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Road Trip Songs

Road Trip Songs

Summer is finally here! This is the time of the year when it is perfectly okay to let your inner hippie rage for a day, wear a flower crown and blast the radio with old school hits. The season of late night cocktails, golden beaches… and road trips! At Corsia Logistics we love trips with music of all ages and all genres that just makes us want to leave the city behind at least for a day. You are cordially invited to join our little adventure on the highway of all-time favorite road trip hits! Just to make it last longer, we decided to split the journey in two parts, 10 songs each, which at the end will make you want even more…

And don’t forget – always roll your car window down, even if it rains! Grab the keys and let’s turn the volume up!


road trip


The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go

Well, don’t we always start every trip with the question “Should we go”? Even though the song is more on the romantic side, we think it’s great to set you in the mood for a trip, whether it’s a family vacation or a getaway with your friend. “If I go there would be trouble but if I go there will be double…” Yes, exactly what we have in mind, too!

Roger Miller – King of the Road

Some people call this song the “every man’s anthem” and we totally understand why. It’s a song about the freedom that every real man desires, the journey of youth. Back in the 60s it sure was a hit that brought out the adventurous spirit in every man with a guitar and turned him into a king of the road.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

You couldn’t hear many female singers inspired by the road back in the days, so we thought we should pay some special attention to our favorite Tracy Chapman. “You got a fast car, I got a plan to get us out of here.” It’s as simple as that. Sometimes when you want to break away from the chains holding you back, all you need is a good song that brings back all good memories of the past…

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue

This one we just love. Even though there may be no hints of travel in the title, this song screams “road trip”, preferably alone on a quiet road. “With birds I’ll share this lonely view”… Sing along, it’s alright. This line alone could be an inspiration for a road trip – driving into the sun right before sunset, what’s more relaxing than that?

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

And what is a road trip without a dose of romance? The beautiful melody will make you calmer even if you are stuck in traffic on a regular day. But since we are on a road trip today, why not turn into a side road, take out the picnic blanket from the trunk, lie down and just forget the world…

Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

Really? You thought we would skip this classic? There is no way that a road trip is complete without this song! The perfect karaoke hit that gets you going faster /still within the speed limit/ and accelerates your energy to within only 2 minutes. Impossible not to sing along!

Phantom Planet – California

The land of big dreams and high goals – everyone needs a song about California in their road trip playlist. For some of you it might be hard not to think of The OC when you hear this song, but oh well. What’s wrong with that? A world of possibilities, California in itself can be the reason for a whole new playlist!

Bon Jovi – Runaway

Bon Jovi have to be on your playlist! We chose Runaway mostly because of the tempo and the lyrics. We needed at least one more story of a female character in this playlist. But if you prefer a stronger statement, we recommend “Wanted Dead or Alive” and, of course, Living on a prayer! And why not all three?

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Whether you are a fan of AC/DC or not, this song is the ultimate hit that has to be on everyone’s driving playlist! Preferably not as the first thing to hear in the morning though. It’s perfect for the highway where you can realize the full potential of the song and turn your traffic anger into excitement. Don’t take the words too literally though and remember that there are still some speed limits!

Whitesnake – Here I go Again

We’ll finish our first road trip with an all-time favorite song that hit the number one at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart back in 1987 and is still unbelievably hot today! A song for solo road trips that takes your mind off any disappointments, troubles or even breakups… It definitely charges you up with some new fuel and determination… and here you go again!

Now, are you ready to hit the road? With so many wonderful road trips songs it is time you get some tips and plan your trip. Enjoy the road and be safe. Thanks!

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