team to discuss your auto transport needs. We have more than a decade of shipping cars and our great reviews speak for that.

Booking your cross country car shipment is easily done online or by phone. We do not ask for money up front. Request a car shipping quote online now. 

Choose your first available pick-up date. That is when your pick-up windows stars. With 1 to 5 business days we will pick-up your car and your shipping a car across the country service begins. We can also offer a guaranteed pick-up date.

Accept delivery of your vehicle from across the country, when the time comes. Inspect your car alongside the carrier and sign your Bill of Lading. This is it. Your cross country car shipping is over and your car is safe at your new home! 

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and you rely on it every day. We work with vetted carriers with years of experience. We have large carrier network covering the entire country, and we offer several vehicle shipping solutions. This is how we guarantee that your vehicle will be picked-up and delivered in a timely manner.

Cross Country Car Shipping Price and Professionalism

Choosing the cheapest cross-country car shipping quote is not usually the best idea. With very low prices usually comes low quality of service. 

We work with high-rated car carriers to provide the best cross country car shipping service. We take your budget and shipping requirements into consideration and work with you every step of the way. We provide full auto transportation management so you can have peace of mind while your car is being shipped across the country.

You will know the exact cost to ship a car across country, and you will work with one agent only. When your vehicle is assigned to a carrier, your agent will provide you with insurance certificate for complete peace of mind.