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Moving from Florida to Texas

Moving from Florida to Texas

When you hear about southernmost states, your mind immediately jumps to either Florida or Texas. They have so much in common and yet can be hugely different in many ways. So, what should a person expect when moving from Florida to Texas?

In this post, we will go over some moving specifics, culture shifts you may want to think about, and some practical advice.

You will also learn a bit about shipping a car from Florida to Texas, which is crucial. After all, you cannot get by without a car in the vast Lone Star State.

How is living in Texas vs living in Florida?

One of the best things about moving to Texas from Florida is that you will not experience such a drastic shift. Of course, the cultures differ, but the states have plenty of similarities.

For starters, both places have beaches. Though If you are used to the Florida beaches, you may be a tad disappointed by those in Texas. If you are a nature enthusiast, Florida has more wildlife diversity to offer in that regard. Though we would consider it a tie there, as Texas has a variety of landscapes to explore.

What about the way of life of though? You can go for a fairly laid back lifestyle in both places, yet in their own specific ways.

In general, Florida attracts more tourists, so Texas may appear a lot less crowded to new residents.

The Lone Star State also tends to be more homogeneous and carries a sense of community that some folks can’t live without.

With that said, while some enjoy the usual Texas hospitality, others prefer the diversity of places like Miami and Orlando. In that regard, Florida has a more “do-your-own-thing” spirit to it.

Would do you prefer to live Florida or Texas?

We have covered lifestyle factors, but they are just one side of the coin. You have to also consider job opportunities in the long run, the housing market, or anything else that has a direct bearing on your life.

As far as the cost of living in Texas goes, you can be very frugal if you make it a goal. In virtually every category it is cheaper than the US average, and about 10% cheaper than Florida. On top of that, it has a slightly higher average income and a more diverse job market. All that together gives the ambitious person enough reasons to see Texas as a good choice.

It all comes down to why you want to move. If it is for economic reasons rather than lifestyle factors, Texas seems to be a good fit for most folks. Otherwise, it comes down to personal preference and the kind of experience you want to have.

How much does moving from Florida to Texas cost?

Moving companies usually price their long-distance relocations based on the distance and size of the move. That means you can have a very fluctuating quote depending on where exactly you are moving to and from.

For example, a move from Orlando to Houston can cost you about $2,500 for a single-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, moving from Miami to Austin may bump that up to $3,000.

That does not include packing though. Full-scale packing services tend to be on the expensive side, even if they save you a lot of hassling around.

But while you cannot cut your moving costs, you can save yourself some cash if you decide to personally handle the packing. Still, set aside some money for packing supplies.

How do I ship a car from Florida to Texas?

enclosed auto shipping Sacramento California

Here you have two general options: either take the car on the highway and drive it yourself; or book car shipping service.

Driving the car yourself can be framed as an adventure. Who doesn’t want to experience an awesome road trip? Well… maybe you don’t.

If you want to do it for the thrills, you may find out that it is not like the movies. An argument can be made for it being the cheaper option, but that can also be questioned. People forget to take into account the vehicle’s wear and tear, gas, and overnight stays among other expenses.

Then you have the option of booking an auto transport company. The best thing about it is that you do not need to worry about planning one more aspect of your move.

A carrier picks your car up on a specified date and delivers it within a given time-frame. With all the stress that comes with moving, you will be saving yourself quite the trouble that way.

Having a car in Texas is a must, at least for most people. Being such a vast state, you cannot traverse it properly without your personal vehicle. If you need help getting your car there, you can count on Corsia Logistics to give you a hand in the process!

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