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Top ten most dangerous roads in the world

Top ten most dangerous roads in the world

Not all roads are created equal. Bad driving is often the reason for deadly collisions. In some cases though, deadly roads may lead to fatal accidents. In this post, we’ll share where about the most dangerous roads in the world.


Grand Trunk Road in India


10. Grand Trunk Road in India

This is a national highway and one of the oldest roads in India. It runs through Chittagong, Bangladesh, Howrah, and India to Pakistan and up to Kabul, Afghanistan. Total distance covered is over 2,500 kilometers or 1,600 miles.  Rudyard Kipling, an English writer and poet, once said: “such a river of life as nowhere else exist in the world.” He probably did not mean today’s heavy congested traffic consisting of busses, trucks, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians but has certainly meant that they all have come together on this road. This is exactly what makes it dangerous today. If you travel this route you have to keep eyes wide open at all times.


Halsema highway Philippines most dangerous roads in the world


9. Halsema Highway in the Philippines

This highway stretches from Baguio City to Bontoc. As the highest altitude road in the Philippines, this road is not well maintained. Some parts of the highway are still not paved and it is very slippery during the rainy season. Rock and landslides are common. Motorists often get stranded and there are plenty of steep and dangerous portions.


stelvio pass-rd-italy most dangerous roads in the world


8. Stelvio Pass Road in Italy

Situated in the Italian Alps, Stelvio road is the highest road pass in Europe. It is popular with its zigzag path that has a total of 60 hairpin turns. The road was built in 1820-25 by the Austrian Empire, and since then it has changed very little. It is open June through September for the thousands of motorists and bicyclists who want to get to the highest stretch of the road. Above the pass is the “Three languages peak” where the Italian, German, and Romansh languages meet. Besides the fact that it is an important spot for ski racing, the British auto show Top Gear has chosen it as the greatest driving road in the world. As much as it is great, it is equally dangerous. Many drivers have lost their lives in Stelvio.


New Zealand Skippers Rd


7. Skippers Road in New Zealand

The gold rush in 1862 prompted the carving of access route in Skippers Canyon. High above the raging Shotover River Chinese workers carved a road. The result was the 16 miles long of twisting and turning, narrow, winding, and treacherous Skippers Road. The road is not much different today. In some places is too narrow for two vehicles to pass and there are no guardrails. It is beautiful, but the drop-off leaves no room for mistakes, so don’t take your eyes off the road.


Ruta 5 Chile most dangerous roads in the world


6. Ruta 5, Arica to Iquique Road in Chile

From New Zealand, we move to South America. The road from Arica to Iquique is relatively modern but very dangerous. The Ruta 5 in Chile is surrounded by bare landscape making it easy to lose concentration. It cuts through a steep valley with steep drops. It is major, but the long route and the emptiness prompt many drivers to speed leading to terrible accidents. Thick fog often drops out of the blue reducing visibility to zero in a matter of seconds. The wind is also an issue on Rute 5. If you have to drive there keep your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road, make frequent stops and rest.


PP road Greece


5. Patiopoulo – Perdikaki Road in Greece

This road can surely compete with the rest above on the list. Portions of the road are uneven gravel, it has huge potholes and it is extremely narrow with sharp drop-offs on both sides. Yes, both sides! Besides this, it is very busy not just with vehicles, but with livestock. The road is bustling with life every day and there are no barriers to prevent you from going off the edge. If you feel like you need the thrill, the pleasure is yours.


Truckers hauls supplies along the James Dalton Highway in Alaska


4. James Dalton Highway in Alaska

The one and only American road that made it on the list is James Dalton Highway in Alaska. This road is 414 miles long, completely unpaved winding in the Alaskan tundra. It is one of two roads in North America which cross the Arctic Circle. In 1969, the oil drilling was planned and the companies needed access to the remote Alaskan tundra. The highway was built as a supply road intended for large tractor-trailers. The speed limit is 50 mph and you have to keep your headlights on at all times. The conditions are harsh as the road is unpaved and covered with ice most of the time. For cars, it’s somewhat easier, but for big trucks, maneuvering could be difficult. So, if you get stranded don’t expect truckers to stop for you.


Sichuan -Tibet Highway


3. Sichuan – Tibet Highway in China

This is a high elevation road between Chengdu and Tibet. It is 2,412 km long and stretches through 14 high mountains of 4,000-5,000 m, crosses dozens of famous rivers and forests. If you decide to travel this road, the views will be stunning and the weather will range from summer to winter. If you travel all the way, get ready for 8 to 10 days trip. Be sure to prepare your car for the long road trip. Landslides and avalanches are common year-round. Icy blizzards can strand you for days and in case of emergency, the closest hospital is about 9 hours away, depending on where you are located. Every year hundreds of thousands of people drive on this route, and unfortunately, scary accidents happen all the time.




2. Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

And China beats America here with the second road on the list of the world’s most dangerous roads. This tunnel road was manually carved by the local villagers. This is the only road that leads to the remote Guoliang village. The locals wanted to connect with the world and they did it. The tunnel is unpaved and surrounded by steep cliffs, and it is most dangerous in rainy seasons. The Guoliang Tunnel Road is a big tourist attraction, but it also remains one of the most dangerous roads in the world.


1. Yungas Road in Bolivia

This is the most dangerous road in the world. You can find numerous images and videos online to learn why. The locals named it The Death Road. The road was built in 1930 during the Chaco War by Paraguayan prisoners. Until recently it was the only road from La Paz to Bolivia’s northern Rainforests. It is narrow and rough without any guardrails. High in the Bolivian Andes, it twists and turns for almost 40 miles where landslides and fog are common. Some portions are so narrow that two vehicles can barely pass each other.  In 2006 a modern and safer road was completed, and now Yungas Road is considered nothing but a suicide mission for those who dare to travel.



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