How much does it cost to ship a pickup truck?

April 2, 2020
Atanas Nikolov
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Whether you want an off-road beast or a giant workhorse, pickup trucks always deliver. Because of this, they remain trending, while sedans and vans struggle to keep their market share.

But when you have to transport it this vehicle type can present a unique challenge. With quite a few pickup truck classes, shipping them can be a bit confusing. Do you count them as a regular car? What are the specifics of shipping pickups? Here, we will answer these questions and more. You will also understand how we calculate the cost to ship a pickup truck.

What are the specifics of shipping a pickup?

Corsia Logistics experts manually calculate every car shipping quote. To do that, our agents have to take several factors into account. With pickup trucks specifically, some play a bigger role.

  • Pickup make and model – Though some pickups are comparable to midsize vehicles, most tend to be larger. Furthermore, their size can vary significantly. For instance, transporting a Ford Ranger would generally be cheaper than shipping a Ford F-350.
  • Pickup height and bulk – Sometimes, pickups within the same weight class can vary in their dimensions. It is possible that one takes up more space or cannot even fit on the lower deck of a carrier. That would have to be factored into the final quote.
  • Vehicle modifications – In certain cases, a pickup might be equipped with much bigger tires. This increases the height, which takes us back to the previous point. Other mods may instead increase the side dimensions. Roof addons, such as lights or racks, may also contribute.
  • Weight specifics – Some heavy-duty pickups have a heftier frame or a specially designed cargo area. Even without any modifications or size increases, they can end up much heavier. This may affect the price if the added weight is too high.

We sometimes require our clients to send us a photo of their pickup truck. That can be helpful, as often people find it difficult to figure out what specifics apply in their case.

What other factors affect the cost to ship a pickup truck?

So far, we have examined the factors that affect the price of transporting pickups more significantly. Nevertheless, many of the variables that determine the cost to ship a car also apply here.

For example, the supply and demand situation on any given route plays a huge role. How so? If the demand is stable, carriers may serve a specific route frequently. In that case, getting a spot on one would not be as difficult or expensive.

Of course, travel distance matters as well. The longer the route, the more expensive shipping usually is. Here we also have to mention pick-up and delivery locations. If you want to ship a car from a rural area that is far away from a major route, it will affect the price. Though exactly how much would depend on your unique situation.

The other variable that applies to all shipments is a type of carrier. Here at Corsia Logistics, we offer both open and enclosed car carriers. The latter costs more.

Now you know what matters when figuring the cost of pickup truck shipping. Our agents will look at your vehicle’s details to give you a personalized service fee. The quote will be valid for one week, during which you can book our services. Don’t hesitate – we are always ready to help you out!

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