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Moving from Indiana to Arizona

Moving from Indiana to Arizona

Moving from Indiana to Arizona presents you with a set of challenges, especially if it’s your first long-distance move. And while it may be tempting to listen to your inner explorer and start planning all the adventures, there are more immediate tasks at hand – from picking a place to settle, preparing your budget, to shipping your car.

Join us in this post as we share a few useful tips to help you prepare for the transition.

What to know before moving from Indiana to Arizona?

Economy and cost of living

Arizona’s economy keeps growing every year. In 2020, it had an annual GDP of about US$ 370 billion and a GDP per capita of about 51 billion. Even though a high number of people work in the healthcare and transportation industries, Arizona’s economy is diverse. A lot of people hold jobs in the retail trade, educational services, and manufacturing, for instance.

If we compare the cost of living between the two capitals, Phoenix and Indianapolis, living in Phoenix might be slightly more expensive compared to Indianapolis. Nevertheless, the overall living cost in Arizona is cheaper compared to the US average.


Talking about the cost of living, the median home cost is the biggest factor that makes the difference when comparing the living expenses in Phoenix and Indianapolis. The median home cost in Indianapolis as of 2021, is 40% cheaper than in Phoenix.

In terms of food and groceries, and healthcare, the costs are almost the same, although slightly cheaper in Indianapolis. Keep in mind that if you were to move the other way around, from Phoenix to Indianapolis, a salary of $50,000 could decrease to $38,757.

What can I do and see in Arizona?

The state is often associated with tourism and leisure. Mostly because Arizona is great for hiking, water rafting, golfing, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This southwestern U.S. state is also known for the Grand Canyon, a must-see for anyone who is living in Arizona or close to it.

Other must-see attractions in Arizona include:

– Musical Instrument Museum

– Chapel of the Holy Cross

– Antelope Canyon

– Taliesin West

– Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

– Walnut Canyon National Monument

– Tonto National Forest

– Bell Rock

– Cathedral Rock

– Horseshoe Bend

– Desert Botanical Garden

Do I need a car in Arizona?

Unless you don’t plan to navigate beyond Downtown Phoenix, you will need a car. Arizona is a large state with plenty of roads to cover and explore. Besides, during the summer months, when the temperatures may exceed 100°F, you wouldn’t want to find yourself standing outside, waiting for a bus.

The next question would be – How do I move a car from Indiana to Arizona? Embarking on a cross-country road trip in the midst of relocation may not be the wisest idea. Would you be up for the demands of a long-haul trip? Factor in all the expenses and the possibility of a speeding ticket or flat tire, among other inconveniences.

Many people, who are, like you, moving across the state lines, choose to ship their cars. This leads us to the next question.

How to ship my car to Arizona?

Arranging the transport of a vehicle is not difficult, it just takes a little research and planning.


Review our guide about ship a car from Indiana to Arizona too learn more and prepare.


The cost of shipping will depend on various factors. The model of your car and the exact distance will set the base price. The services you choose and supply and demand on the route will further affect the cost of shipping.

Once you move to Arizona, you will need to register your car with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

To obtain an Arizona vehicle registration and license plate, you will need to follow several requirements such as pass the emissions test, show proof of insurance, proof of ownership, and loan information, among other documents.

If you are moving from Indiana to Arizona, let us take care of your car while you are packing. Our dedicated team of vehicle relocation professionals will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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