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Why Buy a Sports Car?

Why Buy a Sports Car?

Free, powerful, confident, happy. These are just some of the feelings you get when you think of buying and owning a fast sports car. Maybe you’re going through a mid-life crisis and want to feel young again. Or perhaps you are a car collector. Are you trying to impress someone? Or maybe you’ve just been dreaming of buying a sports car forever. Whatever your reasons are, whatever category you fall into, or don’t fall into, now might be the right time to get the car of your dreams. Why buy a sports car though?

Why do people buy sports cars?

Lamborghini Asterion

Because. Right. Because the feeling of speeding is unmatched. Because a car always feels like an extension to our bodies, and the adrenaline rush fast cars give us is unmatched. Fast sports cars have the looks, the status, the driving quality and they simply make you feel unstoppable. There is a big difference between buying a car to get to work, run errands, take kids to school – a car to get around, and buying a sports car.

You get a sports car for the sake of driving. Errands, work and driving around with the family come second. The real reason behind buying a fast, sports gas-guzzler is that you cannot wait to discover all it can do and all it can give you. You can’t wait to feel the pounding of your own heart when you step on the gas, the adrenaline racing through your veins, and feel the vibrations buzzing through your bones. A high-performance sports car is meant to make you tremble, to make you want to go faster, compete and show off. Fast acceleration is scary, but being scared is part of the game. Going from 0 to 100 in seconds is about how much you can handle. It is about control. To feel the speed in your bones, and handle it is an achievement.


Ferarri Sergio


Where would you drive a sports car?

Would you participate in illegal racing? Would you drive it around the neighborhood? Or you would keep your car in the garage? Please, tell me you wouldn’t keep a sports car in your garage and not show it off, not race it, not feel it.

In case you buy a two-seater like a Chevrolet Corvette, a Jaguar F-TYPE, an Audi R8, or a Ferrari 488GTB, you wouldn’t have enough space for your kids, so forget about driving them to school. It wouldn’t be fair either to use these cars to run errands. You can still drive it to work and mostly use it to show off. But a two-seater sports car just screams illegal racing.


BMW CSL Hommage

A four-seater may seem like a safer and more practical option in case you need to take your kids to school or buy groceries. Some four-seaters don’t have enough room for grown-ups in the back seats, but small kids can easily fit in and feel comfortable. So, don’t worry too much. Buy that sports car while the kids are still small!

How often would you drive it? Will it be your primary vehicle?

Haven’t started a family yet? A two-seater sports car would probably be your primary vehicle. You would want to drive it everywhere and show everyone what a proud owner you are. You would probably even take long trips to find out its true power.

Already have other cars and just want to buy a sports car for fun? You would probably drive it on weekends. If you happen to buy your vehicle out of state, Corsia Logistics offers sports car shipping services to help you bring your fast ride home. Get in touch with us by dialing (818) 850-5258 to get your free, no-obligation quote or fill out our simple quote request form.

Audi TTS, BMW M2, Porsche 911, and Ford Mustang are some of the four-seater sports cars you can opt for if you have kids. If this car is going to be your primary vehicle, you will, of course, use it every time you need it. Otherwise, it will stay in your garage until … you feel the need for a little adrenaline rush.

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