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Car Shipping Terms And Conditions Explained

Car Shipping Terms And Conditions Explained

How often do you read the fine print when paying for goods or services? Almost never. No one likes to go through lengthy legal documents whose main purpose, it seems, is to help you beat insomnia. Often, the harder you try to understand a legal text, sentences start snapping into meaningless patterns, and just like that you slip into the arms of Morpheus. Therefore, you decide to agree blindly, without reading, and deal with consequences later, if any should arise.

By failing to read terms and conditions, you keep yourself in the dark about your rights and responsibilities.

Therefore, It’s critical you understand everything before you enter into a legally binding agreement. Car shipping contracts shouldn’t be an exception.

In car shipping, each agreement may have specific conditions depending on a vehicle and services, but there are general provisions that apply to pretty much every shipment.

Car Shipping Terms And Conditions Explained

Delivery and drop off location

Most companies offer door-to-door vehicle delivery. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your car will be picked up or dropped off exactly at a place of your choosing. It’s just not always possible. Local city regulations, narrow streets, low utility lines sometimes make it impossible for a large delivery truck to access certain residential areas. In this case carrier will pick up and/or deliver your vehicle at a nearby location, based on the mutual agreement.

Pick up and delivery date and time

The car transport company will provide you with estimated pick up and delivery dates. Given the nature of the shipping industry, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact dates. Unfavorable weather and road conditions, as well as unforeseen mechanical problems, can all cause delays.

Preparing your vehicle for shipping

It’s your responsibility to prepare a vehicle for shipping.  Remove or safely secure low hanging spoilers, accessories, and loose parts. Also make sure your vehicle has no leaks, and don’t leave more than a 1/4-1/2 tank of fuel.

Why? Because in case your car causes any accidental damage caused to other vehicles, or even people, during transport, you will be the one liable.

Also, make sure to disable the alarm or provide the transporter with detailed instructions on how to deactivate it. Should you forget to do so, the carrier will disable the alarm the way he sees fit.

Leave personal items in your vehicle at your own risk. No carrier will accept responsibility for damages caused to your car interior by personal items you didn’t remove, nor for theft of the latter.

Moreover, in certain situations, a carrier may even confiscate or dispose of your personal items without reimbursement. You wouldn’t like that, would you?

Vehicle Inspection and Damages

At pick up and delivery, together with a carrier, you will inspect your vehicle for any irregularities. The inspection has to be performed regardless of time of the day and weather conditions. Don’t skip this step! If you don’t get damages documented, you won’t be able to claim compensation later.

Also, car shipping companies won’t hold themselves responsible for any damages by any unpredictable unforeseen events and emergencies.

In the unlikely case, your car arrives with damages; you can submit a claim within a specified time frame from the date of delivery, usually 24 hours.


Shipping charges are due in full upon delivery. Even if the vehicle arrives damaged. You may recover losses by following a dispute resolution procedure.

Make sure to provide the car shipping company with detailed information about your vehicle and services you are looking to buy. Companies charge extra fees to ship oversized and non-operable vehicles, as well as urgent deliveries and deliveries on a guaranteed date.

Also, verify payment methods accepted by your vehicle transporter. The carrier will not release your car without payment. Moreover, if the hauler has to take your vehicle to storage because you haven’t paid, you may incur re-delivery and storage charges.

If you change your mind and cancel your order the last minute, car transporter will charge you a cancellation fee.

One more important thing to keep in mind! Due to price fluctuations that are outside of your carrier’s power, your car shipping quote will be valid only for a limited time. So, if it’s been more than 30 days since you’ve asked for a quote, double-check with your carrier if the price changed.

You see, the fine print is important! And if you still don’t feel like reading it, ask your car shipping agent to walk you through the terms and conditions.

To ship your car with Corsia Logistics, fill out our online quote request or call (818) 850-5258 and speak with one of our logistics experts!

Happy car shipping!


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