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Expedited Auto Transport - The carrier will prioritize your vehicle over all others. This involves changing routes and schedules to accommodate your time frame.

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Corsia Logistics team works hard every day to ensure reliable expedited car shipping service. Our customer reviews prove that.

Expedited Car Shipping - How much does it cost to ship a car expedited?

Several factors affect the final cost to ship a car in the auto transport industry. Expedited Auto Transport means some variables play even a greater role.

Truck route and schedule

Expedited car shipping service costs more. You have to pay a premium for your vehicle to be prioritized. How much you are willing to pay determines the pick-up and delivery frame. For a truck driver to change schedules, and divert from his route, to pick-up and deliver your vehicle first you need to pay extra.

Open or enclosed truck
Shipping by or at an exact date
Current supply and demand situation

What is Expedited Auto Transport?

Expedited Car Shipping, or express auto transport, is when a customer needs a car delivered as quickly as possible. This could mean at an exact date or by an exact date.

In the auto shipping industry, moving several vehicles at once is always the most efficient option, but not always the fastest. The less cars the carrier loads, the faster the service.

Shipping to and from a major city makes it easier to find a carrier to pick-up faster. A major metropolitan area means there will be more trucks available on your particular route. Our logistics experts will work with you to find the most convenient location and the best carrier to accommodate your time frame.

How to Prepare Your Car For Shipping?

You need to prepare your vehicle for shipping to make it easier for loading and umloading inspection

expedited car shipping
  1. 1

    A major part is to wash the vehicle so the carrier can fill in the inspection report. A good wash guarantees a proper inspection.

  2. 2

    Make sure the car is in a working condition. If your car is running this changes the price and the type of service possible.

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company?

Corsia Logistics offers Expedited Auto Transport nationwide. Request a quote online or call our team of experts now. We will help you decide and discuss your needs, options, and budget.

Verifying the legitimacy of the company is the most important part before booking. You can verify that on USDOT, website and ask for a certificate of insurance. for the carrier that will be transporting your automobile. You should also call to discuss requirements, and terms and conditions.

Consulting with a few companies will give you the idea of what is out there. Talking to representatives and reading reading customer reviews will help you understand company values and expertise.

Corsia Logistics has access to all 15 000 auto transport carriers across the US

Small and midsize auto transport companies depend on each other as they are the engine of the industry. They keep the prices competitive and regulate against monopolization of the market.

Ship your car fast and with peace of mind!

Corsia Logistics team works hard every day to ensure reliable auto transport service. Our customer reviews prove that.