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What is the fastest way to ship a car?

What is the fastest way to ship a car?

Generally, the fastest way to ship a car is by booking an open car carrier. But if you are really pressed for time, and willing to pay extra, you can request expedited shipping.

In this quick guide we explain what expedited shipping is, and what makes this mode of transportation the fastest. You will learn the benefits of expedited auto transport and understand why it costs more. In the end, we will also give you a few tips on how to make sure your car gets to its final destination on time.

What is the fastest way to ship a car?

fastest way to ship a car

Expedited or express auto transport is the type of service customers choose when they need to ship their car as fast as possible. With expedited service, you have the opportunity to select deliver by a specified date or on a specified date. And this is a premium service.

Why does expedited service cost more?

Moving several vehicles at the same time is the most efficient option for car carriers. But if you choose expedited shipping, the company you hire will pay extra attention to your specific car. Since the auto transporter will prioritize your car over other vehicles, the service will cost extra as well. But this is not the only reason why this form of transport is more expensive.

Expedited car shipping costs extra because the carrier must alter its route, and schedule, to accommodate your specific time frame.

Other factors that affect the shipping cost

Open vs. enclosed carrier

You will have to choose between shipping your car via open carrier or enclosed auto transport trailer.

If you opt for the enclosed auto transport, your car will be completely protected from weather elements and road debris. And, of course, extra protection comes with a higher price tag. However, this could slow down the process because enclosed trucks are less available. Open auto transport carrier will be easier on your wallet, and usually faster to schedule since about 90 percent of all carriers in the US are open.

Single vs. multi-car carrier

With both open and enclosed carriers, you have an option to ship your car on a single car carrier truck or on a multi-car carrier. If you need to send and receive your vehicle on exact dates, you will have to go with the single or two car carrier.

It will certainly cost more than shipping via multi-car carrier, but depending on your exact circumstances, it may be worth it. And If you don’t mind paying another extra amount of money to protect your car from the weather and road debris, you can pick an enclosed, single or two-car carrier.

Besides the types of carrier, and the specific time-frame, several other factors affect the price of shipping a vehicle.

  • Distance and location
  • Supply and demand
  • Vehicle make, model, and modifications
  • Condition of the car: operable or not

The benefits of expedited car shipping

Such a premium service certainly has its benefits. Topping all is of course convenience of getting your automobile exactly at the day you need it, where you need it.

Guaranteed pick-up date

When you book standard car shipping service, pick-up and delivery times are only estimated. It really depends on all the factors we mentioned above. With expedited shipping, you choose the pick-up date that best fit your schedule, and the shipping company will take care of the rest.

Faster delivery

Depending on various conditions, it may take from 1 to 5 days to  pick-up a vehicle, and then delivery really depends on distance mainly, but other factors as well. With expedited shipping, your car will be picked faster and consequently delivered faster; or delivered on or by an exact date. It is really all based on the dates that work for you.

How to make sure your car arrives on time?

shipping a luxury car the fastest way to ship a car

When it comes to car shipping, whether it is standard or expedited, you have to be flexible with your dates. It is possible that delays occur on the road such as bad weather, road hazards, and traffic. These are out of the trucker’s control.

That is why you have to be understanding and keep in mind that sometimes your car may arrive a bit later than expected due to unforeseen circumstances. That however, is something that an experienced car shipping company will explain and plan for. In auto transport time is always an estimate. And there are a few things you can do to make sure your car arrives on time.

  1. Choose your shipping company wisely and talk to several companies.
  2. Be upfront that you need your car delivered fast, and be ready to pay the price.
  3. Disclose all details about your car, to avoid any surprises at pick-up.
  4. Place your order in advance to reserve your spot on a car carrier on time.

Corsia Logistics agents are ready to assist and answer all questions. We offer expedited car shipping nationwide. request a free car shipping quote online or call our team now. Thank you!

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