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Road trip tips: Car shipping helps

Road trip tips: Car shipping helps

There is nothing more American than road trips. In fact, the road trip trend has been on the rise during the last decades, especially when compared to trips by air.

According to a survey by the Department of Transportation, in the US, 90 percent of trips over 50 miles are made by personal vehicle rather than any other means of transportation.

Join us in this post as we will tackle the dilemma of driving vs flying. We will go over a few important things to keep in mind for short or long-distance trips, share how you can prepare in advance, and most importantly, show you how shipping your car to or from a certain destination may help.

Should I fly or drive for my next vacation?

According to researchers, the Great American Road Trip is more popular than ever. Many travelers choose in favor of driving vacations over air travel.

Sure, it is great to just hop on a plane and a few hours later “magically” disembark in some faraway lands. But taking a few-hour flight to any place will not give you the real feeling of adventure.

Traveling by car can sometimes be less expensive than flying, especially if you share expenses with your family or a group of friends. However, most of today’s road trippers are no longer budget travelers. In fact, the latest surveys show that, on average, they take more vacations and spend more than those who are not taking road trips.

But the best thing about road tripping is the freedom to enjoy the whole journey, not only the final destination. When you travel by car you can ditch any pre-made plans. You can stop at any place and take any route your heart desires. You can visit a country or a city that wasn’t even part of your plan.

How do I plan a road trip?

To be prepared does not mean to plan every single hour of your trip and have a strict itinerary for every single interesting thing you want to see. Because, let’s be real, no matter how well in advance you prepare, you cannot foresee everything.

You may end up in unexpected traffic jams or stumble upon a place that begs you to stop and start exploring. There’s always a chance you will come across a delay at some point in your journey. So make peace with it before you even start your road trip.

Below are a few tips to minimize the effects of any possible delays:

  • Have a general plan of the journey
  • Get enough sleep before each time you hit the road
  • Stock up on food, snacks, and drinks
  • Pack the right clothes (don’t overpack)
  • Have GPS and paper maps
  • Check the weather in advance
  • Clean your car and check it before you start your journey

The last point is very important. You wouldn’t want your car to break down somewhere unexpected. Besides, extra passengers and luggage will put extra strain on your car. So make sure you check the fluids, lights, wipers, wheels, tires, brake pads, and spare tire. It’s important to take seasonal weather into account and prepare your car accordingly. Also, don’t forget to check your first-aid kit for missing or outdated items.

How can car shipping benefit my road trip?

One reason behind road trips’ growing popularity is that many of these vacations are hybrid trips. The new “wings and wheels” trend is to fly to a starting point and begin a road trip from there. It is especially popular among Millennials and offers a good alternative to travelers with limited vacation days.

Below, let’s tackle a few different scenarios and see how car shipping can benefit your road trip adventure.

Three possible scenarios:

A: You can travel by car to any destination of your choice, ship it back home, and then fly back to your starting point. This way, you can fully take in all the beautiful scenery and experience new things but won’t have to deal with the stress of driving back home again.

B: You planned to drive a round trip but your car broke down during the journey. Your best option is to ship it back home and then fly back yourself.

If you are traveling with a Recreational Vehicle and need to send it back home, Corsia Logistics can help with all things shipping an RV.

C: Ship your vehicle to the destination of your choice and fly there yourself. You can, of course, rent a car, instead of shipping your own vehicle, but it is not always cost-effective. When your trip is nearing the end, you can ship your car back home and fly to your starting point. This way you can fully enjoy a certain area, city, or state, instead of taking a trip across the country.

How do I choose the right shipping company?

The whole car shipping process may seem complex at first, but partnering with the right auto transport company will make the entire experience a breeze. You’ll need to do some research and understand the basics of auto transport.

Check online reviews, pick a handful of potential car shippers, check their reputation with FMCSA, and request quotes. Don’t base your decision based on price only. Incredibly low quotes often mean longer waiting times and sometimes failure to ship.

At Corsia Logistics we offer manually calculated quotes tailored to your particular situation. We take the time to explain how car shipping works and answer any questions you may have. Our logistics experts will stay in touch from initial contact to delivery at the destination of your choice.

And if this is the first time you are hiring an auto transport company, don’t worry one bit. About 90 percent of our customers are first-time shippers.

To learn how we can be of service, give us a call, chat with our agents online, or request your free quote – no strings attached.

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