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Shipping a car with local companies vs national auto transporters

Shipping a car with local companies vs national auto transporters

The business of car shipping can be a confusing sometimes. Being one of the fastest growing industries, there are a lot of companies sharing information online. So, what should you choose – the big name in the industry or the small company around the block? The answer may not be as straightforward as you think!

One thing is certain – when you are comparing and making choices you need information. But you should not just look at what the companies have to say. You need to know the real pros and cons behind your options.

Today we are going to dig deeper into the topic of local vs national companies. Our goal is to figure out which service will better suit you and why. By knowing that you will be able to pick the right company based on your needs, not on the tricks of advertising. Does this sound interesting?

The evolution of the car shipping industry

Modern-day car shipping has little to do with how things were handled in the past. As an industry it has blown out quite a lot with no signs of stopping. Knowing how and why this happened will help us understand why picking the right service is crucial.

With a quick glance at the history of auto transport, we can see that the service emerged shortly after automobiles became available to the masses. We can safely say that the business of car sales has been built on the shoulders of the car shipping industry. After all, if you cannot get the product to the customers, you do not make a profit.

This matters greatly because it points to what auto transport was in the past – a primarily business-to-business service on a large scale. Handling the needs of single customers was simply not lucrative, and there was no demand for it. Or so they thought.

The emergence of client-focused auto transport

The rise of the automobile also gave us something else – mobility. People realized that cars presented them with the opportunity to work at a more distant place. Then job market competition grew. Professionals were no longer tied to where they lived. However, that soon brought a different kind of change.

With more severe competition some people were forced to move. Naturally, they had to take their cars with them. But driving them across the country was not always an option. So the previously large-scale auto transport service seized the opportunity to evolve. Small scale companies began emerging, taking care of the needs of single customers.

This was largely helped by the fact that with time people began appreciating cars as pieces of art. Collecting them became a thing, as well as car exhibits. That also increased the need for small scale auto transport. For example, collectors might have wanted to ship a car from Florida to California for a show. But as with many other industries, big B2B companies saw that they can also enter the small, yet growing niche. This leads us to today!

Local companies vs market giants

We have all heard the slogans that people should support local businesses. We know that small companies are the backbone of the country. But do we believe it? Sadly, the market is not driven by “feel-good” information. Customers want a company that can treat them well and deliver on its promises. The penny goes to the one who accomplishes that.

So now we have David vs Goliath – the perfect illustration of the ultimate showdown between big and small companies. It has been a staple since the dawn of time… or at least the dawn of capitalism.

However, unlike the Biblical story, the conclusion in our case is far from certain. And dare I say that our “Goliaths” are not necessarily the bad guys. They just operate on a different scale. Sure, auto transport monopoly is bad for you, but not all big names are guilty of it.

Furthermore, it is perfectly understandable that one would pick the big company if it offers better services. Does it though? And what would that even mean? Perhaps it is not about being “better”, but being “different”. So let’s take a look at that difference!

The benefits of going with a big company

For starters, I have to note that just because a company operates nationally does not make it big. In the auto transport industry, we have car carriers and brokers, which work together to transport your car. Therefore, it is entirely possible for a company to be local, but to work with carriers all over the country.

On the other hand, big auto transport companies often have carriers of their own, even if they work partly as brokers. That can be either positive or negative, depending on the case. Here are some benefits you can get with national auto transport:

  • The quote may be lower. Sometimes big companies can offer lower rates for certain routes that they do regularly. If you happen to need a carrier along such a route, you can score a great deal that way.
  • They can take your car anywhere. Pretty much all big companies can take your car wherever you want in the States. They always have a large network of contacts, which is helpful. However, this is not reserved strictly for big companies, and many local ones can help you too.
  • Constant customer care. Most large companies will offer 24/7 support. That should give you some peace of mind. The bad part is single clients are not always at the head of the line. Their regular clients (such as car dealerships) often have priority. That means your issue may not be resolved that speedily, despite the constant support.

Obviously, you can get good service if you go with a big company. There is nothing wrong with it. However, you may want to look at the benefits of local companies before you decide. Shall we check them out?

Does a local company make sense for you?

As I have already said, many people just feel good when they go with a local company. For the big guy, you are simply a client. With the local auto transport companies, however, you are much more significant. Or so it feels.

Indeed, a local company often spends more time on a single client than a big one. And it is much more likely for one to go the extra mile when helping you with an issue.

It is a misconception that local auto transport companies cannot help you with shipping your car across the country. In fact, they may be able to provide you with an even better quote for that service.

Why? Because they operate as brokers and try to get the best price from a carrier for you.

The bad side of local companies is that some are unreliable. Some would not skip on using tricky advertising with low prices. Only later it turns out the low price is for a very particular route that you most likely will not pick. Obviously, that is unacceptable. Which leads me to my final point on the subject.

Why the size of the company is not the issue

So far I have introduced you to some benefits and concerns of big and small companies. However, I believe that we may be looking at the issue through the wrong lens. May it be the case that there is something we have not considered so far?

I believe that the most important thing you have to look at is company reputation. Yet I have a different spin on it. Instead of simply considering how many reviews there are online, you also have to take other things into account. How does a company treat individual clients? Are the consultants knowledgeable and careful enough to give you appropriate advice? Will it specifically tailor the service according to your needs?

For example, we from Corsia Logistics have helped clients in many situations. Plenty of reviews online reflect that. We manage to do it because we believe every client deserves the best service possible. That includes everything – from handling the quote request to dropping off the vehicle at your desired destination.

So if you need your car shipped remember that it is not the size of the company that matters, but its principles. And Corsia Logistics stand firmly by them! Are you ready to start the auto transport process? We are always here to give you a free car shipping quote – no strings attached!

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