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In many cases vehicles bought at auctions do not run, which means they need special handling. The car carrier should either have a winch to load the non-running vehicle, or the auction has to provide a fork lift and you have to be prepared to provide a fork lift at delivery. Furthermore, the price of transporting a non-running vehicle will be approximately $100 more than shipping a regular running automobile.

What do I need to know when buying and shipping a car from an auction?

To make sure you have all required documents, talk to the auction. Check the bill of sale you will receive. Some auctions may have more specific requirements, so you have to ask what is required of the auto transport company to pick-up your vehicle.

Keep in mind that most auctions will allow the vehicle to stay on the lot for about five business days. After that they will start charge storage fees. That is why you need a reliable transport company to pick up the vehicle on time. Additionally, make sure you ask the auction about any loading fees if the car is not running.

Important part is the vehicle inspection. The car carrier will inspect the vehicle at pick-up for you and at delivery and mark down any visible damages. Damaged vehicles can be covered and any loose parts tied. 

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