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Disadvantages of Owning a High-Performance Car

Disadvantages of Owning a High-Performance Car

Speed gets the blood in our hearts pumping and delivers often times much needed adrenaline rush. I have yet to meet a car enthusiast who doesn’t dream of driving a high-performance beast. Owning one, however, is a different story.

Burning through fuel like it’s nobody’s business isn’t even the main downside of these cars. There are far greater challenges people don’t truly consider. So today I’m focusing on the cons that come with such vehicles. They may not be the dream-come-true cars you have in the back of your mind.

Which Cars Are Considered High-Performance?

Although you may think a brand new Honda looks super sporty, it may not be a high-performance vehicle. And that modded Corolla your friend owns is not necessarily one either.

When we talk about such cars, we mean models that are specifically designed for speed. So they are not only built to accelerate quickly but to maintain high speeds as well. They are naturally wider and usually have a shifted center of mass, among other differences.

Also, this is a pretty broad category, so super-cars, muscles, racers, some coupès and even sporty sedans can all fall into it. Some vanilla vehicles have their high-performance alternatives, too.

Three Types of Problems

When considering buying a high-performance car, there are several things to keep in mind. But not all problems come from the same place. That’s why I have decided to split them into three categories – prejudice, costs, and quality of life.


Prejudice is perhaps the problem for which the least amount of people care. After all, it’s perfectly natural if folks are envious, right? Well, not always.

One type of prejudice you are definitely going to face is that police officers will look at you differently. It’s hard to empathize with someone, who has enough money to buy a beast such as yours. Five miles over the speed limit? Enjoy the ticket.

People will also look at you differently. And sometimes this doesn’t mean you have a high status. There are many bad drivers riding around in fancy vehicles. Their bad reputation usually rubs off on anyone who decides to go for a car that actually excites him.

But if you abide by the law and don’t care about people’s opinions, these points may not really concern you. So read on!


For most people, this is the reason they don’t want to go for such a car. And it makes sense. Money is not something to take lightly.

However, when you think of the costs, you usually associate them with high initial payments and unbearable fuel consumption. But there’s more to consider than that.

Maintenance can end up costing you just as much as you’ve paid for the car (if not more) in the long term. If you truly want to enjoy the experience of a high-performance vehicle, you’ll have to keep it in proper condition. And since you’ll be forcing it quite often, be prepared for frequent trips to your mechanic.

Sadly, we are not done with costs yet. Have you ever considered insurance? Its cost can be a challenge of its own. And it doesn’t depend solely on the vehicle’s price. There is no easy calculation to determine how much you’ll have to shell out. But I can give you a hint: a lot.

Quality of Life

For me, this is the most interesting part. People just don’t consider what they are giving up when they go for high-performance cars.

These vehicles are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. You hit the gas and enjoy a thrill like no other. But honestly, that’s all they are good for. Day-to-day driving can actually be a nightmare.

Parking Will Drive You Nuts

Let’s start with the fact that most vehicles of such a stature are built to be wider. This allows them to retain stability at high speeds. Otherwise, every turn would be a deathtrap.

However, this width means that if you want to park them in a tight spot, you may be out of luck. People don’t usually leave a “car-and-a-half” distance between vehicles so that you can comfortably plug in.

But Shifting Will Drive You Nuts-er

While parking is bad, it’s not the main attraction when you purchase a vehicle. After all, a car is made to be driven, not parked. Sadly though, high-performance vehicles are a capricious breed.

For starters, many (if not most) of them have a manual transmission. This may present a challenge for a lot of folks in and of itself. But don’t worry, here’s a nice guide on how to drive manual, if that’s what stopping you. But that’s not even the real issue.

A stick shift in a sports car means one thing – an extremely stiff clutch. This is a mechanical requirement, which ensures transmission longevity when shifting at high RPMs. Yet, the constant gear switching in heavy traffic will tire you in no time. Muscle cramps are a possibility as well. Are you in for such a thing?

It’s Not A Swiss Army Knife

Imagine you want to go on a road trip with a couple of friends. Well, you can’t. Storage is limited, so even a few carrying bags may not be able to fit properly.

Bumpy roads can also be a nightmare. If you divert from the main road to something that remotely resembles off-road, you are done. If you can pull back and not get stuck, you should consider yourself lucky.

And finally, if you regularly see snow during the cold months, you will only be able to enjoy a high-performance car in the garage. Sure, some more expensive models can handle slippery roads and snow, but most can’t.

high-performance car

Let’s be honest for a minute. Some of these cons are petty remarks. I doubt a person driving such a car would even think about them. But we need to feel better about ourselves. That’s why you can simply say “I don’t own a Ferrari because parking is a nightmare.” See, money isn’t the issue now.

If you really have the buck and desire to get such a car, go ahead. Pleasure and adrenaline are hard to beat. But for those of us who have to be more reasonable with our resources, it’s probably a pass.

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