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What it’s like to own a race car

What it’s like to own a race car

It’s a fact, Americans are addicted to fast cars and speed racing.

We enjoy racing because of our subconscious desire to cross boundaries and set records. We see speeding as our basic right, regardless of the existing speed limits. Race car drivers become our heroes. Automakers build fast and powerful beasts that make our hearts race in unison with the engine. And yet, for most of us owning a race car is just another pipe dream. Or is it?

What is it really like to be a race car owner? Who gets the chance to negotiate the curves of a racetrack in a powerful beast? Let’s dive into the world of race cars. Buckle up!

The passion for motorsport: What makes racing attractive?

For those who choose it, racing becomes a way of life. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves, push their boundaries, reach their goals, and experience a level of satisfaction that only a few ever will.

From pure adrenaline rush to being in perfect sync with your masculinity to self-realization. Everyone who owns a race car probably has experienced all of these.

To make a car go fast and be able to control it has been considered a sign of masculinity by some. Others see racing as a way to better their mental capabilities. The moment they step inside a race car they reach a new level of consciousness. One that opens their senses and sharpens their awareness. As CNN journalist Brian Donovan said, “Motor racing can put a driver into a mental zone where adrenalin combined with deep concentration brings about a profound altered state”.

When you race, you are behind the wheel of a machine built to test the very limits of physics. But the real art of the sport is in preparation. All the work necessary to get a car and driver ready to move at speeds of up to 200 mph for several hours is what makes every little success so sweet.

What does it take to own a race car?

Motorsport is an expensive activity. There is the car itself and then all the equipment. And for anyone trying to join the ranks of professional race car drivers, funding becomes another challenge. An old joke says, “How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a large one.”

It’s all about how much you truly want it. If this is your passion, money is only the tool, and sooner or later you will find it.

In general, high-performance cars are not for everyone. Racecar owners develop a special bond with their vehicle. Often they even design and build them themselves. It may take months, even years, but the satisfaction from a completed project is unmatched.

There are classics fans who enjoy the hunt of finding an old race car, too. They would start working on it and patiently bring it back to life. If you are a fan of racing history, don’t miss the post about BMW RS700 – the ultimate racing legend.

Taking care of new race cars can turn out to be quite challenging, too. Automakers often equip these cars with new technology that is not available in “regular” models. It makes the maintenance a bit of a challenge as you have to be very careful how you test and use this technology.

Types of races

To the majority of people, race cars are all the same. Those super fast vehicles that run in circles and you barely see on the track. Well, a true race fan would know the difference. There is a variety of speed competitions with different types of race cars. Let’s take a look at the top three races in the US.


NASCAR is the most iconic American race sport. It competes with the NFL in terms of viewership rates. There are three national divisions of NASCAR races.

The most popular is the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup. It is also the highest level of professional competition. Besides the actual speed competition, the events also feature at-track entertainment for fans, including attractions such as freestyle motocross exhibitions, the Ball of Steel, and the Monster Girls.

The Xfinity Series is the second-highest level of professional competition. Its season is usually a few races shorter than that of the Monster Energy, and the prize money is significantly lower. The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is the third of the national divisions that features modified pickup trucks.

All NASCAR vehicles are front-engine rear-wheel-drive stock cars. The steel on top is always artfully decorated, while the material underneath remains somewhat old-school with a tubular spaceframe chassis and roll cage. This is why the race is very appealing to adults from Generation X. Somehow, Millennials are not that much into NASCAR anymore, which leads to new viewership challenges for the race.

If you are not a Nascar fan, you are probably a Formula 1 junkie.

Formula 1

Formula One is very different from NASCAR. It is by far the most expensive form of auto racing in the world. Teams have annual budgets of over several hundred million dollars. Some would consider F1 to be the most prestigious race, too.

F1 always takes place in some exotic locations like Monaco, Bahrain, or Singapore to name a few. The F1 cars are single-seat open-wheel racers constructed almost completely from carbon fiber. Some of the auto brands you can spot on F1 include Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes-AMG.

Unlike NASCAR, which races predominantly on ovals tracks, the F1 calendar strictly consists of purpose-built road courses or temporary street circuits.


This is the fastest race in the USA. The cars are the same as in Formula 1, but they don’t have to be redesigned and rebuilt every year. This is why the budgets are also quite lower. The race includes racetracks of different types – high-speed ovals, temporary street circuits, and road courses. When driving on ovals, the speed can exceed 230 mph.

Shipping your car to the next race

Shipping a race car Porsche 911

Similarly to the people who drive the NASCAR haulers, many of the transporters remain unnoticed. However, we’d like to look at the shipping process as part of the whole race.

Race car transport is a vital part of racing. The people you hire to transport your race car are also part of your team.

Think about it, if you don’t have the right people on your team, your race is doomed. The structural integrity of your race car is very important, so it’s crucial you find a carrier that would guarantee maximum security for your vehicle. We recommend enclosed auto transport due to the lower risks of damage. Enclosed trailers are fully covered, similar to a cargo trailer, and completely shield the vehicle.

Most enclosed trailers have hydraulic ramps to hold vehicles horizontally while loading. Such ramps also enable easy loading of low ground clearance vehicles.

Preparation for transport is also a crucial step in the process. Before the shipping date, make sure you have removed all personal belongings from the car. Disable all alarms or make sure you have given instructions to the car transport company on how to disconnect the alarm in case it goes off.

Don’t forget to verify the car shipping insurance. Ask the auto transport company about the extent of their coverage and request a copy of the insurance certificate. At delivery, always check the car carefully. You don’t want to deal with any unreported damages right before the race.

Which of these races do you watch? Do you know someone who competes in them? Someone who takes part in amateur races? Share your stories with us. If you need to transport your race car, contact our logistics experts and request a shipping quote. We are more than happy to share the adrenaline with you!

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