Porsche 911: The greatest sports car ever

May 2, 2019
Ina Gjika
Only a few models in history have managed to gain a truly iconic status. And as far as sports cars go, Porsche 911 has left a clear mark!

The first 911 model was released in 1963, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Ever since it has held a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Even though it has gone through several modifications through the years, the marque has always been successful in leaving the model’s core concept intact. In spite of all the innovations, the identity and philosophy of Porsche remained the same.

The 911’s worldwide popularity is an undeniable fact. In 2015, the American magazine for car enthusiasts ‘Car and Drive’, named the 911 model as ‘one of the best sports cars available’. Even a critical car expert such as Top Gear rated it with a 9 out of 10. Do you wonder why?

What makes Porsche 911 so special?

Ferdinand Porsche once said, “The 911 is the only car you could drive on an African safari or at Le Mans, to the theater or through New York City traffic.”

Somehow the brand remained faithful to this vision. We can even say the model has become the soul of the company. This remarkable, drive-everywhere car shines equally bright speeding through exotic destinations and gliding in everyday traffic. After all, why buy a sports car if you cannot drive it anywhere your heart desires?

Today, many high-performance cars turn into garage queens, while their owners drive boring vehicles as their daily rides. Well, the good news is that your everyday drives can be made way more exciting with this vehicle.

Today, Porsche 911 continues strike a balance between luxury and sport. It is classy, yet modern; sporty, yet practical; fast, yet reliable.

How powerful is Porsche 911?

This vehicle has always been a staple sports car. It now has the signature rear-mounted flat-six engine. The magician-technicians at the Stuttgart factory kept increasing its power, without compromising the identity of the car. As the engine is one of the core elements responsible for the performance of Porsche 911, let’s take a look at its evolution.

In 1964, the engine was a 2.0-liter, air-cooled SOHC flat-six with a modest, yet comparatively high horsepower of 148. By 1969, the horsepower rose to 190. In addition, all the engines switched to magnesium blocks instead of the aluminum ones.

Due to increasing emission standards in the US, the company had to find technical solutions, which would lower compression without compromising the horsepower. That was the time when the flat-six displacement increased to 2.4 liters. Later in 1973, the Carrera model was introduced and the engine became 2.7-liter flat-six.

Until 1986, the major engine changes included the addition of the turbo and a 3.2 liter’s output to 217 horsepower. After that, they modified 911’s body, giving birth to the C4 version of the model. By the end of this vehicle generation, the 3.6 liters-six flat had already made the Carrera quite expensive, exceeding the $100,000 mark.

The year 2012 marked another engine milestone, as it reached 500 horsepower. But raw performance does not translate to a nice drive. What can we say about that?

Is the Porsche 911 really as wonderful to drive as people make it out to be?

Driving a sports car is about speed, but at the end of the day, we want to have fun and return home safe. Indeed, reliability, balance, and safety are key ingredients to the magic of the Porsche 911.

People have loved how the 911 drives right from the get-go. But it continues to improve with time and new technology. The newest generation offers plenty in terms of driving experience. Raw power gets you to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. However, that does not come at the cost of good steering.

They have taken some feedback into account to make the handling smoother and more accurate especially in sharp turns. You will not even feel any car cracking or shaking, due to a wonderful suspension system that balances it out.

Of course, a lot of tech goes into the car with everything you would expect from a high-class model. Honestly, Porsche engineers know their stuff. On that note, at Porsche’s sister company, Audi, they have also come up with reasons to praise German egineering. You can check that out here: Audi R8 – The low-key supercar!

What is it like to own a Porsche as a daily driver?

A Porsche 911, be it Carrera, GTS, or Turbo is easily recognized anywhere. Despite the upgrades in the engine and in its interior, the automaker has preserved the major exterior features of the Porsche 911.

Somehow Porsche succeeds in carrying out its iconic design with every new generation. To this day it is still characterized by a blend of exquisite design, class, and modernity. When new Porsche 911 models are designed, the future and the past are craftily weaved into each detail. So, when driving it, you are basically enjoying a piece of history.

The body design is sporty, a tad aggressive, with convex and concave lines. Nevertheless, it simultaneously manages to somehow stay friendly. The interior is elegant, with premium quality materials, yet it is also practical, with lots of storage space. Definitely, this car is all about proportionality and balance. Ultimately, it is a joy to own and experience on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you pick a classic 911 or you choose some of the newer versions, you will definitely enjoy a uniquely comfortable ride.

Where is Porsche 911 today?

Currently, the car marque offers different 911 models. They belong to different categories: from the basic Carrera to Carrera S, Turbo, GT3, GT2 RS, among others. Their engines range from a 3-liter H-6 to 4-liter H-6. The horsepower also ranges from 370 to 580 depending on either the base engine or the 4.0 cranks.

As for its design, the current Porsche 911 offers a fresh take on a classic aesthetic. Sizewise, the front is now wider, with longer, forward-extended hood. The new headlights have a more rounded shape, while the side mirrors have been restyled and enlarged for optimized visibility. For better aerodynamics, the door handles now sit flush with the body.

In terms of structure, the 911 now has more aluminum allowing for better weight distribution. Rear-wheel steering has been added to Carrera and Carrera S versions for improved high-speed stability too. All in all, Porsche continue to improve their lineup!

What are some interesting facts about Porsche 911?

What would this article be without some fun trivia about this iconic model? Here are a couple of facts you may have missed throughout the years:

Did you know the original label was 901? However, after a copyright claim from Peugeot, the automaker could not use three-digit numbers with a zero in the middle. Unfortunately, at that time, all the marketing materials for Porsche 901 were already made. Therefore, changing into 911 seemed like the most practical option. Guess which brand now has more iconic models…

As one of the best sports cars, Porsche 911 has won the hearts of many celebrities. The car has been a long time favorite of collectors like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. Other famous personalities you can spot behind the wheel of 911 are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Perry, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, and Ellen DeGeneres.

What makes Porsche 911 such a cool car?

If you had to pick one thing to define this car, what would it be? What amazes me the most is how they can keep refreshing the looks, while somehow maintaining the classic design language. I don’t know any other marque that does this.

Plus, another cool fact is that this car does not feel either masculine or feminine. There are no stereotypes attached to it. It can be enjoyed by rich businesspeople or a classic collector. It fits well with an IT genius or a top-tier football player. Again, this only underlines what it really means to have a “cool” design.

You know, not all sports cars are created equal. But if you want to see the cream of the crop in terms of raw power, do not miss this: The top 10 fastest cars in the world!

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