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Cars and kids – Reconciling two accounts

Cars and kids – Reconciling two accounts

Kids change the game of life completely. Denying it won’t change the truth.

Doesn’t it seem that once you have kids, you become a different person? And we understand, why it happens. More responsibilities, more duties, less free time, less quiet time. Less me-time as a whole. And somewhere in that lifestyle, you may need to fit your passion for cars as well. Can your love for cars and kids coexist? Let’s find out.

Does love for cars ever change?

One of the biggest moments in a person’s life is when they are expecting a baby… and they know they are due for a new family car as well. Trust us, we have seen so many people excited about the possibility of a new car as about their future child. Love. What can we say?

These are the people who have a special place for cars in their hearts. Whether it’s the looks, the mechanics, or just the joy of driving. We all feel a certain love for cars since we are reading this, right? Yet, somewhere between the last months of pregnancy and the first two birthdays of the child, this love slightly changes.

If cars are your true passion, would that change when kids came in the picture? It sure would. But if so, to what extent will you change and how can you cope with that?

The sports cars lover

Now that you have kids, the only drifting you may be doing will be at home, on the floor, playing with the toy cars, negotiating the curves of your living room. Your spending will no longer be on gas but on sports car miniatures. And that’s quite fun, too! If your children are a little older, you might be watching the Fast & Furious with them. But not much more, really.

The speed is the first thing you will lower once the kids arrive. You will be more observant and careful. Every road sign will count. Speed limits will come into place. And if you can’t live without speed, however, we recommend taking your children to a race. NASCAR or F1 – either will be a fun thing to dо. Аs a family.

The classics fan

how much does it cost to ship a car

Classic cars are an expensive hobby. And now you have another big expense in the family. So naturally, you might have to redistribute some of the income. That money you have dedicated to restoring your 1953 Jaguar, might have to go for college savings.

And that’s great! Do not compare one treasure to another. Instead, plan in a way that you can combine both treasures in one – your children and your love for classics.

Why not share with your children all you know about classics? You can spend a weekend visiting classic car museums. And together, you can explore and learn about the history of classic models.

Or, if you enjoy auto shows, why not take your kids with the next time you go? You can even do a photo session with your family in a classic car. This will document everything you are passionate about in one place forever.

But if you are still debating whether investing in a classic would be a wise idea, don’t forget to check our post on the topic!

The mechanic

barn finds

Do you love spending weekends in the garage tinkering with your car? We have good news for you. Your love will remain untouched! Among all other car lovers, you are the one who gets to practice your passion even when you have kids.

Why? – you may wonder. Well, honestly, your wife would really prefer it that you and your car stayed in the garage rather than on the roads. Children need someone to take care of them, and somehow this arrangement feels like the safest way. Plus, let’s admit it – cars do break down even when you have kids. So your hobby is actually quite a useful skill.

How to spend more time with your car and your kids? Watch children’s movies, like Cars. You can even get your kids their own set of mechanical toy tools for cars. This way, while you are outside of the garage fixing your car toy, your children could be doing the same with their own toy models.

And without sounding sexist, if you are a woman who adores cars, most probably you will have to put your hobby on hold. Mothers put their biggest priority on kids. And cars become just a convenient means of transportation. You might still hold strong affection and memories, but you certainly become more practical once you have a family.

Shipping a car when you have kids

Once kids become part of your life, most likely you will cut down on cross-country road trips. Driving becomes less care-free. It takes longer now – more bathroom breaks, more stretch stops. And it is definitely much louder.

If you have several kids or twins, you have a whole orchestra in the back seat. And that could be a little frustrating if you are driving, let’s say, from Colorado to Florida for the summer. So what can you do other than just give each of them an iPad until they zone out?

In such cases, parents are better off booking plane tickets and receiving their car at the final destination. Flights are shorter than driving across the country, which is much easier on you and the kids.

Benefits of car shipping

Some people think it is expensive to ship a car. Now, think about all the expenses of a long-distance road trip – gas, lodging, and food stops, as well as any possible car failures or even accidents. Add the price of a toy or several ice creams your children find at gas stations and then compare that to a car shipping rate.

Let’s not forget that when driving, you share the road with other people. Even if you are the most careful person in the world, there are other reckless drivers. Then there are wildlife and weather conditions that all seem to conspire against even the most responsible drivers.

Once you have kids – road safety becomes a priority. It’ not only you, but you also have your most precious ones in the car.

And let’s not ignore the fact that kids don’t like staying in one place for hours. Especially nowadays. Especially if seated. So you will be earning green points for being a good parent if you can take them to the beach in 3 hours and not in 10.

Shipping your car is a choice that simplifies a lot of things.

Yes, you have to plan ahead, but when the big day of travel comes, you are ready to go. Somehow you feel a little lighter when you have one less thing to think about. Auto transport will save you time and stress. And in the end, you have a happy child, and the entire family is happy

If you decide to opt for car shipping, do not hesitate to dial (818) 850-5258 and speak with one of Corsia Logistics’ auto transport experts. They will be happy to walk you through the entire vehicle shipping process and help you select options that work best for your car and your family.


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