Corsia Logistics Customers

CORSIA serves businesses and individuals from across the country daily

Auto Auctions

Transporting vehicles from and to auto auctions.

Classic Car Owners

Shipping cars for collectors and specilized dealers.

Sports Car Owners

Shipping sports and specilized cars daily for private customers and businesses daily.

Luxury Car Owners

Special automobiles deserve special attention.

Military members

Shipping cars for military personnel worldwide.

Motorcycle Owners

Shipping motorcycles and recreational vechiels.


Shipping automobiles for students moving to college.


Shipping cars for snowbirds nationwide.

Dealership Transport

Whether you need to ship a vehicle to a customer, or a fellow dealership, we can help.

Household car moving

Relocating private customers' cars daily.

Race car owners

Shipping race cars for teams and private customers anywhere in the country.

Online car buyers

Shipping cars for online car buyers nationwide.

Moving companies

Working with movers across the country daily.

International shippers

International auto transport for all our customers.

Request a car shipping quote online or call our team of logistics experts now!

Corsia Logistics serves both businesses and private customers. Auto transport is not a service exclusively reserved for auto dealerships, auto auctions or car rental businesses. This is a service that private customers use every day. From auto enthusiasts and classic car collectors to students, seniors and military members, they all need auto transport on occasions. We transport vehicles nationwide, learn more about our auto transport service areas

Transporting a vehicle is a service businesses and private customers utilize on daily basis. If you need to ship a car anywhere in the US, and would like to learn how it works and what it costs call us. We will answer all of your questions and discuss your options and budget. You can also request a car shipping quote online on our website or get one by phone.

Auto enthusiasts often buy cars online and they need to transport them to their home. We work with many auto enthusiasts and car collectors from across the US to serve their auto transport needs. Students and whole families relocate every year, and they need to move their vehicles alongside all household. Seniors travel south every winter. This is why they are known as snowbirds and this period as snowbirds season. Thousands of seniors from the northern states and Canada travel south to spend the winter in the warmer states, and they all take their vehicles with them.

Thousands of US military members move across the country and across the world daily. They all move their vehicles with them, or often bring new once from abroad. Every time military members move they need household and vehicle moving services. We help thousands of military members every year to transport their automobiles nationally and internationally.

Corsia Logistics works hard to accommodate the auto transport needs of businesses and private customers from across the country.

Call now to discuss your options and budget. We offer discounts to seniors, students and military members. Our referral program offers a great bonus system whether you ship cars daily or a few times a year. Our team is here to help you ship a car with peace of mind.