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Audi R8 – The low-key supercar

Audi R8 – The low-key supercar

Imagine driving an exotic car to run your daily errands and then taking the same ride to attend dinner at an elegant restaurant. Can you have both the casual daily feel and the elegant, shiny touch at night in a single car, at a good price? Maybe!

Every enthusiast dreams of such a vehicle, but usually most such ideas carry too heavy a price tag. We have good news though! You do not have to look for a Ferrari or Lamborghini to make this dream come true. Meet Audi R8, your low-key, yet fast and handsome supercar that will cost you half the price of similar vehicles!

What is it like to own an Audi R8?

From its inception, Audi R8 has been designed to be more than just a 2-seater sports car. When the German car manufacturer introduced it in 2006, its design and performance immediately placed Audi R8 in the exotic car range.

During the past years, different iterations of this model have been produced, enhancing its engine and perfecting its aesthetics. Owning the latest R8 would make you feel nothing short of a million dollars. Except that it would cost you only around $169,000.

How do they achieve it though? It all comes down to how they designed the car. Its special coupe design gives you that sports feel, yet looks remarkably classy at the same time. The 2020 Audi R8 model has sharp exterior that complements well the power of its engine. The R8 V10 beast gives you 602 hp and can accelerate to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

The sports car feel amplifies once you enter the vehicle. With a multifunction wheel, a sports-like driver seat, and the technology offered by the Audi platform you can feel on top of the world! Quite the impressive qualities offered at a reasonable price.

Is it expensive to maintain an Audi R8?

Every car owner and enthusiast knows that the expenses do not end with the car purchase. Maintenance costs should not be underestimated, especially if the car is of a specific model and requires a certified expert to service it.

This applies doubly so to any sports car. In that regard, Audi R8 makes no exception, though the costs may not actually be as high. It requires some routine services such as lubricating the locks, the hood latch, changing the oil, etc. How often? About every 10-20 thousand miles. Considering these and any ad hoc minor services, the overall maintenance cost for this car reaches about $3,000 per year.

If you buy a new car, then most of the routine services will be covered by the Audi Advantage Program for the first year of 5,000 miles of the vehicle’s life. However, with a used car, it is very important that you conduct a detailed check beforehand, in order to see if there are any underlying problems, which impact its performance.

Audi R8

Should I buy an Audi R8?

If you are looking for a daily driver with a supercar twist, then this is your car. The best way to decide is to take it for a test drive and get the whole R8 experience. With that said, there are plenty of things to make you want it!

For instance, the four-wheel-drive Audi R8 classifies under the highly safe supercars. Remember that safety is a hallmark of the German auto industry. Additionally, its strong body shell, electronic stability control, and other additional tracing controls make the Audi R8 a reliable exotic car. But that should be expected at this price point!

Ultimately, this decision that depends on several factors such as your affinity for mid-engine supercars, preference for a specific exterior or interior design, or your budget, among others. If you do not like easy-to-drive cars, then the Audi R8 might seem boring to you.

With all that said, having a sports car may not be what you expect. To learn more, read this: The disadvantages of owning a high performance car!

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