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Race Car Transport – shipping a specialized race automobile requires experience and expertise.
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Race Car Shipping - how much does it cost?

Several factors affect the cost to ship a car – distance, vehicle make and model, running or not, transport type and certainly supply/demand. Supply and demand fluctuations are a major factor that ultimately control the final price.

Sports cars are often transported in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed vehicle shipping is more expensive due to three main reasons – protection, insurance and availability.

The cost of shipping a sports car will vary anywhere from $500 to more than $2000. Expect even more if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally.

When you hire an enclosed carrier, expect the rates to be $300 to $500 more expensive than booking a standard open truck.

Race car owners understand that shipping is part of their racing lifestyle. Review answers to major questions here and call our team to discuss your shipping needs and budget.

Race car shipping services

The services divide into two categories – choosing based on the type of carrier and then on the time frame. Both open and enclosed trailers work for any race automobile. Before deciding what is best, review the advantages of either service. Shipping time is always an estimate and thus a more delicate matter to be discussed.

Corsia customers have to choose between the type of carrier, and the time-frame of delivery.

Open auto transport is the standard solution. It is faster and cheaper. Open carriers are readily available and this makes them efficient and preferred by private customers and businesses alike.

Enclosed auto transport is a preferred solution for sports and high-end automobiles. It offers complete protection from weather and road elements. However, it could take a bit longer to book and schedule. It is more expensive as well.

Both open and enclosed trailers work for any sports car.

When it comes to the time frame of delivery, you need to keep in mind that standard means no dates are guaranteed. Whether you book open or enclosed, dates are always estimated because in logistics many variables affect schedules and deliveries.

Expedited service is always an option. It is a solution that could guarantee pick-up or delivery dates, but it costs a premium.

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open car carrier

Open auto transport carrier is the standard and the most economical type of auto transport. It works for any vehicle make and model. Depending on your specific needs we can offer:

 – Double level multi-car trailer
 – Single-level multi-car carrier
 – Single-vehicle hot-shot

Why choose Enclosed car carrier?

When shipping a high-value automobile, protecting it from the elements is crucial. Our team specializes in enclosed auto transport. We have access to a wide network of carriers that collect and deliver vehicles nationwide on a daily basis.

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How does race car shipping work?

Corsia Logistics transports sports and race cars nationally and internationally, daily. Our team of logistics coordinators is knowledgeable and will recommend the best solution possible.

This is the car shipping process in five steps:

When shipping a race car, it is important to verify the company’s insurance and license for your peace of mind. You can always request that from our logistics agent or just check with the FMCSA website.

You can book your service online or call our team now. First, you decide on the type of transport, and the time frame for shipping. After that comes the vehicle pick-up time and the vehicle delivery moment. An important part you need to pay attention to is the vehicle condition report, or also called Bill of Lading. This is a document our carriers complete at pickup and at delivery. At delivery this report will be used to help determine that the vehicle is received in the same condition it was picked-up.

Book your race car shipping service now online, or call our team for a quick consultation. You can book by phone with one of our logistics experts easily. Ask us about our partners and referral program. We work and support race teams in shipping their automobiles daily.

How to Choose an Auto Transport Company?


Corsia Logistics offers Race Car Auto Transport nationwide. Request a quote online or call our team of experts now. We will discuss your needs, options, and budget.


Verifying the legitimacy of the company is the most important part before booking. You can verify that on USDOT. You should also call to discuss requirements, and terms and conditions.


Consulting with a few companies will give you the idea of what is out there. Talking to representatives and reading customer reviews will help you understand company values and expertise.