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Can I include personal items in my car?

car shipping personal items

Can I include personal items in my car?

Yes, you can. However, most carriers prefer to load an empty car because overloading a car carrier may jeopardize the carrier’s required weight limits and may lead to an accident, as well as fines on the road.

Corsia allows the inclusion of personal items of up to 100 lb. If you need to load more than 100 lb there will be an additional fee. Auto transport carriers are very cautious when it comes to weight because weight restrictions apply at state border inspections and often random inspections on the road.

If you need to ship personal items in your car please contact us for a customized car transport quote.

If you need to ship personal items in your car, please keep in mind that:

  • The carrier can refuse to transport your vehicle.
  • This puts auto haulers at risk of fines and delays.
  • During inspection the DOT may remove your items.
  • Personal items can damage vehicle interior.
  • Personal items are not insured while in transport.
  • Items could be stolen easily when exposed through windows.

It is recommended that customers resist the temptation of loading personal items in their automobiles when shipping a car.

The best case scenario is one or two suitcases or boxes in the trunk. If the carrier allows more items they must be loaded below window level and there shouldn’t be any items at the driver’s seat.

Additional advice – customers should take care to remove any E-ZPass devices so they don’t get charged for tolls while their car is on the car carrier. You can not have any kind of racks and luggage attached to the roof of your vehicle. Any illegal items, weapons, explosives or contraband are strictly prohibited; any animals are also prohibited. If you really need to load more items talk to our agents to confirm whether this is possible and what would be the additional charge. Corsia Logistics’ team is hear to help you understand how auto works and find the best solution.

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