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Investing in a classic car

Investing in a classic car

There is something quite exquisite about the idea of driving one of the few models of the 2.7-liter 1976 Porsche 911 S. Be it for the elite, the nostalgia, or the feeling of success, the possession of a classic car lightens up the gray routine. Moreover, it can bring celebration not only to your heart… but also to your wallet!

As the world economy recovers after the late 2000s crisis, people invest more and more in tangible luxury goods rather than stocks and bonds. And classic cars are in the lead in performance indexes of valuables, outperforming wine, art, and watches. According to Hagerty, a collector insurance company, collectible Ferraris alone have shown an astonishing increase in value by 62% for the past year.

Is investing in a classic car worth it?

Here are some reasons that may persuade you that investing in a stylish classic could be your destiny:

  1. Classic cars are usually produced in limited supply thus making a valuable collectors’ hard asset! If you do your research and know your math, you might end up in possession of the only model left in the world.
  2. Classic automobiles are a good investment if you don’t want to simply keep your cash in a bank. Besides, the bank interest rates are never worth it anyway. Even if you just keep the car in a garage, in a few years, you may be a millionaire!
  3. If you are a car guy (or a car girl) and you have the resources, this could be the most suitable hobby for you! Like collecting art, it requires knowledge and appreciation for details and uniqueness – but it is increasingly more profitable.
  4. The search for your classic will be an adventure in itself. The more unique the car model is, the better is the potential for appreciation in the future.
  5. It will definitely bring some nostalgia. But it will also make you stand out among the clutter of mass production in the automotive industry. It is very likely to increase your self-esteem, too.
  6. Classic car auctions continue to increase in number and frequency throughout the whole country. And you never know what you may find on your next visit – the excitement grows with every new year, and new city!
  7. After all, drive that Aston Martin DB5 in James Bond-style which drives women crazy?
  8. You have the chance to join one of the clubs of classic car enthusiasts in the country. There, you will meet new people, exchange knowledge and get advice on maintenance tips. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may decide to start such a club in your country as well!
  9. The benefits of owning shares are not even close to the excitement of riding in a Ferrari 400 (and we are being modest). Buying with your heart and not with your wallet is sometimes the smarter option!
  10. Did we mention that James Bond look? Just a reminder: Women love it!

What are the challenges of investing in a classic car?

  1. Keep in mind the total cost of ownership! Because a classic car is not simply the price you pay for it. It includes the additional costs of refurbishing, maintenance, insurance, and storage. It adds up. Not to mention transporting a classic automobile to and from car shows or other events.
  2. With the growing trend of investment in vintage rides, there is a constant increase in the cost of restoration parts and labor.
  3. Be aware that this is not a market for amateurs. You need a great amount of knowledge in order to evaluate and appreciate the right model. As much as we don’t like it, for every investor that earns from his risky choices, there are hundreds that lose tons of money.
  4. The illiquidity of a vintage car will unable you from quickly exchanging it for cash. You may have to think about the future needs of your family in advance.
  5. Did we mention the budget limitations? Some of the best models may cost up to $30,000,000.
  6. Motoring organizations advise you to carefully consider your choice. If you are not knowledgeable (or simply not lucky) enough, you might as well be buying a “death trap”. The professionals say that classics are not resistant enough to handle a collision with modern vehicles. So you have to keep that in mind and adjust your driving.

What else should you know before investing in a classic car?

Finally, before putting your savings in a vintage muscle car, make sure you check what’s hiding in your parents’ wooden barn! If you are the lucky type, you may as well encounter what car collectors call “a barn find”. Very often, the real treasures hide under layers of dust and scrap. You never know – there might be a 9.2 million jewel buried in dust.

If, in the end, you decide you are not willing to invest in a most-wanted 1960s classic, then you may as well give yourself the pleasure of riding in the oldies that Cubans drive as taxis! You can find beautiful classics restored by the local mechanics everywhere around the streets of Cuban cities.  If after all the investment estimates, you’ve become less of a big vintage enthusiast, you might be just as happy with a glass of rum and a cigar on a Havana beach instead!

Moreover, if you find your soul classic car, shipping it home, or to a car show, does not have to be a challenge anymore. You just need to find the right shipping company.

Corsia Logistics has over a decade of experience shipping classic cars. Our logistics experts will help you navigate the world of classic car shipping and offer support throughout the whole process. Feel free to call us at 818.850.5258 or chat online to tell us about your classic car and to get your free shipping quote.

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