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How car dealerships drive customer experience

How car dealerships drive customer experience

Nowadays, as the competition among businesses is increasing, customer experience becomes the key to success and competitive advantage.

Car dealership experiences are not an exception. Buying a car is one of the most important decisions for an individual or a family. And naturally, everyone wants to get it right on the first try. Often, while reading customer reviews, or even hearing from our friends, the negative experiences seem to have more impact on service evaluation.

However, the fact that we do not hear much about the good service, doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Good customer service is present in car dealerships, and we just need to bring it up in our conversations more often. Let us positively turn things around!

What leads to good customer experience at car dealerships?

Many customers do not hesitate to write a positive review when they have had a great experience. Some of the things they appreciate more from their car dealer are:

  • Simplicity of the car buying process – Simplicity is often key to success in many activities, and buying a car is no exception. People who have already made up their mind about a car purchase, do not want to sit for hours filling tons of paperwork. They simply want to pay and drive off.
  • Test-driving experience – Even though e-commerce is booming, the majority of car buyers still visit dealerships to choose and buy a car. Sometimes, they even go more than once. Why is that?

    It has to do with the experience of driving itself. If you want to buy a Toyota, you may want to test drive a Toyota Avalon, as well as a Toyota Corolla. Having the opportunity to do so indicates good customer service.

  • Transparency – Many negative reviews happen because clients feel cheated by a dealership. Sometimes, it is about the price they pay for their car, and sometimes they sense hidden information.

    When buying a car, it is important to be told any potential drawbacks the car has. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to accept the risks, and having the awareness creates trust and helps cultivate a long-term relationship with the car dealer.

  • Professionalism of salespeople

    When out shopping at a store, have you ever felt that a salesperson tries to sell you every possible product and never really listens to what you need?

    Maybe you don’t need an SUV and prefer driving smaller fuel-efficient vehicles instead. If the sales person would spend some time actively listening to your needs and preferences, you would definitely appreciate their professionalism.

Which are some good sites to check auto dealer reviews?

According to a survey by the Auto Credit Express in 2017, 87% of car buyers said they used online review sites to help them select a dealership. To help you assess all the criteria above, we will share a list of review sites below. After all, to have a good car-buying experience, you should do your homework prior to visiting a dealership.

  • DealerRater.Com
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Google Reviews
  • BBB Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews

How is the future of the car dealership customer experience?

Customer service in the car dealership sector is evolving towards higher use of the digital channels. According to a McKinsey study, these channels serve as the primary source of information to the client. it means that in the future, fewer visits to the car dealership premises will be needed, and the purchase transaction will be happening online.

The role of a dealer will switch from providing general information and assisting in filing paperwork to an advisory one. Dealers will need to be more specialized in supplying valuable and useful information and guiding customers through the test driving experience.

How to ship your vehicle after buying it from a car dealer?

best time to buy a car

The customer experience does not end with the purchase. And in case you bought your car out-of-state, another very important step follows: shipping your vehicle.

Having spent so much time choosing your perfect car, you will also need the perfect transport. Car dealers can provide in-house transport or partner up with auto shipping companies.

Corsia Logistics partners up with car dealerships and also offers vehicle shipping services to private customers. We understand the needs of the car dealing business and aim at creating long-term relationships with our clients.

Being a five-star rated company, we can arrange transport for any type of vehicle anywhere in the country. Whether you choose to ship via an open car carrier or enclosed trailer, your vehicle will be safe with us. And if you need it fast, you can always opt for our expedited service. 

Our team of dedicated logistics experts will guide you through the entire process of shipping your vehicle with a peace of mind. If you have any questions regarding our services, want to partner up with us, or simply want to request a free quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can chat with us online, or call (818)850-5258.

Thank you!

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