How to ship my car from North to South U.S.A?

March 12, 2020
Ina Gjika
car shipping North to South
Shipping a car from North to South, even for the first time, is simpler than many people think. Car carriers run both directions daily. And often, it is the safest and most convenient option when you need to traverse a distance over 300 miles.

Whether you bought a car online, or made a decision to relocate for work or school, the car shipping process is essentially the same. All you need is a good plan, and relevant and timely information.

How to choose a car shipping company?

Start planning your auto transport early; give yourself some time to understand the basics of the car shipping process. Today, unlimited access to online sources makes the search for car shipping companies simple. Yet, it does not mean that you should immediately settle for the first page of Google search.

Do not base your choice just on the price or size of the company. Companies that offer incredibly low quotes often fail their promise of timely delivery or picking up your vehicle at all. Smaller businesses often offer better, more personalized services. Read about other people’s experience before making your selection. This is the time to read customer reviews, especially if you cannot get a direct reference from friends.

Select at least three companies and get in touch with them. Don’t shy away from asking questions. Evaluate your potential shipper’s responsiveness, services, pricing, ask about insurance.

At Corsia Logistics we make it our goal to provide you with all the necessary information to help you make educated decisions. Call us now or chat with us online.

Which type of car shipping carrier should I choose?

You will have a choice between open and enclosed auto transport. Most people settle for open carriers due to their lower cost and higher availability. The downside of open-air carriers is that your car will be exposed to the weather and road elements. And while there’s rarely an issue, certain vehicle owners prefer the extra protection of an enclosed trailer.

open auto transport carrier

The enclosed auto transport carrier may be a better option when shipping a car during winter and over long distances. For instance,  from New York to Florida in winter or from . Also, enclosed auto transport is a top choice for luxury and classic vehicles. This option is a bit more expensive than the open carrier, but it will protect your car better.

Moreover, you will have access to door-to-door and expedited auto transport.  Door-to-door shipping is standard with Corsia Logistics. It means that your car will be picked up and unloaded as close to the destinations of your choice as legally possible, at no additional cost. With expedited shipping, you can get your car at a specific date, which will help you plan accordingly. However, this is a premium service that comes at a premium price.

If you are not sure which car shipping services best apply to your particular situation, Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts would be happy to help you make the selection.

How much does it cost to ship my car from North to South?

Getting auto transport quotes is simple, and many companies offer free estimates. The important part is for you to understand the logic behind the cost of shipping a car.

Certain elements are considered fixed inputs, which means that as they don’t change, a rough price estimation can be made. These elements are:

  • vehicle make, model, and modifications
  • vehicle condition – operable or not
  • distance and location
  • type of carrier – open or enclosed
  • standard or expedited delivery

However, some variable factors impact the price daily and ultimately determine the final cost of auto transport:

  • weather and traffic
  • supply and demand
Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts manually calculate rates on a case-by-case basis. Our quotes reflect the most current market conditions, making them fair for carrier drivers and customers.

How to prepare my car for shipping?

As you get closer to the shipping date, you should start preparing your vehicle for shipment, so that you can avoid any potential issues. Firstly, you should check it with a mechanic to make sure it’s fully operational. Be careful not to fill it up with gasoline, just enough to drive on and off the carrier.

Remove your personal belongings from the car. Certain items are not allowed by law, whereas other items may damage your vehicle during transport. Disarm all the alarms or prepare a note for your carrier with the instructions on how to disable them.

Why are so many people moving to the South?

According to the 2019 U.S. Census report, 14% of the population, or around 40 million Americans, move each year.

Many Northern states, such as Minnesota, Illinois, New York, or Pennsylvania have topped the list of outbound moves. On the other hand, the Southern states, such as Florida, Texas, and South Carolina, receive the biggest influx of new transplants. In fact, these are also considered the best Southern destinations not only for individuals but also for business relocations.

The Southern states are famous for great cuisine, country music, festivals, and the remaining European influence.

Moreover, the warmer weather, lower cost of living in some states, and lower income taxes are also considered as major reasons for this migration wave.

For example, the lower taxes in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee have attracted many companies to place their operations in these states, hence offering more job opportunities.

In the midst of moving, shipping your car may seem like a complicated process. Corsia Logistics is here to help! Call our vehicle relocation experts at (818) 850-5258 or contact us via our online chat. We work hard to find the best car shipping rate and the best auto transport carrier to ship your vehicle. Thank you!

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