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Are you a car guy or a car gal for that matter?

Are you a car guy or a car gal for that matter?

If you have asked yourself this question, it is probably because you are not sure whether you really are into cars or you just like them.

I personally never asked myself that question because I always knew I was not that much into cars. It is true that I love watching beautiful cars, but that is it. I am not interested to learn more about any technical specifications, and my likeliness is based solely on design, which is probably totally wrong. Whenever I see a cute, old car I always stop to take a few hundred pictures. And so, I have a lot of pictures, but that’s about it I like!

I don’t want to own any specific car for any specific reason; I don’t even want to know the brand or the history behind it and that makes it clear to me that I am not a car gal and that is OK. What is not ok, is when people think they are a car guy or a gal when in fact they are not.

Ask yourself: How far would you go for your car? Would you make sacrifices in order to have one, or in order to keep the one you have? How much effort would you put into maintaining it and being the perfect owner? And … how often do you dream about driving your car?

Are you really a car guy, or a car gal for that matter?

Keep reading and you will find out if you really are a car guy or a car gal for that matter.  The list below is based on the answers I got from my friends that really deserve to be called car guys or gals, so, here we go.


You are a car guy/gal when:

  • You give your car a name. Yes, that’s right a name!
  • You are interested in everything that has to do with cars. It might be true that you might hate books, newspapers, or magazines. You might even feel noxious around them. But if they are about cars, everything changes and you devour them.
  • You laugh at lame cars when you see one. And you can’t help but laugh at the driver too.
  • You take up 2 parking spaces because you don’t want anyone to touch your car. And you are even willing to pay double if you can take up 2 spots.
  • You work out not because you want to look fit and stay healthy. No! You work out so that you can shift more quickly.

All you can talk about is cars.

  • Have you ever been in a situation when it was your time to share something about your life, change the topic, or suggest a new topic to talk about and all you could think of were cars? Yes! So, yes checkmark here as well.
  • You take thousands of pictures of your car. You take selfies with your car, inside your car, or in front of any beautiful car, you notice on the road.
  • Your Instagram account is filled with pictures of cars and quotes about cars. Even your profile picture and cover photo on Facebook are pictures of your car. That is right. You identify yourself with your car. It defines who you are and you are proud of it.

Have you heard about Game of Thrones?

  • Dexter maybe? Braking Bad? No? None of these ring a bell? It is probably because all TV shows you watch are about cars. It does not matter if you have seen all seasons of Top Gear. You start watching them all over again. And if you ever get bored with it, you switch to other TV shows about cars like Fifth Gear or Head to Head.
  • You broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend because you spent too much time watching Top Gear instead of spending time with them. And you don’t even feel sorry. All you can say is: It’s their loss!
  • You never stop practicing new things with your car every day. It never gets boring.
  • Driving your car is your hobby. Whenever you have a chance to list your hobbies, your car is the first on the list. If not, the only one.
  • You got fired because your boss caught you watching videos of cars on YouTube.
  • When you found out about the Car Memes page on Facebook, you quit being obsessed with 9Gag
  • Ha! You stopped reading this list to go check the Car Memes page.

There’s more!

  • You worry all the time about your car not being locked.
  • Again, you stopped reading this list to go check if your car is locked.
  • When a total stranger has the same car, you two immediately click and become best friends. As I mentioned before, you identify yourself and your personality with your car and if someone else has made the same choice as you by buying the same car, you two must be very similar and clearly have a lot to talk about.
  • You have caught yourself dreaming or having nightmares about your car.
  • You love feeling the car keys in your pocket.
  • Your most used phrase is: “Do you even drift?”
  • You do not worry about getting hurt in a car accident. No! What worries you is what might happen to your car.
  • You spend so much time playing car video games that you forget to eat or sleep.
  • You watch Formula 1 instead of soccer.

And more…

  • Your favorite adrenaline comes from driving your favorite car.
  • The only form of art you enjoy is car designs. You are obsessed with the history behind each style and design.
  • You just need to hear the engine sound and your day is already made.
  • Whenever you are not in the car and are doing something else you daydream about driving.
  • You don’t believe at the end of car culture. You just can’t talk to people who do.
  • One thing you already know is the fact that you love to talk more about the things that you do not like in a specific car rather than talk about things that you like. That means that if there is something wrong with a car you would already know.
  • You own more cars than you need. Especially if you are a Western European.


If you do most of the things I listed above, and you don’t even own a car yet, don’t feel bad. The fact that you don’t have a car is not important. What is important is how much you love cars, how much you know about them and how much you desire to have one really soon.

Moreover, you must know you are not alone. Many people around the world, who don’t own a car yet, can really call themselves a car person because of how much they know. And the opposite is true of course, there are plenty of people out there on the roads who own a car, but don’t know anything about cars and have no desire to even learn something.

Now, check out what this guy did with 3000 pictures of his car’s engine – he is definitely a car guy!

Family car guys and gals also deserve a special mention. They have a tough task of raising their families without sacrificing their passion. How do they manage it? We’ve contemplated on the subject of cars and kids and came up with a few ideas. Don’t forget to check out the post because you might just find answers on how to reconcile family and your favorite hobby.

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