20 Road Trips Songs Continued

August 27, 2015
Dilyana Dobrinova
from new york to miami

We hope you enjoyed the first ten songs of out road trip playlist and are excited for some more! So let’s get you ready for one more dose of unforgettable songs that make you want to leave your house straight away, jump in the car and take off to an amazing adventure… Welcome to our music journey once again!

  1. U2 – Beautiful Day

Starting the second half of our playlist with a great band and an even greater song! “Beautiful Day” is the perfect soundtrack to your ride past mountain ridges where each sound of the drums is another turn on the road, surpassing trees and green meadows. Turn the volume up, close your eyes, and you are there. That would truly be a beautiful day.

  1. Guns n Roses – Paradise City

This is a shoutout to one more of the classics on the road. Whether you are going off to see places where “the grass is green and the girls are pretty” or are coming home from an unforgettable festival journey, this song guarantees you a rocking trip! Somehow, we find it particularly good for motorcycle rides as well… I wonder why.

  1. Chuck Berry – Route 66

The old highway … a symbol of the American dream. By some it may be long forgotten, but there are many Europeans who still dream of driving down route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. And if you think that’s a total waste of time, think again… Wouldn’t that be the road trip you have always been dreaming of? With the king of Rock and Roll right by your side…

  1. Grateful Dead – Truckin’

You have to know this song not only because it’s a musical expression of one band’s journey on the road, but also because it was recognized as a national treasure by the U.S. Library of Congress back in 1997. If you are doing a cross-country road trip, this has to be on your playlist. A metaphor for life and its ups and downs, where the beauty is in experiencing it all.

  1. Iggy Pop – The Passenger

To all wandering souls out there, this is the best song for you. “The Passenger” is for the free spirits that enjoy being lost once in a while. This is a song that takes you on a ride to see and appreciate the beauty around you. A little punk never harms, especially when it makes you go la la lala la la…

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

A classic is the word to describe it. If you are planning a ride through the south, you have to include this song in your playlist even if you are not passing anywhere close to Alabama. Here’s an idea: why not combine it with Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”. Makes the best combination! Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long…

  1. Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane

This song got us dreaming of driving through small towns in the country side, where the sun sets down over the town and ends the day with magic… It’s all about romance when you are listening to the Eagles or any of their songs from the 70s. All you need is a classic car to enjoy the ride in.

  1. Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

A cheerful song that just gets you going… It’s perfect for a late afternoon ride when you’ve been behind the wheel for too long because when you hear the piano, you’ll be uplifted right away. Yes, we chose it exactly because it’s one of those hits you have to sing along to! Honestly, we’ve seen some guys singing out loud Vanessa Carlton’s signature hit, too!

  1. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

Our coming-home anthem. After all this driving we did together, and all the places we saw through music, it’s time we get back home. And remember, home is where your heart is. And if your heart will always be close to the road, just keep on driving and you’ll be home as well.

  1. Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere

We finish our music adventure with one of the best traveling songs of all time. After all, the American dream would not be complete without Johnny Cash in it! Now that we are at the end of our tour we can say we’ve been everywhere, too! We hope these songs bring you unforgettable singing moments and summer memories to always come back to! Did you hit the road already?


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