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Moving from California to Florida

Moving from California to Florida

At first sight, California and Florida may seem similar: great beaches, warm weather, Disneyland presence, and plenty of cultural activities. Yet, if we zoom in, we notice that they are two unique states, each with its own charm.

Some people will prefer California, and others will choose Florida. It all depends on your lifestyle and personality.

If you are contemplating moving from California to Florida though, there are certain things you should know to make your moving experience as smooth as possible.

West vs. East: California vs. Florida

The weather

Initially, the two states’ proximity to the ocean may create the idea that the climates would be the same. However, California resides along the Pacific Ocean, while Florida – along the Atlantic. These oceans have different properties, which is reflected in the climate differences among both states.

California has hot and dry summers and colder winters. Whereas Florida offers more tropical and humid weather with hot and humid summers and warmer temperatures during the winter. The shade won’t save you from the heat during the sticky summers in Florida, so get ready to embrace some air conditioning to cool off.

The cost of living

Even though in Florida the cost of living is slightly more expensive than the national average, it cannot beat California. According to the 2018 Average Cost of Living Index, California ranks as the second most expensive state in the US, right after Hawaii. San Francisco is its most expensive city, and an average home price costs $1,243,239. Now, compare this to the cost of a house in Florida: $237,000.

Financially speaking, moving to Florida seems like a good deal. In addition, get ready to be spoiled with low tax rates. The state income tax rate is 0, VAT is only 6% and the effective property tax rate is 1.06%. Yes, definitely a good deal!

Things to do

If you are already used to a variety of cultural activities in California, then you will definitely feel like home in Florida. Despite the famous Disneyland attractions, Florida’s outdoor activities are among the most popular ones. With more than 300 days of sun a year, the Sunshine State will definitely keep you entertained with its thousands of beaches, bays, natural parks and islands, where you can enjoy the wildlife, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and picnicking among others.

For example, you can visit wildlife habitats in the Great Florida Birding Trail or the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park – the only underwater state park in the US.

If you like museums and cultural entertainment, you will not be disappointed either. Florida has many art and history museums, as well as cultural shows, where you can spend lovely afternoons.

Afterward, you can get a drink at Florida’s famous breweries, enjoy some Cuban food, and get ready for the nightlife, which is peaking almost all year round.

Interesting facts


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  • Florida is the flattest US state. Its highest point, Britton Hill, reaches only 345 feet above sea level.
  • The Sunshine State has 734 miles of toll roads and 12,355 bridges – the largest number compared to all US states.
  • Florida has 1,250 golf courses, more than in any other state, and hosts the World Golf Hall of Fame.
  • Even though it may not be the largest state, one of its cities, Jacksonville, is the city with the largest area in the US.


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  • California got its nickname, the Golden State, after the gold-seekers rush in 1848. It all started when James Marshall, a foreman working in Coloma, California, found a shiny lump of gold in the American River.
  • The first-ever McDonald’s restaurant was opened in San Bernardino, CA in 1940 by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.
  • According to their worth value in 2018, four of the richest people in the US reside in CA: Jeff Bezos ($126B), Bill Gates ($94.9B), Warren Buffet ($89.5B), and Bernard Arnault ($67.8B);
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in the world, 134 degrees Fahrenheit, was in the Death Valley in CA. This valley is the driest and hottest spot in the whole country.

Shipping your car from California to Florida

The public transportation in Florida, similarly to California, is not optimal. Even though Florida is not as vast as California and does not have the famous LA traffic, having a car will make your life convenient. Therefore, you might want to consider bringing your car to Florida.

The distance between California and Florida is 2,785 miles or 40 hours of straight drive time. You will be practically moving across the country, which is a significant distance.

In cases like this, we recommend shipping your car, so you can avoid excessive extra mileage and unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. You can also use the time that you would otherwise spend driving to take care of other things important to you.

Before shipping your car from California to Florida, make sure you have everything necessary to start driving in the Sunshine State right away. If you’re transporting a high-end automobile, make sure to read our advice on mistakes you should avoid during this process. Selecting a professional car shipping company, which will make sure to deliver your car safely and efficiently, is a very important step.

For a personalized vehicle shipping advice do not hesitate to call our team now or simply request a quick auto shipping quote online. Our experienced logistics agents will be glad to assist you. Thank you!

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