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Advantages of vehicle relocation services

Advantages of vehicle relocation services

As one of the most expensive things people own, vehicles usually get treated with a lot of care. Most auto-related decisions are well thought-over. That is why it is perfectly normal to feel uncertain when it comes to using a car-related service. After all, you want to leave your car in good hands.  And what is the best way to counter uncertainty? Information!

In this post, we are going to look over one of the most popular ways to relocate a vehicle – car shipping services. We will list out its advantages in a clear manner, so you can decide whether it fits your needs!

A quick introduction to vehicle relocation services

Understanding vehicle relocation services is key to making the right decision. Fortunately, most people have some general idea about car shipping, even if they don’t realize it.

You have probably noticed an auto transport carrier at some point. Those are usually the open double-decker trucks that carry several cars. They are quite the common sight on the interstate and make up the majority of car carriers in the country.

While car shipping services can vary, all come down to shipping your car on one such carrier. If you want to learn more about your carrier options, you can explore our open vs enclosed auto transport guide. Let’s see now what makes car shipping such a popular service!

Auto transport saves you time

One of the major reasons for the convenience of auto transport is its time-saving quality.  Driving a car across the state, or maybe even across the country, can eat up quite the chunk off your calendar. To save yourself that trouble, you can use car shipping services.

The good thing about auto transport is that your involvement is minimal. Everything you need to do is to prepare your car for shipping, hand it over on the pick-up date and receive it on the drop-off date. That way you will not have to waste days or a week on the road. And to be fair, driving for such a long time is not the best experience. This leads us to the next benefit!

Shipping your car is more convenient when moving

If you are about to have a long-distance move, for instance, from Michigan to Texas, it seems reasonable to drive your way there. Yet many who have tried would tell you that it is a draining experience. It may be fine for a couple-day trip, but afterward, it will become one giant chore.

The worst part is that when you arrive, you will have to deal with the other aspects of your move. How will that feel after days spent on the road? In the end, car shipping offers you a level of convenience that allows you to keep your strength for the actual relocation.

No unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle

The only alternative to auto transport is driving your car to the desired location. Whether you are the one doing it, or you hire a professional, it does not matter. In either case, the car will have to go through a lot of unnecessary stress. Sadly, many people do not consider the wear and tear that will cause.

Let us take, for example, shipping a car from Maine to Florida. If you decide to drive instead, you are looking at more than 1,500 miles on the engine in a single trip. This may not sound like it would strain the motor that much, but it still wears it out. Actually, when we factor that in, it leads us exactly to the next shipping advantage!

Vehicle relocation services often come out cheaper

People like to take things at face value. Because of that, when they do a quick comparison, car shipping may not seem the cheaper choice. After all, if you drive the car yourself, you will only have to pay for gas, right? Sadly, no!

On the one hand, you pay with your time, which we have already mentioned. Depending on the distance you may also have to factor in motel costs, eating on the road, and so on. On the other hand, you are using up the car in a drastic way. It may not become immediately apparent, but that will end up costing you.

You have fewer things to worry about

Finally, when it comes to peace of mind, auto transport always comes on top. You do not have to worry about damaging the car, figuring out routes, or anything else related to driving. Not to mention that you will avoid any breakdowns on the road altogether.

It is also the perfect solution if you (or your family) have a couple of cars that need transporting. You can just ship them together without a problem. There will be no need to devise a way to drive them all or anything like that. All in all, car shipping services just make the process a whole lot simpler!

Is car shipping right for you?

Now that you know some auto transport benefits, you can decide whether it is the right choice for you. If you are not convinced yet and have more questions, you can always contact us. Our team at Corsia Logistics will tell you everything you want to know about vehicle relocation services, so you can make educated choices.

Alternatively, you can request a free car shipping quote from us right away. By doing this, you will know how much it will cost you to ship your vehicle and decide if it’s worth it. We are always ready to help you out!

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