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Are you ready to go 85 mph?

Are you ready to go 85 mph?

Do you know where the fastest road in America is? If you don’t, here is the answer: Texas.

Are you excited now? Statistics say people want to drive faster, and states are answering this desire. Over 20 states have speed limits of 70 and above. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Most cars are made to go fast, and drivers should be able to enjoy their vehicle’s performance from time to time. At least on a highway.

Most new models feel comfortable and safe when going at a higher speed. Drivers claim they can handle their beasts, and state governments understand it.

Do you think you are ready to go 85 mph?

Below is a list of the states with the highest speed limits.

1. Texas: 75 mph with 80 or 85 on specified sections

2. Idaho: 75 mph with 80 on specified sections

3. Utah: 75 with 80 on specified sections

4. Wyoming: 75 with 80 on specified sections

5. Arizona: 75 mph

6. Colorado: 75 mph

7. Kansas, 75 mph

8. Louisiana: 75 mph

9. Maine: 75 mph

10. Montana: 75 mph

11. Nebraska: 75 mph

12. Nevada: 75 mph

13. New Mexico: 75 mph

14. North Dakota, 75 mph

15. Oklahoma: 75 mph

16. South Dakota: 75 mph

Driving habits & driving reactions

On many the occasion, statistics have proven that driving fast may be dangerous and can kill people. It all depends on the drivers’ habits and capabilities though. Faster speed permits less time for reaction in the face of a deadly turn. Yet, good drivers know when to slow down. Therefore, it is not all about the speed limit.

The speed limit is just one factor in a potential car accident. Good driving habits are what counts. Any driver can build such habits over time. Like most things in life, it is all about experience and readiness to learn.

When you have accumulated a sufficient amount of miles without an accident, you will then move to the good drivers’ category. Good drivers are supposed to know how to react adequately and timely in a dangerous situation on the road. Let’s hope they really do.

Good drivers, bad drivers

It is not that easy to categorize drivers, of course. Speed limits have been in place to save you from yourself. A long time ago, they were enacted to control fuel consumption.

Now speed limits are imposed to make the roads safer because the traffic has more than doubled over the last decades. More drivers on the roads mean more accidents. Probably every one of us has lost or has friends who have lost someone in a car accident. It happens even to good drivers.

Drivers, of all categories, should think about not just fuel consumption, but people’s lives when driving fast.

Speed limits are here to help us recognize when and where to drive fast.

If you can’t go fast you can still drive, just move to the right lane.

When it comes to drivers from the CDL category there are different speed limits. Big trucks are always more limited, and there is a reason for this. Bigger vehicles can simply cause bigger damage if an accident happens. Yet trucking companies are not worried because the majority of trucks have built-in speed-limiting technology. And this is how it should be. Safety and fuel consumption are trucking companies’ highest priority, and thus, truckers should stick with the designated speed limit. Can you handle 85 mph?

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