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Cherish the Time

Cherish the Time

Another year has passed and many of us are now thinking about their new year’s resolutions. Before doing so though we should sit down and “have” a conversation with ourselves. Do you really want to make resolutions? Do you really need that? Isn’t your life way too busy anyway? Isn’t the only resolution you need to make, and the only promise, to live a healthier and a happier life? Do you need a list of goals to achieve? The answers to these questions will depend.

A sad truth today is that most people imagine that they can feel alive only by filling their days and keeping busy, when in fact this is not how it should be. It is a fact that we don’t cherish the time for the time is all we have and it is all very little. We keep putting off the things that really matter because we are in pursuit of something else, something that can be spent, worn, driven, or in some way used and then forgotten.

What really stays is an emotion, a conversation, a smile, a hug, that feeling you get when you give and receive compassion, and help someone who can never repay you, when you forgive. Why do we keep postponing these kinds of things?

The world has changed so much over the last decade and many still wonder whether it is for good or for bad. One thing most of us know for sure is that we have all become very busy. Moreover, we have grown used to being busy to such an extend that we feel useless, and as if we are wasting our time, when we happen to just sit down and observe. I have heard that from many of my  friends, they say “How can I just sit and do nothing? This is nonsense. There is always something to do!” Isn’t that a little insane?

Since when has sitting and doing nothing, enjoying nature or enjoying a cup of tee alone with your thoughts become insane? Who thought us so? Who or what made us act like we are machines who can always be on, doing something, and only when we run out of batteries can we slow down? Isn’t that a little insane?

Time is something we certainly don’t cherish, according to my observations at least because when the past comes hunting us we know we have things we should have done or said. This is exactly because we do not cherish the time we have. We fill every hour and every week, and month with tasks and things to do without a gap to sit down and reflect on all we have done. We should do that every day! Not once a month or once a year.

We should sit down and really think about all we have done that day. This is the only way for us to realize what we have and have not done, and this is how we will learn to appreciate the time we have been given. Cherish the time you have, reflect on all you have done, but not only on December 31st. Do it every day, take that moment to think, or stop thinking, but feel.

Only by allowing yourself to feel the time you will realize what it is that you have really done. If your day does not give you joy, peace and happiness then you need to rethink what to do the next day. Take a moment to slow down and reflect on your actions and thoughts every day so that when December 31st comes it will be easier to let it go.

Corsia Logistics wishes you a happy and healthy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016


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