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Shipping a motorcycle – the standard method is via an enclosed carrier. It is the best and most secure option. Motorcycle shipping is done on an estimated timeline similar to auto transport. 

How much does shipping a motorcycle cost?

When you ask this question, make sure you receive a realistic answer. Do not be lured by the lowest price. Several factors affect the price of shipping motor vehicles, and you should know more about that before booking a service.

Make and model of the motorbike, the type of transport, and location all affect the price. Different types of bikes require different types of transport equipment, so you have to discuss all specifics with our logistics coordinator. Furthermore, supply and demand affect prices daily. This means that this is often the final deciding factor about the cost of shipping.

In the vehicle transport industry, supply and demand fluctuations play an important role. For example, when shipping a motorcycle to Florida, you should keep in mind that seasonality factor such as ‘snowbirds’ will affect the price. You will be competing with thousands of snowbirds going south for a limited space, where the highest paying loads move first.

Often, if your rate is even $50 lower than the current market price, this can delay the shipping. What happens is that current market price vehicles ship first.

Shipping a motorcycle - How It Works

The standard method of shipping a motorcycle is via an enclosed carrier. It is the best and most secure option. Motorcycle shipping is done on an estimated timeline similar to auto transport. Unforeseen delays such as poor weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns or excessive traffic may occur. When you know in advance that dates are only estimates, you will have peace of mind.

1. Request current price quote

2. Assigned carrier picks-up your bike

3. Accept delivery of your bike and inspect

enclosed auto transport

Why choose Enclosed carrier?

Many enclosed carriers are designed, or customized, to load and secure motorbikes. However, in most cases a regular enclosed auto transport carrier can accommodate any bike.

shipping a motorcycle cafe racer

Enclosed carriers provide the necessary support structure to safely load and tie down a bike. Drivers of such trucks work with cars and bikes all the time, and their equipment allows them to safely transport any vehicle.

Often, for short distances, you will see open air flatbed carriers that can load and haul up to four or five bikes. This of course can be done for long distances as well, but it is not as efficient and it will cost more.

When you need expedited delivery, however, this is usually the type of carrier we book. So if you must ship your motorcycle fast, or need it picked up and/or delivered on exact dates, prepare to pay a premium price.

Regular, open air car transport carriers can also haul bikes. It is not the standard method of transport, but it does work. Many such carriers know how to handle a bike carefully and load it securely on their trailer.

Restrictions that may prevent driver’s access to your residence are low hanging tree branches or wires, cars parked on both sides of the road, roadways that have weight or size limitations. In that case, your motorcycle will be picked up/delivered at an alternate location, as close to your residence as possible.

The time to ship any type of vehicle depends mainly on the pick-up and delivery location, as well as the total distance. Transportation depends on may factors such as road and weather conditions, possible truck failures, traffic and other customers delays. From booking to pick-up we have a pick-up window and then we have a delivery window. Once the bike is picked up we will stay in touch with you to track delivery progress.

Before the carrier picks up your motorcycle, you have to prepare it for shipping.

  1. Clean your motorcycle.
  2. Note scratches, dings and other minor damages.
  3. Mark down any mechanical issues or problems.
  4. Take pictures; detail shots of all existing damages.
  5. Date the records, and show them to your shipping company.

To start, check your bike for preexisting damages and document its condition. Note dings and scratches. We also recommend taking high-quality photos of your motorcycle before shipment. Although, it’s very unlikely your bike arrives damaged, if there is a dispute at the time of delivery photos can be used as evidence for the insurance provider.

Clean your motorcycle. Check it for fluid leaks. Remove all loose items from your chopper. The transporter is not responsible for damaged accessories and they are not covered by insurance. Also, remember that no additional packages can be shipped with your motorcycle.

Make sure your motorcycle is in good working condition. Mark down any mechanical issues, if any, so your transporter is prepared. For safe shipping, your motorcycle should be loaded in an upright position strapped to a crate or platform. 

Booking your order a month in advance would be ideal. Shipping a motorcycle across the state lines or cross-country is not like shipping a parcel, it will not happen overnight.

Expedited shipping and guaranteed dates are possible, but this cost more. Therefore, by allowing more time for your motorcycle transport you increase your chances of finding a less expensive shipping option.

Sometimes it is possible to schedule your pick-up for the day you request, even if that is the same day, but this is not the standard in the industry. Hence, we ask you to be patient, remember that dates are only estimates and remain flexible with your shipping dates. This is the best way to receive an affordable service.

Corsia Logistics ships automobiles and motorcycles nationwide daily. We are here to answer all of your question. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and options. Whether you are shipping a motorcycle to Florida, Colorado, Los Angeles, Miami or any other city in the US we will arrange the shipment and help you every step of the way.

Shipping dates and times are always an estimate.