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Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

The holidays are over, but the time for gifts is not! In case you still have to buy a present for someone who loves cars, we have a few ideas that might help you out. Now, I know I am not a car gal, but I have a lot of friends who are an auto enthusiasts. If you are an auto enthusiasts yourself, you probably know many like you and this means you should check out this post because it is never too late to buy a little present for yourself or someone else. Check out our suggestions for gifts for auto enthusiasts.

Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts To Consider

1. A Dash Cam



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The first one that comes to my mind is a GoPro camera. Any car lover would love to own one and film all their trips. Whether it is an awesome view on the road ahead or from a vista point, or some awesome curves of the road, or something odd happening around, anyone would love to have a GoPro already to capture it. Most car lovers want to show off their car and everything about it inside and out, so you would know if a friend of yours doesn’t have one because you’ve probably been in their car at least a few times. Here you can find some of the best dash cameras currently on the market.

2. Tickets to a car show or to a car TV show

Who wouldn’t love that! I would, and as I said, I’m not even that into cars. If you happen to have the chance to buy tickets to an auto show or to a popular TV show about cars, you are not only buying them a present, but you are also going to give them an amazing experience they might remember for a long time. When you give experience the present becomes even more memorable and exciting. There are many TV auto shows, whether you are in the US or in Europe, and a true car enthusiasts will always want to go to let’s say Top Gear or America Hot Rod.

3. An Autograph

Since we are talking about car shows, and TV shows about cars, another great gift would be to get your friend an autograph from a famous racing driver, a Formula 1 racer that might be invited to a TV show, or if you are lucky enough, you might be able to get them an autograph from a very popular actor that is playing on one of your friend’s favorite car film. Getting an autograph for your car lover friend would be very a truly amazing gift. This should not cost you a lot, but it will surely going to be a lot more appreciated compared to other gifts they may receive.

4. Traveling supplies
Smart Luggage_scr2

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In case you know your friend is traveling somewhere soon, buying a gift that would make their travel easier would be very thoughtful. Buying them a smart travel mug or a smart luggage that has a build in scale is definitively going to make their travel more enjoyable. You can also buy them a car bed that might come in handy in case they need a sleeping place but are having no luck finding one. Books about cars or autobiographies of successful racers is also a great idea for the road.

5. Mechanic gifts

If your friend is also very handy and enjoy fixing their car, buying them a mechanic’s tool-set, mechanics’ gloves, or anything similar would be a great idea. When you visit them you can look around their garage and make a note of what they have and what they are missing in their garage. Another plan is to actually get together with a group of friends, and if there is something big that your friend needs, collect the money and buy it together.

6. Full seat cover for pets or Cleaning supplies

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Does your auto-lover friend keep complaining about how much mess their pet(s) make on the backseat? If yes, why not buy them a full seat cover for pets. Maybe they don’t even know full seat cover for pets exist, so the gift would be much appreciated. The majority of auto-lovers hate it when their car gets dirty, so a few car cleaning supplies will make them happier than you might imagine. Check online for more information on auto seat pet covers or maybe some other good quality car cleaning supplies.

7. Automotive themed clothes

Themed clothes, and especially themed T-shirts, are getting very popular nowadays. They are fun and make you feel cool by wearing personalized T-shirts with your favorite quotes, or cartoon characters or automobiles. If you already know what a car lover would like on their T-shirt do not be afraid to order one for them. If you have no idea what they love, you can probably start a random conversation sometime and thus find out a few things they might want to see on a T-shirt or a hat.

8. A car
Now this can be the dream gift for anyone if you are willing to spend lots of money, and lots of time too. If you have a friend that loves classic cars, you could easily buy them one! It is possible to find classic cars that are in great shape and relatively cheap as well. Check our article here for cheap classic car ideas. This is something any auto enthusiast who like to work on cars will enjoy tremendously. This could be a an amazing gift that could become a treasured memory, as well as a real operable car.


9. Music!

Music is a great companion on the road, so why not enhance your friend’s music collection by buying, or making them, a new collection? It is thoughtful and you can benefit from it too, if you happen to ride in their car often. Here are two articles about 20 road tracks just in case you need to refresh your playlist: Road trips songs & Road trips songs continued. This could be a literally at no cost to you and a great joy for your friend who might not have the time to sit down and make a CD with music.

10. TV show DVDs

Last but not least, a DVD collection of their favorite car shows would be a fast and affordable gift as well. You just need to pick one or two of their favorite shows, which might take time. If you do not have time on your hands and you need to buy a gift quickly, the Top Gear collection would be the perfect solution as any car lover most probably loves the show. Just make sure they do not own the same DVD collection already. In case they own most of the really popular shows, you can always surprise them with a car TV show they’ve never heard of, for example a TV show from another country.

As I said, it is never too late for a gift. In fact, January and February are two of the best months to buy many things because this is when we find the biggest sales. If you have time you can simply check online on Amazon Automotive or Ebay Motors and you will surely find tons of ideas and deals. Soon we will have an article about must see car TV shows, if you picked the last gift as your option, so stay tuned and happy holidays! Thanks!





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