Shipping a car from New York to Arizona

October 26, 2017
Vasilka Atanasova
car shipping New York to Arizona

The cold weather drives many people away from northern states and a lot of them look for a change to a warmer climate. So whether you are a snowbird, who just wants to move south for the winter, or you are permanently relocating from New York to Arizona, you will still need some information about moving there. And you are in luck, because this is the right place to get it!

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Shipping a car from New York to Arizona options

Shipping a vehicle from point A to point B can happen in a few different ways. You just need to choose the right auto transport method. And whether you are shipping your personal vehicle or a car you just bought from out of state, transporting it requires some effort and money.

In general terms the most common methods of shipping a car are:

  • having someone drive your automobile
  • using drive-away services
  • shipping your car with an auto transport company

Let’s discuss the first option for a second. While it can be cheaper, finding someone to drive your car is not always that easy. This could be a friend or a family member, or you can probably find a college student trying to make some extra cash. I did this once. A friend of mine actually drove my car from Chicago to Las Vegas and this was definitely a cheaper option. Yet again, this was my friend after all, and moreover, he was a professional truck driver. So you can see why I had no problem trusting him.

However, not knowing someone who can do the job for you is not the end of the road. Yes, if you don’t have someone close to you whom you can trust, this is by no means the perfect method to ship a car.

Piece of Advice, Peace of Mind: Don’t drive – Ship your car!

Driving a vehicle from New York to Arizona means embarking on a long distance trip. This means that you will be driving for at least a couple of days, with stops. It is not something many people can do and it is not necessary cheaper than shipping. Ship your car and have peace of mind. Call us now to discuss your options and budget.

Why should I choose Corsia Logistics for my auto transport needs?

Corsia Logistics has become one of the most trusted companies in the US and this is not just a hyped statement. You can read our reviews online on some of the biggest review sources like, Google+ reviews and on a few other places online.

One of our major advantages is that we are a small company. When you call you always reach one of our agents and this is the person you get to work with throughout the shipping process. Corsia Logistics’ team is a family and we take pride in offering very personalized service to every customer. Our agents will explain the process and recommend the right auto transport service for your automobile. For example, if you need to ship a classic car we will tell you all about what the best option is. These kinds of vehicles as well as sports and luxury automobiles usually require more protection. For such occasions we have enclosed carriers.

What is the difference between open and enclosed carriers?

I already mentioned which vehicles are best suited to go with enclosed transport. This kind of carrier is exactly what it sounds like. It is completely enclosed, offering protection from all kinds of dirt, road debris, weather elements, etc. However, it is also more expensive and not really necessary if all you are shipping is your regular vehicle. The alternative to enclosed transport is an open carrier. It is the regular type of auto transport you usually see on the road. It is also the most popular method and it is suited for almost all cars. It is regularly used by car dealerships and clients who simply want their automobile taken from point A to point B.

Whatever type of carrier you choose to go with, you should know that we work only with verified and reliable auto transport carriers with experience in the car transport industry. We ensure that our clients are always satisfied and their vehicles are safe at all times.

Steps when shipping a car from New York to Arizona:

  1. Request a car shipping quote online or by phone
  2. Disclose details about your car – make, model, modifications
  3. We then contact one of our carriers and schedule your shipment
  4. A carrier picks up your car one to few days from your first available date
  5. The driver will complete an inspection report before loading your car
  6. Car transport from New York to Arizona takes about 7 to 9 days
  7. At delivery, the carrier will inspect the vehicle again and unload it at your door

Are you a snowbird moving south?

When the winter wind starts blowing the snowbirds start rolling! This sounds a bit like a winter fair tale and in fact it is. When winter nears, snowbirds from the northern regions head south, to Arizona. Arizona is one of the most popular states for snowbirds along with Florida, Texas and California. Thousands of snowbirds from Canada and the Midwest flock to Arizona where the average temperatures in the winter don’t fall below 70oF. Many reside in their RVs, some stay in temporary rentals and other own their own second homes there. Those who own a second home or rent a temporary apartment move their vehicle with them.

When this time of the year comes we are here to help! Corsia Logistics transports the vehicles of thousands of snowbirds. We offer discounts to all snowbirds and even more to our returning customers. The high demand and the specifics of the seasonality don’t allow us to really go below a certain price, but we work hard to make it affordable for snowbirds to ship their car from New York to Arizona.

Our advice for all those moving their vehicles to Arizona – don’t be lured by low prices! Some auto transport companies often low ball the price and then later ask you for more money. Snowbirds season is marked by high demand on certain routes and the prices go up. Take the time to research and talk to the company. You can read customer testimonials, but always make sure you call and ask questions.

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