Signs of a reliable auto transporter

September 12, 2019
Juxhina Malaj
reliable auto transporter
When looking for a reliable auto transporter you’re up against a few challenges, the most difficult of which may be to find the one.

Your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets. Hence, you don’t want to entrust it to just anybody. Some auto shippers are neither reliable nor trustworthy. Some use dishonest practices. Others are unreachable. You want to feel secure that the company you hire is reliable and will transport your car to any destination safely.

Finding a reliable car transporter is not hard. All you need is to know how to choose. So, how do you choose a reliable auto transporter? That is the question we will answer today. Let us take a look at some essential signs of a reliable car shipper!

Free, no-obligation quotes

Reliable car shipping companies will always be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation quote without any hidden costs. They know you can get estimates from other companies and they are not threatened by that. Quite on the contrary. They suggest you get multiple quotes, so you can compare and choose the company you trust the most with your car. This is how we work and what we suggest!

Realistic current market price

A reliable car shipping company gives you a quote that is neither too high nor too low. You will receive a fair price that reflects the current supply and demand situation. Additionally, there should not be any extra fees and costs they could make you pay later. The quote you get should be an all-inclusive final price. This is how it is when you book with Corsia.

No up-selling

A reliable shipping company won’t even try to push any specific upgrade unless they really think it is necessary for your vehicle. The logistics experts will lay out all your options clearly and simply. They will tell you how much each option will cost you, and why some options cost more than others. In the end, they will let you pick the services you prefer. As you may know, the majority of operable cars and trucks can be safely shipped in open car carriers nationwide. If you need to upgrade to enclosed transport to better protect your vehicle against weather elements and road debris, you can do that. The option to choose an expedited service should also be your decision, without any unnecessary push from the logistics agent.

No pressure

When you need to ship your vehicle from one place to another, make sure you start your research several weeks in advance. The whole process, from the initial research to delivery can take about a month. That is why it is advisable to plan as early as you can. A reliable and trustworthy company knows how important it is for you to able to be trust your auto transporter. And finding such a car shipper may take time. That is why a good company will not try to push you to book immediately. They will let you take as much time as you need, and ask as many questions as you need. It is important that you understand how shipping a car works.

Prompt responses

Trying to contact an auto transport company and waiting forever for them to respond is tiresome. You know you deserve better! If the company you are trying to reach is not responding, it is time to move on. If the car shipper is unreachable from the beginning, that is a clear sign you will have problems reaching out to them in the future.

You should look for a company that responds promptly. Reliable auto transport companies are responsive. You won’t have any trouble finding their contact information on their official website as well as social media channels. They are ready to talk to you and help you as much as they can, which brings us to our next point.

Friendly customer service

A reliable shipping company lets you talk to real people who are friendly and helpful. You can always contact them via live chat support or email. But talking on the phone to a representative is going to give you a real feeling of their customer service. You will notice right away how friendly, knowledgeable they are.

Have questions? Pick up the phone and start calling the top 2-3 picks on your list. It will make your choice much easier.

Good customer reviews

When you search for a shipping company and find only bad customer reviews or no reviews at all, it is a red flag. A reliable and experienced shipping company will have plenty of great customer reviews. It cherishes its reputation and the quality of service.

You don’t want to hire an auto transporter that will just get the job done. You need to find one that gets the job done well and goes the extra mile for their customers.

Up-to-date registration and verifiable insurance

A reliable shipping company should have all the necessary registration and insurance up-to-date. Shippers without current registration cannot operate in the US. To make sure they have one, check their registration via the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can also lookup their seven-digit USDOT number on their website.

Can you think of any other signs of a reliable auto transporter? Please, let us know in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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