How many cars do you (really) need?

October 25, 2017
Dilyana Dobrinova
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Despite the sharing economy that has grown rapidly in the past years, when it comes to cars, ownership is still the king. The problem with that is that the love for cars sometimes pervades over the need for one.

A sports car, a classic, a vacation cabrio… Oh, and the family car, of course! Love is better when it comes in quantity, right? But how many is too many?

Some would deem owning more than one car unnecessary. Others would consider different cars to meet different needs. Who is right? Let’s see!

Why would someone want to have multiple cars?

You only need one car to accomplish all you have to do for the day. Even if you are married, the ratio is still one car per person. So what makes some cars so special that they blur the line between how many cars you need and want? Well, it depends on what kind of person you are.

Sports enthusiasts

A 700 hp, 350 km/h and 0-100km/h in 2.9 sec. If you are reading this section, you probably already know what make and model we are talking about. And that’s what makes you a true sports car enthusiast! The roar of the engine, the screeching of the tires, the looks others give you when you pass by them. The speed of their eyeballs turning left to right when you pass by.

Some people ask ask why buy a sports car? You know why! The adrenaline is all that counts here. The feeling that you are on top of the world, that you are running through it, that no one can be at your level!

Classic collectors

Your classic is unique because of the way it was restored and the effort you put into polishing it every single time. Not many people know how to care for a precious item better than a classic car owner. You know every detail of that car and you will notice every scratch. Owning a classic comes with great responsibility but it is all worth it for you.

Driving a classic is what makes you come to your roots. It makes you feel calm and confident about where you stand. It reminds you that good things can last a lifetime. Where else can you get such an authentic experience these days?

Holiday rides

Even if you don’t own a sports car or a classic, you may enjoy different rides for different reasons. SUV for a winter vacation? Or a convertible for that sweet summer breeze? Whatever it is, a holiday ride can tempt us beyond belief. You shouldn’t ruin a day-off experince with driving the same car that you go to work with, right? This is why you have that special one. It holds all the emotions and good memories.

If you are a snowbird, you know what we mean. The warm weather requires a different mindset and a different vehicle. Driving across so many states to get to the desired location is exhausting, so it is way easier to have a car at the spot. Or to ship your own down with you. You don’t spend your whole life in one location, after all.

But what if you own all of these types of cars? Is that an achievement or a sign of vanity? How do you know when to stop? How many is too many?

Here are just few of the signs that indicate you have crossed the line with the number of vehicles you own. You need to cut back on the number of vehicles you own, when:

  • There is no space to park either in your garage or in your driveway.
  • You have to rotate your summer and winter cars to fit the space
  • People tell you they haven’t seen you in that car for years.
  • You have photos of your cars in your home office and living room.
  • You spend more time and money on your cars than on activities with your family and friends.
  • Your friends stopped giving you car accessories for your birthday because they can’t keep up with all the cars you have.

To be honest, I am not sure whether all of the above are problems. We gotta have hobbies, right? An interesting note though: cars may slowly fade away as a popular hobby. Why? Check out our article on the future of car ownership!

Is it wise to own more than 2 cars?

Okay, perhaps you want to own multiple cars. But is that okay? Could there be reasons not to? Let’s see!

Not wanting to be a showoff

Okay, this one is tricky. No matter how you slice it, if people see you have many cars, they immediately assume things about you. Can you take them whispering behind your back? If not, perhaps you don’t want to go for multiple vehicles. People who don’t share your values and passions would often find reasons to criticize you. The first association they would get when they see too many items is about the money that went into them. And money equals power. If you have no issue displaying that, then do it!

Being mindful of the environment

Truth is the more you buy, the more materials you waste, regardless of gas consumption. Even if you don’t drive the cars, you still bought something you don’t technically need. Some already see consumerism as ruining the environment. Where do you stand on that?

In reality, Americans own fewer cars than they wish they did. Many American families today cannot even afford to buy a brand new vehicle. The interest rates make it too hard for them. This is why a family that chooses to invest in a single car will often settle for one all-purpose vehicle that can fit all their needs.

How many cars do you want to own?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal choice. Having multiple cars may be hard to justify for some folks, but so what? Then again, owning one vehicle to cover all your needs is not a crime either.

Still, most folks go about life without examining why they do what they do. You may have multiple cars you don’t actually need or even want, just because you don’t care enough to sell them. At this point it would be wise to think this through. Then if your family really needs an additional car, you should not look for excuses not to get one.

By the way, here is an interesting question. If you want to buy another car, will it be electric? What would be the better choice? To learn that check out our article on why EVs are not replacing convention vehicles!


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