Dealership Auto Transport

Shipping one vehicle to a private customer, or multiple vehicles to another dealership?

Corsia Logistics offers dealership auto transport. We work with auto dealers across the country. Request a quote online or call our team now.
Whether you need to ship a vehicle to a customer, or a fellow dealership, we can help.

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Meeting deadlines, and effectively communicating with your customers, ensures credibility and prestige. Corsia understands this.

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When our team is working for you, shipping cars is easy and affordable

Expand your dealer’s business with Corsia Logistics and our Dealership Auto Transport service

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Dealership Auto Transport service with CORSIA can help your auto dealership grow its customer reach across the country and the globe.

Cost to ship a vehicle

Several factors affect the cost to ship a car – distance, vehicle make and model, running or not, transport type and certainly supply/demand. Corsia does not utilize a quote calculator because such software does not provide current market prices. Supply and demand fluctuations are a major factor that ultimately decides the final price.

When you need to ship a car, our logistics experts will carefully evaluate your options and find the best car shipping solution. Multiple vehicle shipping comes at a discounted rates. For your recurring needs we offer special pricing, as well as partners’ referral program. We handle each shipment with precision and professionalism. We guarantee five-star service and competitive prices. Ask us about partner referrals now.

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Our experienced logistics coordinators track supply and demand daily, and precisely quote a current market car shipping rate.

Dealership Auto Transport - Services we offer

Whether you need to transport a regular sedan, a high-end automobile or a classic car, we have a solution. Multiple auto dealerships, from across the country, choose us as their preferred vehicle shipping partner because we can arrange any type of vehicle to be transported anywhere in the country, safely and on time.

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Open car carrier

Open auto transport carrier is the standard and the most economical type of auto transport. It works for any vehicle make and model. Depending on your specific needs we can offer:

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed vehicle transport protects from road and weather elements during transport. Covered trailers are recommended for high-end and classic automobiles. Only about ten percent of the entire U.S. auto shipping fleet is enclosed, which makes this type of transport more expensive and less available. Our team specializes in enclosed auto transport. We have access to a wide network of carriers that collect and deliver vehicles nationwide on a daily basis.

Expedited delivery

Shipping a vehicle on a short notice, to a customer or another dealer, is a service we offer. Corsia team has access to a network of of more than five thousand carriers, and will go above and beyond to accommodate your time frame. Check our customer reviews online and request referrals from our partners now.

Corsia Logistics provides white glove service whenever requested for any high-end automobile.


Why Corsia Logistics is a good partner for Dealership Auto Transport service?

Corsia Logistics is a family-owned and operated company. We have 20 years of combined auto transport experience. We provide vehicle shipping services to businesses and individuals across the U.S. We understand the unique needs of small and midsize businesses, and the importance of trustworthy relationships based on real human connection.

There will be no transferring from person to person, or department to department, or constant frustration with complicated software that is trying to prove its superiority. Each time you call, you will know the person on the other end of the line, and will have peace of mind.

We will become a partner and a friend to help you grow. The question now is how? The answer is surprisingly simple – we give our customers the information they need to make educated decisions and answer all questions with honesty. Along that, we also offer a generous referral program. Talk to our team now!

When you partner with us, you work with one dedicated agent.