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July 24, 2019
Ina Gjika
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Have you been looking for a new place to work and live in the US? While the choice may not be so easy, if you are a nature lover and, at the same time, enjoy city life, moving to Denver most probably has crossed your mind. As you are still processing this idea, let us give you some key-to-know information to help you finalize your decision. But first things first.

Welcome to Denver, The Mile High City with more than 300 days of sun!

A snapshot of Denver

Denver was founded in 1858 and named after James Denver, the Governor of Kansas at that time. It is located exactly one mile above the sea level, which explains its nickname – The Mile High City. Denver’s location is hardly explained without mentioning the Rocky Mountains. However, do not get misled! Denver is only near the mountains. Actually, the city itself is quite flat, offering great views of the surrounding mountains.

There are around 10 months of sunny days during the year. The average temperature in July is 74.2 °F (23.4 °C), whereas, in December, it goes down to 29.9 °F (−1.2 °C). Nevertheless, do not forget one important climate rule in Denver: weather unpredictability! Do not be surprised if the temperature drastically changes within daily hours. Regularly checking your weather mobile application can be a good idea.

The job market in Denver

U.S News has ranked Denver as the second-best place to live in the US, based on an analysis of 125 metro areas in the country. The quality of life, job opportunities, migration figures, and the overall peoples willingness to move there, were among the criteria.

When last measured in 2017, Denver had a per capita GDP of $64,379 offering an average annual salary of $57,400. During recent years, several corporations chose to originate or relocate in Denver, decreasing the unemployment rate to only 3%. This indicator is very good, considering the constantly growing metropolitan population, which currently reaches 2,9 million.

Among the largest employers are the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company, the Gates Corporation, Russell Stover Candies, Comcast Corporation, and Ball Corporation. The major industries include food, telecommunications, health, and transport.

Cost of living

Due to economic growth, the cost of living in Denver has also increased throughout the years. The real estate value is higher, with a median of $393,842. It logically drives up the rent prices to an average of $1,203. This means that your rent will most probably go above this value.

However, considering the average salary, the rent can be considered affordable. Also, keep in mind that the housing prices are going up, so if you have the funds, it may be a good idea to invest in real estate in Denver.

Living in a fast-pace developing city comes with certain costs, but the good news is that most probably you will find a job to afford them. The food prices are not so high, especially comparing to other US states such as NYC. And, you will not need to invest so much in expensive formal clothes, because the style of the city is quite casual.


Due to its fast economic development, Denver is becoming ever more vibrant with a wider range of attractions to offer. Natural parks and sightseeing spots, botanic gardens, local breweries, numerous museums, historical sites and a diversity of bars and dining places are among the options.

For a tourist, maybe there is not enough time to fully enjoy all that Denver has to offer. But as a resident, you have the chance to delve into its beautiful nature, its breweries, the yummy food, and its numerous diverse neighborhoods.

And did I mention shopping at all? In addition to the city malls, check out the Cherry Creek neighborhood downtown. It has a series of stores from smaller boutiques to the most popular brands.

Driving and parking in Denver

Despite the continuous effort to encourage the usage of bicycles and public transportation, a car  is the major means of transportation in Denver. According to the U.S News and World Report, 84% of the commutes in Denver consist of car driving.

This means that parking in Denver becomes a bit challenging, due to the increase in the number of vehicles in the city. In addition to the private parking spots, there are currently seven public parking lots in the downtown area, which are opened 24 hours, every day of the week.

The hourly parking rates range between $3 – $12 depending on the day and time. If you will work downtown, you can negotiate a more economic monthly fare. The seven spots are as below:

  • Acme Lot – 1430 14th Street
  • Auraria Lot – 1310 Larimer Street
  • Bannock Lot – 1345 North Bannock Street
  • Chestnut Lot – 2004 Chestnut Place
  • Firehouse Lot – 1322 Blake Street
  • North Elati Lot – 1395 N. Elati Street
  • South Elati Lot – 1309 North Elati Street

Bringing your car to Denver

Before moving your car to Colorado, you need to check a couple of things first:

  • Register your vehicle under the Colorado title through this form.
  • Check your car with respect to the emission requirements. If it does not comply, then you will not be able to bring your car to Denver. Thus, you might want to sell it.
  • Get proof of insurance
  • Pay the title and registration fees
  • For further information check the official Colorado state website

Afterward, you need to think about how to move your car to Denver.

corsia car shipping

Drive your car to Denver

This option is viable if the distance you need to traverse doesn’t exceed 300 miles. For most people this is enough of driving for one day. Depending from which state you are moving, you can expect to drive from one day to one week maybe. It may sounds exciting, but driving across the country is not for everybody, unless you are really prepared for road tripping.

Ship your car to Denver

If moving takes you more than 300 miles away then the best solution would be to ship your car. Maybe you are coming from further away, such as from Florida or New York, then you might consider hiring an auto-shipping company to take care of your car.

Corsia’s team has more than a decade of auto transport experience backed by 5-star reviews. No matter the vehicle, our professional staff will offer customized, no-obligation quote and the best advice on shipping your car to Denver. Call us now or request a quick quote online.

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