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5 Ways to ship your car safely

Based on the vehicle you need to ship, the distance and your personal preferences we offer several types of services to ship a car safely.

5 Ways to ship your car safely

Safety is always our top concern.  For more than a decade now, we have been shipping cars and providing excellent service to thousands of customers. Based on the vehicle you need to ship, the distance and your personal preferences we offer several types of services to ship a car safely.

Open auto transport

Corsia open auto transport
Corsia open auto transport

Open car shipping carrier is suitable for all vehicle makes and models. This is the most popular mode of transportation, and also the most economical. Whether you need to ship your daily commuter vehicle or a luxury automobile, open carriers are always easy and fast to schedule.

The truck driver loads your vehicle onto a single or double-deck trailer and transports your car from the origin to the final destination. Open car transportation is the standard safe and reliable method for shipping vehicles.

The open car shipping is often the fastest way to transport a car. Open carriers make up nearly 90% of the total U.S. fleet and are therefore readily available. For example, scheduling an open car transporter is always faster than booking enclosed.

Enclosed car transport

This is a premium service for cars of higher value. The main reason to choose an enclosed car transport over an open one is more protection. Enclosed car transport fully protects the vehicle from road and weather elements. Cars are not exposed to dust, debris and stormy weather conditions.

This is the type of protection that every high-end car owner prefers. If you are shipping a car with thousands of dollars in paint, closed car shipping is the best solution. Many covered haulers highlight their white-glove service by actually loading and unloading all automobiles while wearing white gloves.

Most enclosed car carriers are equipped with a hydraulic lift gate to keep the vehicle leveled during loading and unloading. Moreover, the driver has experience handling high-end, classic, sports and antique automobiles.

Expedited Car Shipping

Expedited car shipping or express delivery is when a customer needs a car to be delivered as quickly as possible. This could mean an exact date or a specific date. In the auto transportation industry, moving multiple vehicles at once is always the most efficient option, but not always the fastest.

Shipping to and from major cities makes it easier to find a carrier that can pick up your vehicle faster. A metropolitan area means more trucks are available on your particular route. Our logistics experts will work with you to find the most convenient location and carrier for your time frame.

This is also a premium service and it usually costs more. The amount you are willing to pay determines the pickup and delivery time. In order for the truck driver to change the schedule and deviate from his route to pick up and deliver your vehicle first, you have to pay extra.

Door-to-door delivery

VW Beetle cars for teenagers

Delivery for private customer is always door to door, unless otherwise requested. With this service, we provide security for all customers. You do not have to worry about driving long distances to some terminal. Door-to-door delivery is the most convenient way for any customer and any vehicle, especially if it is non-operable car. The carrier will pick up your vehicle at the address you choose and deliver to an address you choose. This means as close to your door as safely and legally possible.

Top Load

top load

Top load service is when you request your vehicle to be loaded on the upper deck of the car carrier. Whether that is open carrier or enclosed, the option to loaded on the top deck is always available, unless all the spots have already been booked. This service also provides an extra safety for your automobile. The upper means you will not have to worry about any possible leaks from other vehicles or debris from the road.

How to choose

Should you have any questions about shipping a car across the country, and choosing the safest mode based on your automobile and preferences, please contact us online. You can request a car shipping quote online or call our team now.

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