Car Shipping Questions

Learn more about how auto transport works by reading our frequesntly asked questions!

Here you will find plenty of information about questions to ask when shipping a car and the how auto transport works. If you still have questions please contact us online or call. Thank you!

The Process

How long does it take to ship my car?
Is First Available Pick-Up date my actual pick up date?
Vehicle transit times based on distance only
How will I know when is my pick up date and time?
What about guaranteed pick up date and time?
Can you guarantee a delivery date and time?
How many days in advance should I book my car transport service?
Should I be present when the car is picked-up / delivered?
Can I track my vehicle during transporation?
When will I know when is my delivery date and time?
Can I change my first available date?


What does door-to-door auto transport mean?
Do you provide door-to-door shipping service?
What does top load mean?
What type of trailer will be transporting my car?
What is the difference between open and enclosed car shipping?
What types of motor vehicles do you transport?
Can you transport inoperable and / or non-running car?
Can you transport vehicle that modified / over-sized?

Payment & Cancellation

How much does it cost to ship a car?
How do I pay for my auto transport service?
Can I pay the full amount with my credit card?
Is the partial payment at booking refundable?
If I need to cancel my auto shipping what should I do? Will I get refund?
How long is the quoted auto transport price good for?


Is my vehicle insured during transport?
What is the type of insurance policy?
Do I pay any deductible?
How is the car value determined under this Inland Marine insurance policy?
What should I do if my car is damaged during transport?
Can I ship personal items in my car?
Will my personal items in the car be insured?
What if I pay extra and have my items shipped inside the car?

More QA

How to prepare my vehicle for transport?
Do I have to have gasoline in my car?
Will I have additional mileage on my vehicle?
Will I receive a contract for the shipping service?