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How much does Colorado car shipping cost?

Learn about Colorado car shipping company costs now. Several variables control the final cost to ship a car to or from Colorado. Vehicle make and model, together with the distance set the base price. Then the choice of car carrier type is added to the equation. Shipping a non-running car drives the price up due to additional equipment. Lastly, current supply and demand is added to the formula.

Car make and model

Smaller cars are cheaper to ship, while bigger, heavier vehicles are more expensive.

Transport Type

Open auto transport is the standard shipping method. It is used for all vehicle types and it is less expensive. Enclosed carrier cost more.


The longer the distance the less it costs per mile. Shorter distances does not mean less expensive. Distance is a base factor.


Auto transport to and from rural areas is a more complex and economically challenging. It costs more than shipping to metro area.

Vehicle Condition

To ship a non-running vehicle we need a truck that can winch it onto the trailer. This requires more work, more time and additional equipment.

Supply / Demand

When demand is high the truck space is limited and this means prices increase. That is why a quote is good for one week only.

Colorado car shipping company fair prices

Distance and make and model set the base price to ship a car.

A fair market rate is positioned in the middle of the price spectrum – between the highest and the lowest prices.

Supply and demand fluctuation is another major factor that contributes to price hikes or drops.

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Colorado car shipping company services

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Expedited auto transport is a premium service and costs more. If you need your vehicle picked-up or delivered on or by an exact date then this is your option.

Enclosed auto transport is a preferred method of shipping high-end automobiles.

Top load means loading a vehicle on the top deck of the transport trailer. This ensures against possible leaks from other vehicles and flying road.

A correctly quoted rate is a fair market price that will ship a car now.

5-Star Rated Colorado Car Shipping Company

Colorado car shipping company

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Colorado’s population increase has been among the highest in the nation for a few years now. Since 2006 the state’s population has grown by 17,4% – the fastest pace of any state, besides Texas and Utah.

Colorado was admitted to the Union as the 38th state on August 1, 1876, a century after the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence, earning its nickname The Centennial State.

The state is home to some of the tallest mountains in the country and has the highest average elevation of 6,800 feet above sea level. There about 1500 peaks over 10,000 feet high and 54 over 14,000 feet high. Therefore, wherever you are the majestic Rocky Mountains will be there, within your periphery. Colorado is not all mountains, though. The state’s diverse landscape also features arid plains, deep canyons, and deserts. And 300 hundred sunny days a year, make it one of the sunniest places in America.

Beautiful nature, stunning landscapes, and the abundance of sunlight are not the only perks of living in the Centennial State. Colorado’s economy has been thriving, and, according to economists has one of the 10 most dynamic economies in the nation. The state is consistently ranked as one of the top places to do business. And the primary industries that have experienced the most growth are information, construction, and wholesale trade.

Coloradans are also among the healthiest people in the nation, which could be attributed to the state’s generous sunshine and plentiful outdoor activities. Colorado residents show the lowest rates of obesity and the longest life expectancy of any state in the U.S.

The primary mode of transportation in Colorado is its highway system, so you will be better off with a car. If you are looking to ship a vehicle to the Centennial State, contact Corsia Logistics, let us arrange auto transport. Explore our guides to learn how vehicle shipping works.

How does Colorado car shipping work?

Corsia has two decades of combined experience and we provide Colorado car shipping services daily. You simply request a price quote online or by phone and then we call you to discuss your needs. We will explain how it works – from preparing your car for shipping, to insurance coverage,  pick-up and delivery steps to take, and loading personal items in your vehicle while shipping it. 

Our experienced logistics team works hard to ensure your vehicle transportation experience is flowless and peaceful. We provide dedicated agent to help you all the way from pick-up to delivery of your car. Our goal is to make the shipping process easy and relaxed for our customers. To reach this goal we have optimized our Colorado car shipping process and manage it all on your behalf. The end result is a fast, secure and affordable car transport service.

How long does Colorado auto shipping take?

Colorado is a big state in the Southwestern parts of the US. Shorter distances under 200 miles are relatively quick and takes about two days. Distances between 300 and 500 miles can take 2-3 days. Arizona auto transport of 1000 miles to 1500 can take 3 to 5 days. And 2000 miles can be 7 to 10 days. 

Several factors affect how long it takes for car carriers in Colorado to ship a car. Weather conditions, distance, driver’s hours, road construction, traffic, detours, and seasonality can all affect auto transport Colorado. We always offer the option of a guaranteed pick-up or expedited shipping for customers on deadlines.

FromToDeliver timePrice*
ColoradoNew York 7-10 days$1389 – $1789
ColoradoFlorida 5-7 days$1289 – $1589
ColoradoTexas 3-5 days$1189 – $1389
ColoradoIllinois 5-7 days$1289 – $1489

*All Colorado car shipping prices are always subject to change. Prices quotes are valid for one week only. Request a current price to ship a car online or call our team to receive a valid quote.

Car Shipping Colorado with Corsia

We offer car shipping to and from Colorado with pick-ups and deliveries nationally and internationally. Corsia Logistics started serving customers more than ten years ago in Los Angeles, California and since then has expanded nationally.

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Moving to Colorful Colorado

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, where the sky and the peaks meet, lies a state that beckons with promise of adventure. Colorado is a canvas painted with the hues of limitless possibilities and splendor.

Imagine waking up to the melody of rustling aspens and the crisp mountain air brought to you by nature itself. Colorado offers not just a change of address, but a transformation of lifestyle, a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting to be explored.

In Colorado, the landscape becomes your playground. Majestic mountains stretching far and wide, inviting you to conquer their peaks or carve your own path through the valleys. The great outdoors is not just a backdrop; it is a way of life. Whether you are an adrenaline seeker and fresh powder beneath your skis is a must or a contemplative soul finding solace in the gentle sway of pine trees, Colorado has a place for every soul.

It is not just about the grandeur of the mountains though. It is about the vibrant tapestry of communities nestled within them as well. From the eclectic energy of Denver’s urban scene to the charming simplicity of mountain towns, Colorado has embraced diversity. Each corner of the state has a story to tell.

And let us not forget the ever-changing masterpiece that is the Colorado sky. From fiery sunsets casting shadows on the red rocks of Garden of the Gods to the starlit symphony over the Great Sand Dunes, the heavens here are storytellers, weaving tales with every sunrise and sunset.

Colorado is not just a place, it is a spirit of nature and resilience that is part of everything here. The pioneering mindset that once lured fortune seekers during the Gold Rush still echoes in the entrepreneurial buzz of today’s cities. With a booming tech scene, a commitment to sustainability, and a passion for creativity, Colorado is one of leading states.

So, why move to Colorado? Because here, life isn’t just lived, it is savored with every breath of crisp mountain air, celebrated in the colors of the changing seasons, and embraced with open arms by a community that knows the true value of a life well-lived amidst nature’s grandeur.

Practical tips about moving to Colorado 

Moving to Colorado is an exciting adventure, and here are some practical tips to help you navigate the process smoothly:

Research regions

Colorado is a diverse state, with some big cities, small mountain towns, and vast plains. Research different regions and consider factors like job opportunities, lifestyle, and climate before choosing your destination to settle.

Check cost of living

Be aware of the cost of living in the area you are considering. Some mountain towns may be more expensive than cities like Denver or Colorado Springs. 

Employment opportunities

Research job opportunities in your field before moving. Colorado has a growing job market, particularly in industries like technology, healthcare, and outdoor recreation.

Dig deeper in the housing market

The housing market in Colorado can be competitive and prices are not what they were in 2015. Start your home search early and be prepared to act quickly if you find a suitable place.

Prepare for the altitude!

Many parts of Colorado are at a higher altitude. Be mindful of potential altitude sickness, especially in the first few days. Stay hydrated and give yourself time to acclimate.

Weather variability

Colorado is known for its diverse weather. Pack clothing for all seasons, prepare with layers and be ready for sudden changes. Winters can be very snowy, especially in the mountains.

Outdoor gear

If you enjoy outdoor activities, invest in gear. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, or biking, having the right equipment will enhance your experience and overall it is a must have. 

Register your vehicle

If you’re shipping a car to Colorado from another state, be sure to register it in within a reasonable time frame, which is usually 30 days.

Residency requirements

Check and understand all legal requirements for establishing residency in Colorado, including obtaining a driver’s license and registering to vote.

Explore the local culture

Embrace the local culture and community events. Attend festivals, farmers’ markets, and outdoor concerts to connect with your new neighbors. In many places in Colorado you will find craft beer and locally produced food. This is what brings people together.

Community involvement

Join local community groups or social clubs to meet new people and build connections. Colorado communities are often close-knit, and getting involved can help you feel at home faster.

Remember to plan ahead, stay flexible, and enjoy the beautiful state of Colorado!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in Colorado is a breathtaking wilderness. Here we will share some fascinating aspects you need to know about this iconic national park.

High Altitude Wonderland

RMNP is known for its high-altitude environment. The Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuously paved road in North America, reaches an elevation of 12,183 feet (3,713 meters), providing stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Abundant Wildlife

The park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, moose, black bears, and mountain lions. Wildlife enthusiasts can spot these creatures in their natural habitats, especially during the early morning or late evening.

Trail Paradise

With over 355 miles of hiking trails, RMNP offers something for every level of hiker. From easy strolls to challenging alpine hikes, the trails take you through alpine meadows, dense forests, and up to breathtaking mountain vistas.

Iconic Alpine lakes

The park boasts numerous stunning alpine lakes, such as Bear Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake. The crystal-clear waters mirror the surrounding peaks, creating picturesque settings for hikers and photographers.

Floral diversity

RMNP is a haven for wildflowers, especially during the summer months. The park bursts into a kaleidoscope of colors with vibrant blooms, including columbines, Colorado’s state flower.

Star gazing

The high elevation and minimal light pollution make Rocky Mountain National Park an excellent destination for stargazing. On clear nights, the dark skies offer spectacular views of stars, planets, and the Milky Way.

Historic structures

The park preserves historic structures that date back to the early days of the park, such as the Alpine Visitor Center and the Trail Ridge Store. These buildings provide a glimpse into the park’s past and are often set against stunning mountain backdrops.

The Continental Divide

The park is home to a significant portion of the Continental Divide, which separates the watersheds that flow into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Trail Ridge Road crosses the Continental Divide, offering breathtaking views on both sides.

Climbing and mountaineering

For those seeking a more challenging adventure, RMNP provides opportunities for mountaineering and climbing, with numerous peaks exceeding 13,000 feet (3,962 meters).

Weather variability

Due to the high elevation, weather conditions can change rapidly. It’s essential for visitors to be prepared for sudden temperature drops, storms, and varying weather patterns, even in the summer.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a natural gem, providing a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, a haven for wildlife, and a sanctuary for those seeking the awe-inspiring beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply in search of stunning landscapes, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has something extraordinary to offer.

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado (CU) is a multi-campus public university system known for its academic excellence, research contributions, and vibrant campus life. 

The University of Colorado operates on four campuses: Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. Each campus has its unique strengths and offerings.

The Boulder campus, known as CU Boulder, is the flagship institution. It’s recognized for its research endeavors, particularly in space science, environmental studies, and aerospace engineering.

The University of Colorado is a major research institution, consistently ranking among the top public research universities in the United States. Research spans various fields, including science, technology, engineering, medicine, humanities, and social sciences.

CU boasts a number of Nobel laureates among its faculty and alumni. The university has produced successful and influential individuals in various fields, including astronaut Scott Carpenter, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Wallace Stegner.

The university encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Many CU faculty and students are involved in groundbreaking research and startup ventures, contributing to Colorado’s reputation as a hub for technology and innovation.

Located in the beautiful state of Colorado, CU campuses offer students access to a wide range of outdoor activities. The Boulder campus, in particular, is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, promoting an active and outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

The Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora is home to the CU School of Medicine, the Colorado School of Public Health, and other health-related programs. It is a hub for medical research, healthcare education, and clinical care.

The University of Colorado offers a broad range of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. From liberal arts to science and technology, students have diverse options to pursue their academic interests.

CU campuses host a variety of cultural and artistic events, including concerts, theater productions, art exhibitions, and lectures. The university actively fosters a creative and intellectually stimulating environment.

CU is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The university has implemented various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote renewable energy, and engage in eco-friendly practices.

CU Boulder, in particular, has a competitive athletic program, known as the Colorado Buffaloes. The university competes in the NCAA Division I, and its football team has a storied history.

The University of Colorado values diversity and inclusivity. It actively promotes a welcoming environment for students from various backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and mutual respect.

Whether you’re drawn to cutting-edge research, outdoor adventures, or a dynamic academic community, the University of Colorado offers a rich and diverse experience for students seeking higher education.

Colorado car shipping to and from any U.S. state

Looking to ship a car across the country or simply to the neighboring state ? Corsia ships to all 50 states. Select a state to learn more about local auto transport services.

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We provide Colorado car shipping services daily

We are here to help you understand how Colorado auto transport work, whether you need to ship a car across the state or across the country. Call our team now.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport works for any make and model vehicle. This is the most popular method of transporting vehicles to and from Arizona.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport is recommended when shipping a high-value automobile. Protecting any vehicle from the elements in Arizona is crucial.

Corsia offers top-notch Colorado vehicle transport services

Door-to-door car shipping

Door to door is the standard car shipping method. Shipping to or from Arizona, we will load a vehicle and deliver to your door. You provide a pick-up and delivery address and  the truck driver will delivery your vehicle to your door, or as close to your door as safely and legally possible.

Classic car shipping 

When shipping a classic car to or from Arizona, you can choose from open or enclosed carrier. Top load option is available to all customers, as well as expedited service. Very often owners of classic automobiles prefer a single car enclosed carrier.

Motorcycle shipping

The standard method of shipping a motorcycle is loaded on an enclosed car carrier. Corsia provides our Arizona motorcycle customers with discounts. Motorcycle shipping is done on an estimated timeline similar to auto transport.

Military Car Shipping

Corsia offers military car shipping discount! We transport cars for military members constantly from any state including Arizona, and we always work with their budget and provide discounts. Request a quote online or call to discuss your options and budget.

Colorado car shipping questions

The cost to ship a car depends on a few things: a) vehicle type; b) vehicle condition; c) the exact distance; d) the exact locations; e) transport type; f) vehicle modifications; and g) seasonal fluctuations – current supply and demand. This is the formula that calculates the price to ship a car. So, based on that it could cost between $200 and $3000. Please, call us now for a quick quote!

A partial payment is usually required upon placing the order to reserve the spot on the car carrier. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Still for customer convenience you will have these two choices:

  • Discounted Cash Price: This is when you pay a partial payment by credit or debit card once we assign a carrier. And the rest is paid to the carrier at delivery with cash, cashier’s check or money order.
  • Regular Price: This is when you pay in full by credit or debit card, when we assign a carrier to your order. Nothing is charged at booking, only a credit card is put on file for reservation. At delivery there is no balance to pay.

The price to ship a car we quote is valid for one week. After that period the price may change as logistics is a supply and demand driven industry. It is best to know your shipping date and be ready to check prices and book one to two weeks in advance.

Per our cancellation policy every cancellation must be submitted in writing. You can cancel anytime. For a full refund of any partial payment that may have already been paid to reserve a spot on a car carrier, your cancellation should be requested before we have assigned a truck. 

We always advise our customers to book one to two weeks in advance. Some prefer to book even a month in advance. This allows for good organization and finding the best car carrier to accommodate your time-frame. When you need a last minute shipping then we have expedited services as well. But the cost to ship a car expedited is usually higher.

Yes, you can. We only need the state and the city in order to be able to quote a car shipping price. The cost would be current based on market situation. 

This is the date your car is ready to be loaded. It is not the exact pick up date the carrier will show up at your door. If there is a carrier available on this date we may be able to send it that day. If this is not the case then we should be able to have a truck within our usual pick-up window of about one to five days starting from this date.

The delivery time generally depends on the distance. Also, please remember ETA is an ESTIMATED time of arrival. Our dispatchers will make every effort to notify you of any deviations, such as delays or early arrivals, so it is very important to have a good call back number. 

Distance – Miles  /          Days
0-100 /                             1 to 2
300-600 /                       2 to 4
600-1000 /                     3 to 5
1000-1500 /                  4 to 6
1500-2000 /                 5 to 7
2000-2400 /                6 to 8
2400 and up /            8 to 10 

When you call or request a quote online, our logistics experts will discuss your options, budget and preferences and quote current market price with no hidden fees.