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How to avoid common mistakes when shipping a high-end automobile?

How to avoid common mistakes when shipping a high-end automobile?

High-engine performance, ample comfort, special design, and modern connectivity are some of the defining features of high-end automobiles. After having spent a six-digit amount to buy such a vehicle, you will want to ship it as smoothly as possible.

Shipping an expensive car could be an intimidating process at first and you may already have questions about it. No worries though! In this post, I will guide you through them and also give you some useful advice.

How do I research for a good quality auto transport company?

Choosing a reliable auto transporter is important, as each auto transporter has its own policies and standards. Some major criteria to consider are:

  • Customer reviews – make sure to read the online ratings and comments for each company. Quite often, this is the best source you can use in order to get a better picture of the auto transporter’s professionalism and quality.
  • License and registration – the auto shipping company should have the necessary licensing and registration to ship luxury cars. Consult the DOT website for your auto transporter’s license and registration. Your luxury car is an important investment, therefore, you should make sure that the company you choose, has the proper licenses, registration, and the experience shipping high-end automobiles.
  • Customer service quality  – accessibility of the company’s representatives is important. Therefore, before choosing a company, we recommend that you check their communication channels, as well as try to contact them and get a glimpse of their timely response, expertise, and flexibility in communication. For example, an initial delayed response does not speak well of a logistics company.
  • Price transparency – sometimes we tend to get attracted by lower initial prices. However, considering the dynamics of supply and demand in the logistics market, other fees may increase the overall costs. In addition, a lower price may also infer that you will have to wait long for the vehicle to be picked up. Therefore, going for the lowest quote is not always the smartest decision.
  • Types of services offered – high-end automobiles need a special type of shipping, which usually includes enclosed carriers. The high value of luxury cars should not diminish because of weather conditions or dusty air. Nevertheless, not all companies can provide white gloves services. This is why you should not forget to carefully study their website for the shipping options they offer.

How can I get my car insurance?

When shipping a high-end automobile, you should inquire about your potential transporter’s car shipping insurance policy. Usually, they insure the car, including it in the price you pay. Nevertheless, you may want a full coverage for your high-end car, for which you may have to pay a premium.

It is a good idea to ask if you should pay the premium to the insurer directly, or through the logistics company. For long distances, having adequate car insurance is a good mitigation measure for any potential car damage.

How do I prepare my high-end automobile for shipping?

Car preparation consists of emptying the car from all valuables and other personal items, as well as any items that either the law restricts or that can potentially damage the car during the move. The restricted-by-law objects include any sort of weapons, drugs, or sharp objects.

The cleaner and emptier you leave the car, the smoother the shipping process will go. Remember that the car shipping company is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items in your car. In addition, do not forget to put a little gas in your vehicle, enough to get it started to enter and exit the carrier.

What is the paperwork process to ship my high-end automobile?

As in different types of processes, paperwork is also important during car shipping. Do not forget to have the full set of car documents, including the car insurance policy.

Carefully check the pre-departure inspection document and then compare it to the condition of the car at the final destination. If your car has been damaged during shipping then you would need to point it out at delivery.

What if I have further questions?

In case you have any further questions or seek any expert advice on shipping a high-end automobile, do not hesitate to contact us. The Corsia Logistics team of experts will assist you with any inquiries. We are a five-star rated company, that has experience offering white-glove services for luxury vehicles.

We make sure to offer you high-quality customer service with a transparent price that reflects the real-time supply and demand. Understanding the importance of your car to you, we aim at providing excellent shipping services that guarantee you peace of mind.

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