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Luxury Auto Transport requires dependable auto transporters. The owners of such automobiles understand that shipping is part of maintaining and preserving their luxury automobile.

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Buying and maintaining a luxury automobile is a privilege and a responsibility, and most owners know that. This requires attention to details in every aspect, including shipping when necessary. 

When moving or simply going on vacation, most owners of luxury automobiles want their wheels with them. This is when booking luxury auto transport happens. 

Enclosed trailers offer complete protection from road and weather elements and they are preferred service for luxury automobiles.

Luxury Auto Transport services

Corsia provides the following luxury car shipping services:

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door to door auto transport

Door to door vehicle delivery means that the car will be picked-up and unloaded at a specified by the customer address. 

Enclosed car carrier

When shipping a luxury automobile, protecting it from the elements is crucial. Enclosed trailer provides complete protection and peace of mind. 

car shipping services porsche enclosed carrier

How much does it cost to ship a luxury car?

Expensive, high-end vehicles are often transported in a single car carrier, or at least enclosed trailer. Enclosed vehicle shipping is more expensive due to three main reasons – protection, insurance and availability.

  1. Covered carriers offer full protection from road and weather elements.
  2. They provide high insurance coverage, usually up to two million dollar.
  3. By availability, we mean the total number of such trucks available in the US. Specialized enclosed car shipping trucks are fewer than the standard open car carriers.

The cost of shipping a luxury vehicle vary. It could be anywhere from $200 to as much as $2000. Expect even more if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

When you hire an enclosed carrier, expect the rates to be $300 to $500 more expensive than booking a standard open truck.

Door-to-door is the standard and preferred solution when transporting a luxury automobile, and does not cost extra.