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What is the best way to ship a pickup truck a 1000 miles?

What is the best way to ship a pickup truck a 1000 miles?

Pickup trucks are versatile and extremely practical vehicles. And all pickup owners have one thing in common – they like to personalize their vehicles by adding different mods. The vehicle itself, as well as all the modifications, may sometimes present a challenge when you need to ship your powerful beast.

In this post, we’ll tackle the best way to ship a pickup truck a 1000 miles. We’ll offer practical advice based on years of expertise to help you understand how transporting a pickup across the state lines works.

What type of carrier should I choose to ship my pickup truck?

If most daily drivers have standard dimensions and can fit on regular carriers, pickup trucks can widely vary. Pickup truck classes may often seem confusing, and sometimes modifications can present additional challenges.

This is why describing your pickup truck in detail is important. To help you pick the right type of carrier, a car shipping company needs to know the model, dimensions, weight, and modifications, if any. Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out on your own the specifics that apply in your case. That’s when your car shipping agent may ask for a photo of your pickup truck.

Some pickup trucks such as RAM 2500 can be easily transported on regular open carriers. They often travel on the top deck which helps tackle the height clearance challenge.

However, a bigger vehicle like RAM 5500 is a different story. It can still be shipped via an open carrier, but it may have to be a one-two-vehicle flatbed.

And if weather and road elements are of concern, inquire about the possibility of shipping your truck in an enclosed carrier.

Once you share the information about your pickup truck and all the modifications with your car shipping agent, they should be able to help you choose the best fit carrier.

How much does it cost to ship a pickup truck a 1000 miles?

The factors we have mentioned do not only influence the carrier type but also the cost to ship your pickup truck. Trucks are heavier and bulkier vehicles that take up more space on a carrier than your usual sedans which, in turn, limits the overall number of cars the carrier can load. Moreover, if your vehicle requires special accommodations, it may take longer to find the appropriate carrier. Consequently, this results in higher shipping costs.

Despite your pickup truck characteristics, there are ways to reduce the shipping costs. Being flexible with the shipping time is one of them. If you intend to ship your vehicle, you should start asking for quotes earlier. Avoid busy seasons, where there is more demand than supply for your route. Moreover, not leaving the shipping arrangements for the last minute, will save you from the extra costs of expedited shipping service.

What mistakes should I avoid when shipping a pickup?

Do not rush in your search for an auto shipping company. Reliability, professionalism, and high service quality are what you should be looking for. Not all car shipping companies have experience in shipping pickup trucks with specific characteristics. Sometimes, they may not even have the appropriate carriers for it or the ability to find them. This is why, you should take your time to properly research and read online reviews, rather than going with the first option.

Do not withhold information about your pickup truck from your vehicle relocation agent. When shipping a pickup truck, details are important. Make sure to share the information about the exact model and modifications and be ready to provide a photo of your vehicle. This will ensure you get the most accurate price and the appropriate shipping carrier.

Avoid leaving personal items in your pickup truck. First, transporting an empty vehicle protects it from potential damages. Second, car shippers are not licensed to transport any other items. So by keeping your truck empty you will help them to stay in compliance with government regulations.

Do not leave your car shipping arrangements until the last minute. Whether you are moving from Chicago to Houston or San Francisco to Denver, shipping a pickup truck a 1000 miles is not the most trivial event. Considering the sentimental and monetary value of your pickup, take time to plan and prepare your vehicle for shipping.

A responsible auto transport company will also make sure to walk you through the process and provide car shipping insurance so that you can have peace of mind while your car is in transit.

Be proactive!

If you are looking for advice on how to ship your specific pickup truck model do not hesitate to contact us at Corsia Logistics. Our agents will look at your vehicle details and offer the service that best fits your needs. We offer our potential customers free, no-obligation quotes, so you know how much you will be spending without the need to guess.

Fill out our simple quote request, or, if you prefer a human touch, – dial (818) 850.5258 to connect with one of our vehicle relocation experts.

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