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Moving from New York to Tennessee

Moving from New York to Tennessee

Moving from New York to Tennessee may seem like an intergalactic transfer for some people. These two states are vastly different – the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple and the rather sleepy, agricultural Volunteer State can hardly compare. However, there might be a good reason to leave New York behind and move inland to Tennessee.

Moving from New York to Tennessee is good

Moving from New York to Tennessee is a not a long trip; it is of about 883 miles. You have to spend about 14 hours behind the wheel, or just under 3 days of driving depending on what is your starting point in New York. En route you could pass by:

  1. Reading (Pennsylvania)
  2. Harrisburg
  3. Skyline Dr
  4. Lexington (Virginia)
  5. Johnson City (Tennessee)
  6. Gatlinburg
  7. Crossville

These cities are rich in sights to see. Pay a visit to:

  1. Atlantic City
  2. Pigeon Forge
  3. Chattanooga
  4. Six Flags Great Adventure
  5. Sesame Place

Shipping a car from New York to Tennessee

Many people ship their cars between the two states because it is usually easier than driving. In many cases it is also cheaper than driving. Shipping a car from New York to Tennessee takes about 3 to 5 days. Several variables control the cost of shipping a car from New York to Tennessee. The vehicle makes and models, together with the distance set the base price for shipping. Shipping a non-running car drives the price up due to additional equipment. Remote areas of the country also cost more. However, supply and demand decide the final price.

How to register a car in Tennessee

After establishing a home address in your new home state, you must obtain ownership and registration of your vehicle in Tennessee. You will be required to surrender your out-of-state title to our office.

If your vehicle is placed on a lien, please bring a copy of your title or your most recent registration and the correct name and mailing address of the lien holder. You must be the owner of the vehicle or present an authorization form completed by the vehicle owner.

Designation and registration fees are as follows:

  1. Private Passenger License Plate (Subway Sticker) and Title – $98.00
  2. Motorcycle License Plate (Subway Decal) and Title – $91.00

All title transactions require a government-issued ID. If you have a TN driver’s license or ID, no additional ID is required. If you do not have this form of identification, you must present your driver’s license or government-issued ID and two documents proving your home address in Davidson County.

New York

New Yorkers claim that New York City is the most famous city in the world. Of course, they are right – the Big Apple is the gold standard when it comes to economics, business opportunities, entertainment, and more! It attracts people from all over the world, so why would anyone leave New York and move to Tennessee? But well, now in 2022 the wheel is turning and states are changing in many aspects.


With a GDP of $1.7 trillion and a GDP per capita of nearly $100,000, the Big Apple is quite difficult for any state or country to compete. These economic factors indicate extraordinary profitability. It is made up of multiple sectors, but leading industries include manufacturing, information technology, real estate, retail, and finance.

The city’s largest employer easily has hundreds of thousands of employees. The biggest are JPMorgan, Citi, ABM Industries, Pfizer, and Carl Icahn. Other notable companies include 54 Fortune 500 companies. The list is topped by BNY Mellon, Morgan Stanley, The Goldman Sachs Group, and Consolidated Edison, Inc.

Transportation and Infrastructure

New York City also has an extensive network of highways and parkways, connecting the various boroughs of the city with each other through various bridges and tunnels, and with North Jersey, Westchester County, Long Island, and southwestern Connecticut. Because these highways serve millions of suburban residents commuting to Manhattan, it’s not uncommon for drivers to be stuck in traffic for hours during rush hour. New York City’s congestion pricing won’t go into effect until 2022 at the earliest.

Free time

There are so many things to do in your free time in New York! Parks, sports fields, theaters, museums, clubs… It’s called the city that never sleeps.


Every professional sports league has a New York team. They usually move on top of their respective tables and are a favorite for any trophy. The most famous is of course the Mets and Yankees, the Brooklyn Nets and the Knicks, the WNBA’s New York Liberty, the Giants and Jets, the New York Devils, the Islanders, and the Rangers.


Broadway is the musical theatre capital of the world, second only to London’s West End. Often referred to as the “Great White Road”, it is a centuries-old institution – the oldest theatre, the Lyceum, opened as early as 1903. Today there are 41 theaters with more than 500 seats. Seat count is the primary criterion for classifying a theater as “Broadway” rather than a location.

Central Park

Fun fact – Central Park is not the largest urban park in NYC. That honor goes to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx, which covers approximately 2,772 acres.

However, Central Park is the most famous in the area, and for good reason. It’s definitely the most developed and there are so many things to do and sights in the area. It has several lakes, lawns for picnics, narrow paths away from the hustle and bustle, forests, and even some ice rinks and rock climbing. Central Park is also adjacent to some major cultural institutions, such as the National Museum of American History and the Metropolitan Museum.

Disadvantages of living in New York

As amazing as New York can be, many say the Big Apple has its worms. True enough – New York has several major drawbacks.

  1. Do you remember the high GDP per capita? Well, prices are even higher, and we’re talking about housing, food, transportation, and utilities.
  2. Traveling through New York is a nightmare – its traffic is unmatched, the city is crowded, and distances can be enormous.
  3. Crime rates are high and it does not come as a relief but they are rising, especially as of 2020.

Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee

From New York to Tennessee

Bright, shiny, artistic, and friendly—that is Nashville, and it is no wonder so many people move there from New York besides those actors who have turned to music. Nashville has gained a global reputation as a music city of the 19th century. Today, Nashville retains its reputation as a music center but has successfully contributed to a booming economy, which has been accompanied by a population boom.


Can Nashville keep up with the economic giant, and is the move worth the risk? Yes, it’s worth it. Music City’s GDP per capita is $64,654 and is growing every year. This booming economy is led by Fortune 500 companies headquartered in cities such as Community Health Systems, Dollar General, SmileDirectClub, American Hospital Corporation, and Tractor Supply Corporation.

In addition to the music and entertainment industries, healthcare and advanced manufacturing are other important aspects of Nashville’s economy. Nashville also has a long tradition in agriculture.

Nashville’s largest employers are Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tennessee, the U.S. federal government, HCA Healthcare, and Nashville Metropolitan Public Schools.


Nicknamed “Athens of the South,” Nashville College enrolls more than 40,000 students each year. Vanderbilt University is the largest university in the city and is known for its medicine, law, and education programs. Other prominent universities include Belmont University, Lipscomb University, Trevecca Nazarene University, and John A. Gupton College. Nashville is also known for its historically black universities, most notably the private Fisk University.

Fisk University

Fisk University is an important part of Nashville and Tennessee history. The first African-American institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1930 opened in 1866.

Fisk rose to prominence in 1871 when Fisk Jubilee Singers toured the United States and Europe to raise funds for universities. They performed in front of Queen Victoria in 1873. She was so impressed with the performances of “Steal Jesus” and “Go Down, Moses” that when asked where the choir was from, she exclaimed that they must be from Music City, America, where Nashville is known by its nickname!

Jefferson Street

In the 1930s, Jefferson Street near Fisk University quickly became a center of entertainment, music, and nightlife. Auditoriums, supper clubs, dance halls, nightclubs, and more can be found on this popular street where R&B was born in Nashville. In the 1960s, Jimi Hendrix and Billy Cox lived at the Del Morocco Club on Jefferson Street, Nashville, the city where Jimi taught him how to play. In the 1960s, Otis Redding, Little Richard, Etta James (the live Etta James Rocks the House was recorded at the New Era Club in Nashville), and others also played and sang at street clubs. Jefferson Street is known for creating Nashville R&B music.


Nashville is located at the intersection of three interstate highways, I-40 (east-west), I-24 (northwest-southeast), and I-65 (north-south). I-40 connects Memphis in the west with Knoxville in the east, I-24 connects Clarksville in the northwest with Chattanooga in the southeast, and I-65 connects Louisville, Kentucky in the north with Alabama in the south Huntsville. All three of these interstate highways also serve the suburbs, forming short parallel lines in the city and completely wrapping around the city center.

Interstate 440 is a ring road connecting I-40, I-65, and I-24 south of downtown Nashville. Briley Parkway, most of which is a freeway, forms a bypass around the north side of the city and its freeway. Ellington Parkway is a highway formed by part of the United States. Route 31E runs between Downtown East and Briley Parkway and is an alternative route to I-65.

Interstate 840 provides an external southern bypass for the city and its suburbs. U.S. Routes 31, 31E, 31W, 31 Alternate, 41, 41 Alternate, 70, the 70S, and 431 also serve Nashville, intersecting and radiating out of the city center as arterials. Most of these routes are called “Pikes,” and many are named after the nearby towns they lead to. These include Clarksville Hecht, Gallatin Hecht, Lebanon Hecht, Murfreesboro Hecht, Nolensville Hecht and Franklin Hecht.

Free time

As the entertainment capital of the world, Nashville has a lot to offer when it comes to leisure, entertainment, and entertainment.


Music City is missing an NBA team. The only top basketball team is the Memphis Grizzlies. However, iconic local favorites include the Nashville Predators, Nashville Voice, Kangaroos, Tennessee Titans, and Nashville FC.


Music City is home to many important venues, but a few deserve special attention – the Lyman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry.

The Ryman Auditorium was built in 1892 when riverboat captain Tom Ryman completed what was originally known as the United Gospel Tabernacle. When it opened, it was the largest auditorium south of the Ohio River. Nicknamed “Carnegie Hall of the South”, it attracts musicians and fans from all over the world. Over the past decade, Ryman has won Pollstar Magazine’s Theater of the Year Award for Best Live Music Auditorium in the Nation seven times.

Today, The Ryman celebrates its 125th anniversary as one of America’s premier concert venues, with 2,362-seat star artists regularly performing in arenas and even stadiums. A long list of notable Ryman artists includes Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, Paul Simon, The Foo Fighters, Aretha Franklin, Jack White, James Brown, Neil Diamond, and Diana Ross.

Ryman is also open to daily tours, during which visitors can stand on its famous stage, watch a film about the building’s history, see Opry performers in costume, and see Ryman memorabilia.

Grand Ole Opry

The founding of WSM Radio in 1925 and the launch of a show called Grand Ole Opry further cemented Nashville’s reputation as a music hub and established its enduring moniker as Music City. Opry still lives weekly, is the longest-running radio show in the U.S., having been in continuous production for more than 90 years. It ignited the careers of hundreds of country stars and ignited Nashville’s growth as a geographic center for touring and recording. Modern Empire Music Street is a cluster of recording studios, record labels, entertainment venues, and other music-related businesses located in the area near 16th and 17th Avenue South.

Disadvantages of living in Nashville

Nashville, TN has some drawbacks to consider before moving in from New York.

The expanding labor market is extremely competitive. With thousands of people moving to Nashville every year in the past decade, the job market couldn’t bear it. This means that several people are applying for the same position.

  1. As a side effect, higher prices may also arise.
  2. Nashville still lacks adequate public transportation.
  3. This can lead to heavy traffic
  4. The summer is hot.
  5. The crime rate remains above the national average.

Moving from New York to Tennessee: Final thoughts

These two cities are vastly different, and the Big Apple has a clear advantage in 99% of the aspects. But then, why would one leave New York and consider moving all the way to Tennessee?

New York has a bigger GPD per capita compared to Nashville. However, the difference isn’t that vast, and Music City is catching up. The two biggest differences are in terms the housing costs and commute time. It’s way faster (and safer) to commute in the capital of Tennessee. Healthcare costs, groceries, utilities – everything is higher in New York. Besides unemployment rates.

Nashville has a thriving labor market, a great entertainment scene, tasty food, and great weather. If you consider moving out of New York, then Nashville, Tennessee should be on top of your list.

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