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Corsia Logistics COVID-19 Update

Corsia Logistics COVID-19 Update

The World Health Organization has been calling for timely measures due to the developing situation with COVID-19. Such measures are now being implemented in the United States as well. Almost all business sectors are affected in one way or another.

Below you can read more about Corsia Logistics operations and measures. Here is what we will cover:

  1. Corsia Logistics Business Hours
  2. Changes to pick-up and drop-off date estimates
  3. For bookings made between March 10th and 31st use of credit
  4. 30-day guaranteed rate for shipments on hold

Corsia Logistics Business Hours

There will be no change in our business hours. All Corsia Logistics auto transport services remain available. Nevertheless, there are some temporary changes to our business practices. You can learn more about them below.

Pick-up and drop-off date estimates will be more variable

During such uncertain times, it might become harder to predict the availability of car shipping carriers. Things may change rapidly, and we have no way of predicting how many carriers will be available at any given time on any given route. Our logistics experts will still do their best to provide you with a good estimate of when your pick-up and drop-off dates will be. Our updates will be fast and timely.

Put your order on hold and keep your deposit

We understand that the unforeseen circumstances may have ruined a lot of our clients’ plans. Because of this, we offer customers affected by the virus outbreak, for orders booked March 10 – 31, 2020 to put their order on hold and use the credit for up to one year.

Since the situation is still developing, planning ahead can be challenging. This is why you may still book our services during this critical period, and should you need to cancel your booking, you can do so without cancellation fees. You can learn more about COVID-19 at the CDC Website, and follow the agency for further information on the topic.

That being said, cancellation may not be necessary. See below why putting your shipment on hold may be a better choice.

30-Day shipping rate guarantee for shipments put on hold

If you have booked an auto transport service with us, you can put the order on hold. We guarantee the rate at which you have booked will not increase for the next 30 days after putting the shipment on hold.

We want to help you be more flexible with your planning. By allowing you to keep your booked rate, you will not have to worry about shipping price fluctuations.

Corsia Logistics will work with carriers to allow extra luggage free of charge

We will do our best to negotiate the option of having additional luggage (over 100 lbs) in your car. We cannot make promises, but we will put in our best efforts. Most carriers should be understanding as this epidemic is serious and requires cooperation between all of us.

Furthermore, Corsia Logistics is closely tracking the COVID-19 situation as it unwinds. We are putting all efforts to alleviate logistical difficulties the epidemic presents.

Helping students, retirees and families with children who are moving due to the virus

All students, retirees, and families with children, who will be moving due to the spread of Coronavirus, will receive a discount for our auto transport services.

We understand that moving in such a situation can be even more stressful. If you need to have a car with you, but do not want to drive it across the country, we can help you ship it to your desired location. If you fall into one of the groups mentioned above, you are eligible for a discount. Our goal is to help more people remove as much stress as possible from their unexpected relocations.


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