Buying and shipping a car out of state

October 11, 2017
Atanas Nikolov

A few things are more thrilling than buying a new car. We don’t simply want a vehicle. We also love the process. There is beauty in researching the proper make and model.

We want to make the right choice and then brag about it. At least a little. However, the truth is that finding the right vehicle may not be such an easy task. You may have tons of choices, but are they fair? You may have been to all the local dealerships. You may believe you’ve found the best deal. But have you? If you truly want to make an informed decision when buying a car, you should look out of state. And together we will see why and how to do that.

Why consider buying a car out of state?

It is surprising just how many people don’t even think about buying their car from another state. It’s not even about a concern they may have. It’s simply the fact that they do not know this is a possibility. Well, it is. And it’s often a great option at that. The obvious reason is simple – more choice equals better choice. But it’s not just that.

Whether you are buying new or used vehicles, there are things to keep in mind. With new ones, you are mostly looking at the price. While values can be similar among different states, there are often hidden costs you don’t know about. Used cars need even more attention. Their price is not the only determining factor. It’s all about the condition they are in. So having a larger pool of cars to choose from will increase the chances of finding a well-maintained one.

As you can see, looking for a vehicle out of state is all about choice. You should not limit your options. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can pay lower taxes if you buy out of state. You pay the fees of the place where you register your car.


Is it safe to buy a car out of state?

is shipping a car worth it

The unknown is always scary, at first. It is perfectly normal. That is why it is not surprising when people express concern about shopping for a car out of state. Let us look at the most common worries you may have about that.


Are there state regulations you should be concerned with?

You can buy a car out of state, but you still have to register it where you currently live. This means you have to do your research. Usually, car dealers can give you information about that, if you ask. The most common requirement the car has to meet concerns for the emissions. As a rule of thumb always check the emission requirements for your state, so you have an idea of what to shop for. You don’t want to buy a car and then pay insane fees on it. Or worse – to not be able to register it at all. That being said, you may have already decided on a model in your home state. Chances are the model is then meeting the requirements. So you can just look for a better price out of state.


Is buying a used car off-limits?

Trusting other people to tell the truth about their car’s condition is not a good practice. So does that mean you should avoid buying used vehicles out of state, where you can’t inspect them? Not necessarily. You should certainly inspect the car.

You can find a nearby mechanic and request an inspection. Communicate with them and the seller to get the car inspected. The mechanic can send you a detailed outline of everything wrong with the vehicle. Of course, you’ll have to assume the cost of an inspection. If you have friends somewhere around the place of purchase, they can do a basic inspection for you. A test drive should also be possible.


What are your car shipping options?

ship an SUV to another state

When you have already decided on a vehicle, you have to figure out how to bring it home. There are a couple of ways to approach shipping a car to another state. Let’s take a look! The first and most straightforward option for many people is to drive the car yourself. But straightforward does not mean the best. It is a time and money consuming endeavor. And if it is extremely far away (three or four states apart), it is actually not a good option.

A similar solution is to hire a driver. They can deliver the vehicle to you. However, you still have to pay the driver’s services and all the gas. You also don’t control the way the driver handles the vehicle, so excessive fuel consumption is a possibility. If you can find a friend or a relative to do that for you that would make things easier. But let’s be honest. If you are buying a new car, don’t you want to be the first to really have a go at it? I know I wouldn’t be comfortable with someone handling my brand new vehicle without supervision. And should I even mention wear and tear?


Do you have a better transport alternative?

The car shipping options so far really don’t look that great. But there is a better alternative. It’s called hiring an auto transport company such as Corsia Logistics. This is by far the simplest solution. It is great because you don’t have to organize every single detail of the shipping. You have to research and choose the company you want to work with, request a car shipping quote, call and discuss your options and the price, and then book your service.

After that, the transport company picks up your vehicle and delivers it to you. As simple as that. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear, or someone abusing your brand new car. You don’t have to consider fuel consumption. You don’t have to set aside time to handle everything. You shipping agent does all that for you. And do you know what could make it even better than that? It can end up costing you less than doing everything yourself and driving the car.


Is buying a car out of state even worth it?

When people start to factor in certification check and the transport costs, buying out of state can seem like a bad idea. However, even with all that accounted for, the vehicle you find can still come at a lower price than in your home state.

The truth is car prices vary greatly from state to state. You just have to do your research. If you end up buying one locally, that’s great! But at least you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. We from Corsia Logistics wish you to find the perfect car for yourself and always drive safe!


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