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Snowbirds Car Shipping – are you a snowbird moving to Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, or coming back home north? We are here to help you ship your vehicle with confidence.

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Snowbirds Auto transport

Who are the snowbirds? What is snowbirds season?

‘Snowbirds’ season is every spring and fall when many ‘snowbirds’ head south for the winter. ‘Snowbirds‘ are mostly retirees from the Midwest and the North and Northeast regions who pack their bags and move to the South to escape the unpleasant cold weather.

During the ‘snowbirds’ season the auto transport business peaks and the rates are higher, which could make it harder to find available car carrier. We work hard to keep a strong working relationships with hundreds of car transport carriers who travel to Florida, Arizona and Texas. This is how we can be sure to find you a reliable Florida car shipping carrier to move your vehicle. Learn more about why snowbirds move south and share your reasons!

In general, all routes from north to south could be called snowbirds routes. The main snowbirds states are Florida, Arizona, Texas and California. But we can also add Nevada, New Mexico, Alabama and South Carolina.

During snowbirds season car shipping prices on these routes go up. We advise our customers to not be lured by the lowest prices on the market. The auto transport carriers have too many cars to choose from and they go by the highest price, which means if you are not willing to pay more your car will not get transported soon and you will wait longer than expected. If an auto transport company doesn’t tell you this, and offers you a low price this should raise a red flag. Call us and we will discuss all details and explain the process step by step.

Are you shipping a car from New York to Florida? Or maybe you need to ship a car from Chicago to Florida? If you are located anywhere in the Midwest we can ship your car to Florida and back with ease. Below you will find some major routes. However, we transport automobiles to and from all small towns and villages.

Major snowbirds routes from the Midwest to Florida and back:

Chicago to Florida

Cleveland to Florida

Minneapolis to Florida

Major snowbirds routes Northeast – Florida:

Boston to Florida

Philadelphia to Florida

New York / New Jersey to Florida

Washington DC to Miami / Naples / Tampa / Fort Myers

Major snowbirds routes Arizona, Texas, California:

Boston / New York / Philadelphia to Phoenix / Palm Springs / Las Vegas

Chicago / Detroit / Cleveland / Minneapolis / Milwaukee to Phoenix / Palm Springs / Las Vegas

Chicago / Detroit / Minneapolis / Milwaukee to San Antonio / Houston / Dallas

Boston / New York / Philadelphia to San Antonio / Houston / Dallas

Call us now to discuss your route, your vehicle and your budget.

Are you a snowbird moving to Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, or coming back home north? We are here to help you ship your vehicle with confidence.

How much does snowbirds car shipping cost?

The cost to ship a vehicle depends on a few important factors. It is important to understand them all in order to know when you are getting a fair vehicle transport price.

Vehicle Make & Model

Vehicle Condition

Type of Transport

Location & Distance

Supply & Demand

Only when all of these factors are all accounted for will you have a realistic price. Auto transport is not a cheap service and customer should understand that. Looking for the lowest rate is bound to have consequences. You often end up waiting for weeks for a carrier to pick-up your vehicle. Or, in the worst case scenario, you get booked with an unskilled carrier who damages your vehicle.

When it comes to shipping a car during snowbirds season, a current market price is more important than ever. Supply and demand is the factor that ultimately determines the price. During snowbirds season the demand is high, and supply often falls short. This means that you must pay the current market price in order to have your car shipped in a timely manner.

When demand is high this means that new loads (vehicles) become available to the carriers constantly. Carriers must be paid a current market price in order to book your vehicle. Corsia Logistics tracks prices manually on the central dispatch board and quotes only current market prices. This guarantees timely and professional service.

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Snowbirds Car shipping - Services we offer

Open auto transport

Open auto transport carrier is the standard and the most economical type of auto transport. It works for any vehicle make and model. Depending on your specific needs we can offer:

  • Double level multi-car trailer
  • Single-level multi-car carrier
  • Single-vehicle hot-shot


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Enclosed Auto Transport Corsia Logistics Porsche
Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed vehicle transport protects from road and weather elements during transport. Covered trailers are recommended for high-end and classic automobiles. Our team specializes in enclosed auto transport. We have access to a wide network of carriers that collect and deliver vehicles nationwide on a daily basis.

Expedited Service

An expedited auto transport service is when you need your vehicle on an exact date, or by an exact date. Customers have to be prepared to pay a premium price for this type of service. Just like when shipping a parcel. Owners of classic automobiles often need expedited service, when they need to take their automobile to a classic car show or auction.

open auto transport services

Snowbirds, shipping your car is easier than driving it!

Since you are moving across the country keep in mind that driving in the winter is risky. A across state lines often means days of driving in bad winter conditions. Interstate highways are busy and potentially dangerous if you are not an experienced driver. It is easier and safer to hire an auto transport company to ship your car. This is when you get to sit and relax on a plane and save your precious time.

Most snowbirds realize that it is cheaper to ship their car than to drive to their southern destination. Driving across the country means spending money on gas, lodging, food and often emergencies such as flat tires. If you have to move your vehicle more than 200 miles away, we recommend you hire an auto transport company.

The auto transport industry exist as such to help people relocate their vehicle when needed. Thousands of private customers transport vehicles across the country daily.

 – Get car shipping quote online and schedule your services now.

– Save the wear and tear on your car, and the extra miles on your vehicle.

 – Don’t rent a car when you can ship your own automobile.

 – Don’t delay your travel plans by driving all the way, hop on a plane.


Whether you are shipping a classic car or your everyday vehicle we will provide you with an expert advice and professional service.

Our logistics experts will answer all of your questions, walk you through the process and help you transport your automobile to and from your snowbird nest.