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Auto Transport Companies Reviews

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Auto Transport Companies Reviews

Talking about one company being the best in the industry is very illusive. Today, in any industry the competition is big and diverse, and there is no way one single company is the best. Depending on the industry, customers will have different expectations but what we all want is attention, real undivided attention to our needs and a customized approach. This is what matters to customers nowadays.

With services such as moving or vehicle transport, when you call a customer service number you expect to talk to a person who will understand your situation and take care of your relocation needs, and certainly work with you on the price! Yet, most companies today simply follow a script. They want to get your business and they know how, or they think they do. In most cases, it is all about money, or course. The cheapest price is what usually closes the deal. This way the company ends up making more sales with lower profit, but still more and the customer gets the lowest possible price. What many first time car shippers do not understand though is that this price usually delivers low quality service. We can go into in depth details about that that means in another piece.

A lot of research has been done by the big guys in every industry, and they know exactly how to sell. Doing business today requires companies to understand how the human brain functions. Yet, this does not mean they care about the human being and their situation. It does not mean they care to adjust to your human state of affairs and offer you the best possible solution.

What big companies do is called emotional branding and selling. We react to words and images that make us feel good and safe.

Five star reviews make us feel good and safe, and satisfied with our choice, swiftly!

In the auto transport industry, just like in any other industry, car shipping customer reviews are perceived very important. We all read reviews when we want to purchase a product or service. It is actually advisable that you as a consumer read more than a few reviews to be able to assess the company to a certain degree.

Auto transport companies’ reviews are abundant online. Every company wants to get the word out, and asks customers to share their experience somewhere for others to see. In today’s world though, it is not only word of mount referrals companies need. Every single business now relies on the shiny five stars customers see online posted to some specific customer reviews websites that Google displays in search.

So, how do companies achieve that? They do everything they can to make their customers write reviews online. Many businesses offer discounts, gift certificates, or other little souvenirs. Whatever it takes to get that shiny stars showing online. And despite that some self appointed institutions and organizations say it is not good practice, there is no other way.

Today most people have a consumerist mindset since first grade, and they respond to a request only when they are promised something in return.

Many customers don’t want to write reviews simply because they are busy or just didn’t really care about that service or were not impressed, but not entirely disappointment. But when the company offers us something little then it’s a different story, then our effort seem justified, there will be a reward.

Many people don’t have time or don’t like writing and sharing their opinion online. Yet, when there is something on the table in exchange for the effort, then we are motivated to write that review. It is the transactional part of human nature.

How to choose the best auto transport company?

Now, that is a though question. Many customers think that the best rated company is really the best, but that is not always the case. Things change in the auto transport industry very often, especially in big companies. People come and go, and in most cases big companies grow bigger and this often affects the service negatively. Yet, we look at those shiny 5 star ratings online and we want to believe that this particular company is the best, especially when there is so many of them. The stars affect our brain. But we ought to seriously think about all those reviews before making a purchasing decision.

“This was an industry plagued by scammers,” he said, referring to the car transport business. “People were going to jail. We decided, ‘We’ve got to do something about this.’ So we launched our site.”

These are the words of Andrew Wash, the president of Valley Solutions, the company that owns, quoted in a New York Times article. This website is the biggest when it comes to auto transport reviews. When you search online the site is almost always the first in the search results. The focus of the article is that on this type of websites the companies have the last word. owners say that they simply can’t afford to let the customer and company go back and forth endlessly, and they end the online conversation with the first and only company response.

Another thing the article emphasizes is the fact that makes all its money from the auto transport companies. The site offers different levels of support to auto transport companies and the purpose is of course to support the website and for the company to gain extra exposure. This is normal practice and auto transport companies that can afford to pay are happy to sponsor any website that offers them industry relevant real estate.

Websites like Yelp! and organizations such as the Better Business Bureau operate in the same manner. Companies pay to be members or sponsor the website, or run ads, which is obvious conflict of interest. Yet, it is a vicious circle companies and consumers cannot escape.

So, who do we trust and how do we decide?

A good approach would be to check the Federal Trade Commission’s website for advice and tips. They have a very nice blog where they often post helpful information.

When it comes to choosing the best auto transport company, you should be careful and simply don’t believe everything you read online. Besides being paid for, some information is also outdated. Do your research and pick a at least three auto transport companies. Then call and talk to logistics agents. First, consider how you are being treated. Think about whether the company representative listens to your situation and offers customized approach instead of just reading from a script. And lastly you should consider the price and discuss your budget. Do not choose a company because it is giving you the lowest price.

In the auto transport industry, unfortunately, many companies offer really low prices and then several days later they call and ask for more money because the initial quote was too low and they can’t find a truck to transport the vehicle for this price. This is unethical business and once you are tied in, you can’t cancel because you have already given them your credit card. Moreover, you have already lost precious time waiting.

You should really think about how some car shipping companies make their money, your hard earned money – money they pour into sponsoring ads and reviews. It is the world we live in, but the least we can do is try and be savvy consumers.

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